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Noodle and 2D made up that night.

It had started a little rocky at first when Noodle had forgotten their date and they ended up with a big argument at the Mexican place to making up once they cooled down a little.

To be truthful, Noodle had never felt more relaxed now that she was with him again, good ol' 2D.

She spent the whole ride leaning against his shoulder wile he drove, cuddling close to him…breathing into his familiar scent of cologne.

It had been hard concentrating on driving with Noodle distracting him with playful kisses on the neck, but he managed to stay focused on the freeway, despite her whispering soft thoughts into his ear.

"I'm glad we made up", she whispered before giving his lobe a loving lick. "I hate it when we fight".

"I agree love", he admitted, glancing at her sideways for a second before focusing back on the road again. "You want to hear some music?"

"Music will be good", she agreed. She fingered his chest and added in almost a quiet purr, "I might be in the mood for take out once this is over". 2D arched an inquisitive eyebrow, wondering what she was up to. "Why take out all of a sudden?"

Noodle didn't answer. "Just turn on the radio for me", she said sweetly and had her knee gently bumping into his. "In fact…2D Chan…" her eyes spotted a sign. "Do you think we can stop here for a little while?"

2D cocked an eyebrow at her. What was she up to? "Why there love?"

"No questions 2D, just drive", she said mysteriously and pulled away from him, buckling on her seatbelt tight. 2D frowned at this request but did as she asked and made a left turn at the sign, Noodle hugging herself in 2D's jacket when they went past it.

As soon as they were off the freeway, the noise dying down the farther they went going further into the forest.

- - -

They parked by the lake, it was so quiet yet calm, the lake gently rippling under the moonlight. Nothing but trees surrounding them and the lake…all was quiet, other than a few chirping crickets and some owls hooting, they were pretty much alone.

2D turned off the engine and the headlights, leaving them alone in the dark, nothing but the moonlight illuminating their skin. "So…Noodle", he faced her from the wheel. "Why'd you ask me to bring you here?"

"…No reason,", she sighed, stretching her arms into the sky, her shirt riding up underneath her jacket as she did so 2D had a clear view of her hips. "I just felt like resting a little…" she said casually though she was smirking.

"Resting for wot?" He asked. His question was answered when he heard a zipping sound. Noodle, though it was hard to tell from the dark, but it looked like she was unzipping her jacket and pulling it off.

"Love…aren't you gonna get cold?" he inquired once the jacket was thrown to the floor. "No", she shook her head smiling. "I'll feel warmer once we... snuggle up a little".

Before he knew it, Noodle scooted closer to him and captured his lips with his in a sweet loving kiss.

Their tongues danced inside their mouths once it started and soon became an intensified make out in the car, with Noodle pushing up on top of him. She was kissing all over his neck and leaving marks of lipstick where she had kissed his pale skin.

"2D…" she purred after giving his neck a slow lick of her tongue. "Let's go home".

"Wot?" The singer couldn't believe what he was hearing. It had barely been five minutes and she wanted to stop already? They were both panting and out of breath once she broke away and started kissing his face and jugular.

"It's cold out here…" she shivered, her body trembling against his which was a bit of a turn on. "Let's…continue this in my room…if you don't mind of course".

2D chuckled, "Not at all". He slowly traced her arm in a sweet caress and smiling. "You're so beautiful love".

"You're beautiful too 2D", she shrugged with a tiny blush spreading her cheeks. "I don't know about tha' love", he laughed, turning a little pink himself from the compliment, "But…I am sorry for yelling at ya earlier and…I'm glad we're together again".

"Yeah", she giggled. "Thanks to Cassie and Murdoc", she added, her voice rising as she heard a slight noise of a bush rustling not far off.

"Wot the –"2D cried out shocked when Noodle got off of him and sat up. "They're here?!"

"Yes…" growled Noodle, glaring at the trees. "I thought I spotted the geep behind us when we were off the road…."

"Alright - Alright, you caught us", a voice said and a white flag poked out of the bushes. Cassie came out with the white flag with a meek grin waving at them. "Hi...Noodle, 2D...my pals", she chuckled nervously, tossing the flag to the floor.

"Come out Murdoc", Noodle shouted at the bushes, "I know you're in there!"

A few minutes later, the bushes rustled around and a figure appeared besides Cassie with leaves in his jet black hair looking a little on the grumpy side.

"I didn't want to come", he muttered, rolling his eyes at the girl next to him. "But she insisted on spyin' on ya teh make sure yeh weren't fighting still".

Cassie rolled her eyes back at him. "What Mr. Modest is trying to say is..." she faced the couple in the car with a smile, "We're glad you guys are back together".

"Thank you", Noodle said curtly putting her hands on her hips while 2D fixed up his wrinkled shirt and messed up spike hair.

"Now if you don't mind", she made a leaving gesture at them, telling the two spies to take a hint.

"Don't worry we're going", sighed Cassie with salute, "Come on Murdoc, Let's go watch 'That's 70's SHow at your house".

Murdoc didn't follow her action until she hissed under her breath that they needed to get out of there for the lovebirds' privacy so reluctantly left with her.

"Come on 2D", she kissed his cheek once they were gone. "Let's go back home".

"I agree", he said, returning her kiss, only on the lips, and there they lingered on, wanting the moment to last forever...

You don't have to be rich, to be my girl

You don't have 2 be cool 2 rule my world

ain't no particular time I'm more compatible with

I just want your extra time and your...


- Prince


Note: That song is where I got the idea for the title BTW...yeah the ending was stupid but it had to be done...finally I am finished with the story now I can focus on finishing my other stories!!!!