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Plot: Pegasus succeeds in defeating Yuugi at Duelist Kingdom. When he decides to eliminate the witnesses, only Ryou and Anzu escape with their souls intact. Now, with Player Killers ready to capture them and with Pegasus's henchmen ready to take their lives, can Ryou make sure that he and Anzu escape the island, safely? However, guards and bounty-hunters aren't the least of their problems, for Ryou's scheming darker half won't rest until he has all of the Millennium Items in his hands, even if it means putting his host and Anzu in danger's way.
Genre: Angst/Horror/Romance/Supernatural/Fantasy/Tragedy/Drama

Anzu/Yami no Yuugi (one-sided) (slight)
Cyndia/Pegasus (hinted)

Warning: Rated M (R) (Restricted) For language, scary references, gore, violence and brief sensuality.
-Imperfect Paradise (Yamiko)

Deliver Us!
By Imperfect Paradise


-Chapter One-
"The Ultimate Defeat"

For the longest time, Anzu, Jounouchi, Ryou and Honda stared down at the dueling deck below—watching as each Magic and Wizards card was plaid by either their beloved compatriot or his arch-enemy, watching and wondering what the outcome of the epic battle of battles would be.

The relief that Yuugi was still alive was relieving in a way, but now they had to worry about his other counter-part fending for himself—for without Yuugi sneaking around the ultimate trap Pegasus had set up, hope now seemed slim to nil.
It was hard to see what was happening down there, (the table seemed as if it was yards away) but they watched and waited. In addition, it was rather strange that the Solid Vision System had shut off on it's own (Was it the power? No… all the lights and generators in the castle were still working and running flawlessly…) leaving no sign to how the game was progressing. Moreover, the look on the other Yuugi's face wasn't too comforting, either. (A/N 1)

Yami no Yuugi stared in horror, as the mystically generated Wicked God: Thousand Eyes Sacrifice blasted away his little Kuribo while freely wielding the power of the Magician of Black Chaos. There was no stopping it—the mutated form of Pegasus's fusion/ritual monster had an unbeatable advantage against the three hundred point valued Kuribo, and with that invincibility—his life points decreased to a single circular digit.

An abrupt and self-delighted chuckle suddenly interrupted his confused haze, causing him to suddenly look away from the effects of the Game of Darkness up at his opponent, (which due to the fact that the winner had been determined, the mentally induced images had slowly began to vanish into thin air) who looked as though he had an irresistible grin upon his normally defined features. (A/N 2)

"Well, Yuugi-boy," Pegasus chuckled in a sadistic tone, "It appears I have come out of our glorious duel victorious!" Hearing this, Yami no Yuugi looked up at him with a strained look, staring at the creator of Duel Monsters with the ultimate form of contemptuous expressions.

"Despair, Yuugi-boy," the mad-man continued, casually gathering his cards on the duel table. "While accepting a duel with me, you've lost everything that went with it;" (Yuugi's hand clenched itself into a fist, a vein pulsing somewhere between his knuckles and fingers, wishing more than anything that he could just—) "you failed your grandfather, you failed both of the Kaiba brothers, you failed your best friend and that adorable little sister of his, and most importantly—dare I say it?—you failed yourself …"

Knowing that what Pegasus said was true (there could be absolutely no doubt) Yuugi's darker half closed his eyes in a defeated expression (damnit… how could this have happened?) however, they just as quickly opened again as Pegasus added something else to his last, rather mockingly sentence:

"—and your friends…"

Hearing this, Mutou Yuugi's darker half's eyes suddenly shot open. He looked over at the silver haired man with a look of pure confusion. What was that? he thought. What did this lunatic just say? Not knowing how to respond, (at least not in a loquacious matter) he breathed the phrase, as if he were out of breath"… …What…?"

A laugh escaped Pegasus J. Crawford's throat before he nonchalantly leaned back against his seat, and stared at Yuugi with eyes clearly resembling those of a demons'. Then, after taking the time to let Yuugi hang in mid-air for the time being (Heh—how pitiful he looked right there) he merely shrugged his shoulders and drawled as if the situation barely had any meaning, "Come now, Yuugi-boy… I have to eliminate the witnesses, don't I? After all, I can't have those thick-headed little friends of yours dragging my affairs with the Big Five out into the public, now can I? It would be just terrible for business…"

Hearing, this Yami no Yuugi inhaled sharply, and his blood ran cold through his veins, what was left of the light in his eyes vanishing in an instant. Taking only a second or two to milk in this information (in spite of everything, it did serve to be a harsh mental blow to his mind) his teeth barred and the muscles constricted in his arms and shoulders, as if they wanting nothing more than to kill the man before him in cold, merciless blood.

Hissing through clenched teeth and staring at the man through flashing eyes, he growled threateningly, "I won't let you touch them, Pegasus!"

Pegasus stared at him for a moment, but then let out a single laugh, closing his eyes as if savoring this moment. However, in less than a quarter of a minute, his eyes opened up again as he put on a perplexed-appearing look, and then reached up with his right hand to scratch his chin. "So you say, but didn't you just loose, Yuugi-boy?"

