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The Legend of Zelda

Light and Darkness

Part 1 The Invisible Intruder

He walked through the market totally oblivious to everything. The booming music of the bands, the shouts of playing children, the delicious smells of food carts, none of it meant a thing to him. He needed to get to the castle. His plan was now in motion.

The man was concealed in a white cloak. The cloak itself gave off a shine as if it was enchanted. The hood of the cloak hid his face in darkness. The man was about five foot eight and average weight. He was sixteen years old but that couldn't be seen through the cloak.

He walked so smoothly and quietly that no one noticed him go by. He was passing the Happy Mask shop now. Soon he would be at the Hyrule Castle gate where everything would begin and he only hoped that it went as smoothly as he had planned. Sadly this was going to be brutal. Luckily he knew what to do if it went beyond a limit.

The man halted right before the corner that revealed the castle gate and the guard forbidding passage. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "This is the way it must be," he said to himself. The man straightened out his hands and flexed them. These hands, these hands would be causing so much pain. Slowly, cautiously he kept walking.

The gate finally was in site and, as normal, the guard stood there in attention stance with a spear in hand. The man would not be swayed by this, he needed to get through. As he approached he was noticed by the guard's suspicious eyes.

"Can I help you?" he asked. He spoke slowly curious about the hooded traveler. The man was walking with his head down so the guard could not see his face. But as a response he raised his head. What the guard saw shocked him but he was trained not to show emotion and he held true to that. The hood of the man's cloak shrouded his face in shadows only revealing his mouth…and his eyes. His eyes were what made the guard slightly uneasy. Peering out of the blackness of the hood were two bright yellow eyes. But not just part of the eyes was yellow, the entire thing. They were like two small flashlights that illuminated everything and yet they shown no light upon his face.

The cloaked man made no verbal response; all he did was raise his right arm towards the guard. Before the guard could even move the man's hand started to glow white. With an effortless flick of his hand he cried, "Vokolran!" The spell had begun to blow a wind with such force that the guard was thrown against the gate. But the gate was what the cloaked man was aiming for. And it was being pushed so harshly that it was blown off of its hinges. The guard flew with it.

The other guards had heard the gigantic crash and began running towards the sound. The man began walking inside the archway where the gate once stood. He was met by two guards that had watched the whole thing.

"Now you're going to come with us, kid!" one of the guards said with anger in his voice. The man frowned at the new challenges.

"Zen!" the man cried. Instantly his hands began to glow again. This time he thrust his right arm out as if punching the air. The two guards were thrown into the air by an unknown force and crashed to the ground ten yards away. The man continued walking up the trail towards the drawbridge.

More guards were running towards him now, but he was ready. As they approached one of the guards called out an order to surround him. "Big mistake," the man thought to himself. "Byror!" he shouted. This time his hands did not glow, instead a giant ring of fire surrounded him. He then pushed the fire so it flew out far enough to engulf all of his opponents in flames. They died within moments.

He had almost reached the drawbridge but there were two guards left standing in the way. Both of them had spears in hand. They had seen him murder their fellow guards and so they didn't waste time with words. They cocked their arms and threw their spears with all of their strength. "Casadod," the man said, this time calmly. The spears halted in midair hovering about halfway from their desired landing point. The man walked passed them without a second glance and walked up the stairs towards the two weaponless soldiers. They began to charge at him but they never reached their target. "Vokolran!" he cried for the second time. Just as before the two were thrown by strong winds into the mote that separated the castle from the stairs.

With both of his hands raised and his eyes on the drawbridge he cried, "Vokolran-didico!" The spell, instead of pushing the bridge, pulled it towards him. Once it was flat he walked into the main foyer of the castle only to be met by twenty armed guards with bows, spears, or swords. He stood there waiting…waiting for them to make the first move but whatever happened this would end the same way.

Without a word of command the soldiers threw their spears, shot their arrows, and charged. The man remained calm and quickly said a single spell, "Triganlico." Time came to a stop, but only in the area around the soldiers and their weapons. The spell would only last for a minute or two so he had to move quickly. He raised his right hand and chanted, "Cha-ren-ira-des-yui-caa." For the first time that day his entire body started to glow a dark blue color that could have been black. The life forces of all of the frozen guards began separating themselves from the bodies and hovered toward him to merge with his own body. Suddenly his energy rose to a level he hadn't felt for a long time. Casting magic took energy and this was one of the few spells that gathered energy back. The lifeless forms of the guards collapsed on the floor along with their weapons as if they had never been thrown.

The man started to walk again but only went a few steps. He looked up and as if seeing it for the first time he looked at all of the people lying before him and behind him on the castle lawn. He did not feel happy about this, or sad, he knew what he had to do. "This has gone too far," he said simply to no one in particular. In an instant his entire body was glowing and he rose into the air, not as if he were flying but just hovering. He held out his hands in front of him and said, "Midart-an." A clock, or what appeared to look like a clock, was summoned into his hands. The long hand was ticking away slowly. The man was glowing even brighter now and he watched the little clock with a fixed expression.

Suddenly the clock stopped ticking and began, at the same pace, ticking backwards. With every tick that the clock made the world around started to change. The drawbridge that was pulled down was once again brought back up. The guards that had died by the fire spell once again stood back up, alive, and walked back to where they originally were. The gate and the guards protecting it moved back to where they were posted. Everything migrated to the positions they were in right before the cloaked man had arrived. Thus it would seem to anyone, even the guards, that nothing had ever happened. Except for two things; the man himself remembered everything. He was still in the foyer hovering above the hollow bodies of soldiers. The second was the bodies; they could not change back because they had nothing within them anymore. They had become fuel for the mysterious man. He cast this certain spell on them because he needed energy for the last part of his plan to work.

Slowly, he drifted back down to the ground and stood there emotionless, or at least on the outside. He was on the inside as he needed to be. This was the beginning of the second part of his plan. He wasted no time as he walked but quietly up the staircase that led to the west wing's bedrooms. He walked through the hallways not seeing any guards or servants. He was lucky. All of this had gone a lot smoother than he had thought it would.

End of Part 1