Link had taken Tomi's body back to the castle, planning on cremating him and placing his ashes in a place of honor. The boy had wondered why his friend's body hadn't disappeared like his darkness, maybe he had cast a spell on his own body to allow it to stay here for Link to bury it or cremate it, or possibly since the body was light it could sustain its form in the world of light longer than its darkness could.


A day after Zelda and Link brought the wizard's body back to the castle a ceremony was held in one of Hyrule Castle's courtyards for Tomi's burning. Not many people came, seeing as not many in Hyrule had known him.

Link, Zelda, Impa, King Harkinian, and a few servants gathered around the stone alter which Tomi's body had been laid upon. The King had asked Link if they should patch up some of the wizard's wounds or clothing, but Link refused. Tomi had lived as a warrior, best let him die as a warrior and allow him to look as he looked during his final battle. Link had placed the hood back upon Tomi's face, hiding his features once more. Link hadn't told anyone what the wizard looked like, he wanted to keep Tomi's secret among the most trustworthy people, namely, Zelda and himself.

When it was his time, Link approached the alter and spoke some words about who Tomi had been. He started from the beginning, when he and Tomi had first met and the situations that made them enemies at first, then friends later, all the way until that last moment when Tomi had sacrificed his life to save Princess Zelda. He told about how brave and loyal Tomi had been and how dedicated he was to annihilating the threat on the land of Hyrule.

It was customary to burn and bury swordsmen with their sword, but Zelda had told Link to do otherwise. "Tomi asked me to tell you that he wanted you to have his sword, so that you would remember him and the struggles you two had been through." Link accepted it. He would later hang it somewhere in his house so he would see it everyday.

When it was time to burn Tomi's body, Link was given the torch. The young man stood next to his friend's corpse and looked down at it one last time. Slowly he brought the flame in contact with the wizard's flesh and took a step back to watch. Little by little the White Wizard was burned away and darkened ashes were left behind, littering the alter.

Link stood there until the flames had calmed down to small embers. What he saw amazed him. The body had become ashes, which would be scooped into a vase and kept somewhere to honor him, but something was left behind. The pearl white robe that Tomi had always worn was lying upon the slab of stone, without a sign of burn. Link took it, and decided that he would keep it along with Tomi's sword, in Link's own place of respect.


Winter came as it always did, summoning its cold weather which gave birth to snow and fires in fireplaces to warm every common house. Sleet covering Zora's River, white powder obscuring the various holes of animals' homes, the harsh wind spewing up cold in the faces of citizens in Hyrule, these were the signs of the weather of joy for some people, while the others had to struggle through the season, not much appreciating the dropping temperatures.

Link didn't care much for winter, but he didn't mind it either. He was taking a trip down to Lake Hylia to check up on something. He had cursed himself for not thinking of it earlier.

As Link's horse rode over the small hill that hid Lake Hylia from view, he felt it get a bit colder. When he saw the lake in full view he saw that the water had frozen over. This was normal for weather like this, but that wasn't what made Link's eyebrows furrow in wonder.

Out in the distance he saw what he had come for, Dark Tomi's sword. It was still vertically stabbed into the now solid lake, but it too was covered with ice. Link didn't see how that could be. Swords couldn't freeze over, at least not with a two inch thick coating like this one had.

Link got off the horse and ran across the thick ice toward the weapon. He was lucky to have brought his sword with him. He unsheathed it and began hacking away at the frozen shell.

Around five minutes later Link was able to grab hold of the black sword's hilt and heave it out of the ice. The sword's weight was not irregular like he had thought, but it felt odd to hold. Link knew that it might have been an overdramatic thought, but he wondered if the peculiarity had something to do with it having been wielded by a dark one. He carried the sword back to the awaiting horse on the shore. He got back on his horse and rode home, with the weapon firmly held in his right hand.


When Link arrived back at the forest, he got off the horse and walked up the various hills and winding trails to the Lost Woods. As he entered the forbidden area he felt the familiar haunting feelings of being watched by the forest creatures, but he didn't care. He had walked through there many times and this was a perfect place for what he was doing.

Link made sure to keep track of where he was going, positive not to get lost on the way back. He finally stopped when he felt that he was deep enough in the woods. There he put down the Black Wizard's old weapon and began digging with a shovel he had grabbed at his house before going into the forest. He made sure to dig about a foot deep and long enough so that the sword could fit into it.

When he felt he had done enough, he dropped the shovel and picked up the sword again. He looked down at the weapon again, observing the revolting intestinal alikeness it had and the deep black blade. Finally he threw it into the hole and began to fill it back up to the brim. This would be the sword's burial ground.


Link arrived at the castle a bit later, needing to bring the horse back to the stables. He got off the horse's back and gave the reins to an awaiting servant. The servant bowed to him and walked towards the stables with the horse following close behind.

Link walked up the stairs and across the drawbridge into the castle foyer. He asked a nearby servant where he could find the princess, the man directed him up to her room.

The castle had recognized Link before as the favored knight of the King, now they knew him as the Princess' boyfriend. The servants and guard found their relationship cute, but they never said anything. Impa had always been fond of Link and had no objections. King Harkinian couldn't have been happier and immediately asked Link if he was planning on marrying her someday. Link had humbly answered that he was too young to be thinking about such things, but secretly he hoped that was how his life would turn out.


Link politely knocked on Zelda's bedroom door. He heard her moving inside. A moment later she opened the door. When she saw it was him she flung her arms around his neck. He hugged her back. He picked her up and carried her back into her room, shutting the door behind him with his foot. He set her down again as she kissed him on the cheek. They beamed at each other.

"Where did you go?" Zelda asked him.

"Oh, just…taking care of forgotten business." Link told her. He moved his hand and placed it on her warm cheek. She looked at him lovingly and kissed him.

The two young teens spent the rest of the winter's day with each other, always too distracted to look up and see the gentle fall of snow.

The End

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