The other Yuugi merely narrowed his eyes (Pegasus didn't scare him) and then stood up (knocking his duel table chair completely out of his path), beginning to make his way over towards Pegasus, but was suddenly stopped when Pegasus's remaining abruptly eye shot open. As it did, the other side of his face suddenly began to glow a bewitching golden color, lighting up the room in a rupture of light.

The last phrase Yami no Yuugi heard before the phenomenal aura completely surrounded him so happened to be;

"Don't worry about your companions so much, my defiant friend. After all, you will see them after a moment or two."

Then, without wasting a single second, Pegasus held a blank Magic and Wizards card out before him and shouted, "Game of Punishment! Mind no Kaado!" (A/N 3)

Following that moment, Yuugi's other half unexpectedly felt a sudden pain in his chest, and then felt the sensation of his conscious self being pulled forward by an unseen force. Before he knew what had happened, his image had already appeared on the card that Pegasus had just casually pulled out of his breast pocket and he was incapable of comprehending anything.

"Yuugi!" Jounouchi cried out, his hands hitting the edge of the balcony banister, "What happened?"

"Yuugi, get up!" Anzu cried out.

Hearing the antics of Yuugi's friends, Pegasus merely pocketed his newly collected manageable psyche (not thinking of or even as much as giving a damn of the pain he was going to cause), and while ignoring the empty husk that had once contained the soul of Yuugi Mutou's mental counterpart, looked up at the group of kids standing on the edge of his elevated terrace. As his eyes set themselves on his new herd of victims, the light in his irises flashed dangerously, and a smirk form on his pale lips, as if he were looking forward to what he was going to do next. Not wanting to waste any time, he reached into his coat pocket, withdrawing another four blank Magic and Wizards trademark cards.

As he sat up off the table and pushed his chair back, he didn't take even the slightest bit of notice of the light that had suddenly returned to his former opponent's eyes. Just as he made an effort to pass Yuugi in order to make it to the stairs (hereby giving himself access to the remainders of the present obstacles), he was caught completely off guard as the boy suddenly lunged towards him, screaming the phrase, "No!"

Within a matter of seconds and before he knew what had hit him, the silver-haired man was sprawled out on the floor, Yuugi pinning him there with his own, yet adrenaline boosted strength. While in the midst of being restrained, the twenty-four year old chairman of Industrial Illusions (though hard to accept, he saw through this confusion instantly) looked up ahead of himself and hissed through bared teeth, "Damnit, you pest! How can you still be alive!"

As Yuugi's friends took notice of this, they attempted to smile in relief (the confirmation that there friend was going to be alright was good enough news for them), but were paused in their efforts when Yuugi suddenly cried out in their direction. "Jounouchi! Honda-kun! Bakura-kun! Anzu! Get out of here! Get out of here!" Blinking for a moment (as if they were greatly confused) his fellowship did nothing more but stare at him as if completely lost for words (what exactly was going on anyway?). However, suspicions were confirmed when suddenly and loudly declared as Yuugi revealed the truth.

"You're next!" Yuugi shouted! "He wants you too! Get out of here! Now!"

Hearing those words, coming from the mouth of their dear friend, Jounouchi's jaw dropped, and Anzu paled, realizing the painful and terrible truth.

… … … … …Yuugi… … had lost!

Getting quite fed up with this special treatment, (after all, being restrained by a teenager—and a height-deprived one at that—didn't settle too well for the creator of the most popular game of all time), Pegasus, having taken the time to separate a single empty soul card from the others, holding tightly between his fingers, glanced up at Yuugi and hissed, his eyes flashing with a hidden passion, "Unhand me this instant, you little brat!" Then, as if acting on its own accord, the light from the Millennium Eye had returned, expanding and within a fraction of a moment and without even hesitating, it had engulfed little Yuugi, silencing him in a matter of a seconds.

Watching as the last of their hopes disappeared, Jounouchi Katsuya, Honda Hiroto, Bakura Ryou and Mazaki Anzu, all stared speechless at the situation, seeing the body of their friend suddenly go limp against the form of the devil incarnate leaving them alone to despair, Pegasus responding simply by kicking the empty shell of Yuugi Mutou off of him. As the body rolled away from him, Pegasus stood up, looking rather flustered and at the same time, severely irritated. Staring bitterly at Yuugi's body, he thought, his eye-brows twitching, Defiant to the end, aren't you? So be it! Only you're friends will be the ones to suffer in your stead. He then glanced up at Yuugi's friends, with eyes ready to kill, and once again began to make his way over towards Yuugi's band of companions, looking hell-bent on adding them to his collection.

As if sensing the thoughts of the man before them (after all, it wasn't exactly hard to miss, given the general concept of this new, rather dangerous situation), Honda glanced over at his friends and stated, uneasily, "… … Let's go…"

Bakura nodded in agreement, and began to move hastily in the other direction, Honda making a move to follow him, but Anzu and Jounouchi stood their ground. Completely torn in half from the desire to escape and the insistence that she must help her friend, Anzu glanced back over at the duel table, and after seeing the body of her childhood friend laying there helplessly, she looked back up at her friends and insisted, "But what about Yuugi?"

After taking a few steps in the other direction (and realizing that he wasn't exactly being followed) Honda looked back at her and insisted, "Anzu—he's gone! He's lost to Pegasus—the mastermind behind this tournament! There's nothing more we can do!"
Hearing this, Anzu suddenly cringed and shrieked, "Don't say that! There must be something we can—"

Prying his attention away from the two quarrelling teens, Bakura suddenly glanced to the area over the edge of the railing, and took notice as Pegasus disappeared behind the wall stationed besides the stairwell; the one which led to their platform. Turning back towards his friends, he stated, his voice full of fear and devoid of any form of courageousness, "Guys… I hate to but into this debate, but seriously! If we're going to run, we got to get out of here, now!"

Hearing this, Honda and Anzu stopped in their argument, and stared at Bakura attentively. Then, when they heard the sound of ascending footsteps, (sounding as if they were on a stair-case of sorts) ones that were obviously heading in their direction, Honda grabbed Anzu by her shoulders, (Anzu giving one last, desperate glance at Yuugi) and screamed "Let's go! Come on!"
Anzu struggled in his grip, crying, "No! We have to help Yuugi! We can't leave him here! Not with—"

Getting rather irritated with this, Honda suppressed his anger as best he could, and shouted out towards his faithful friend, "Jounouchi, come on! Let's—"

However, despite Honda's desire for help to get his friends out of this dangerous situation, he received no response of any kind. Jounouchi (having not even turned around from his last position) just stood there, motionless, his face lacking any form of any form of true human emotion. Taking noticing this quite quickly, (after all, the absence of Jounouchi Katsuya wasn't exactly the hardest thing to miss), Honda spun around, and hissed, out, "Jounouchi! What the hell are you doing! We have to—"

Then, as if making an effort to go over and drag him along with them too, Bakura had suddenly grabbed him by the shoulder, and while pulling him in his direction, insisted, "Honda! There's no time!"

Honda yelled out in a last ditch effort, Bakura continuing to pull him away, "Jounouchi—!"
His efforts were fruitless though, for Jounouchi couldn't even hear him. His blonde haired friend was deaf to his friends' concerns and calls, and he just stared at the end of the stairs, as if were tempting death itself, yet without even realizing it. His mind was a blur, his intentions were tangled, and his emotions were spinning completely out of control. Though it seemed inexcusable, he had his reasons. No, he thought pathetically, No… This wasn't supposed to happen. Yuugi promised… He swore to him that—His best friend promised that he would win! That he would risk everything to save his sister from a life of darkness. But he didn't. He had failed him. He failed him… Damnit, the little pint-sized bastard had failed him!

"Jounouchi, come on!"


Sure, it was wrong of him to criticize his friend, and even though a part of him did place the responsibility fully on his shoulders—it was not absolute. No; for the best part of the blame emerging shamelessly from the bowels of his conscious belonged entirely to—

When the image of a silhouette of a tall, well-built man suddenly appeared on the other side of the hallway, Jounouchi found himself slowly turning towards it, completely dismissing the obvious concern from his friends, which had finally began to weaken in their efforts. Taking notice of the technicality that had succeeded in catching their blonde haired friend's attention, Honda, Bakura and Anzu felt the blood circulating through their rapidly beating hearts run as cold as ice. Witnessing as the shadow came clearer into view, Bakura glanced over at their new leader figure and whispered, uneasiness clearly audible in voice, "…H-Honda—"

Hearing this (understanding the gravity of the situation) and unable to completely accept the facts, yet knowing that at the exact same time that he had no choice in the matter, Honda cringed and spat, before he spun around, before sprinting in the opposite direction, "Damnit!"

As the remainder of the party made a run for it, Jounouchi watched quietly as the form of silver-haired man appeared before him, and slowly turned around in his direction.

Pegasus, caught by surprise that one of the kids actually had the gut's to stand before him, merely raised his eyebrows and stated, in a dead-pan tone, "Hello?"

Unable to control himself, Jounouchi hissed, "I'll kill you! You freaking bastard, you bastard, you bastard!" Then, without sparing a single second, Jounouchi made an attempt to lunge himself at the power-hungry lunatic, pulling a fist back as if hoping to hit his former friend's adversary directly in the center of his face—

—but was caught unprepared as strong hands suddenly gripped him by his arm, shoulder and wrist, forcing him to remain in his current position. Caught completely unwary of this action and being surprised at the almost perfect accuracy of Pegasus's henchmen, Jounouchi looked helplessly at the group of guards, who were smirking at him with malevolent expressions. Staring at them bitterly, Jounouchi suddenly turned around after hearing the sound of pleased sounding laughter, and in the process finding himself face to face with the mastermind of his friend's ultimate defeat.

Putting on a rather phony-seeming smile, Pegasus's eyes flashed dangerously, as he commented while bringing his hands out before him to clap in approval, "Excellent form!—now if you'll kindly hold Mr. Goldie-locks in place for me…"

Jounouchi struggled in their grip, fear dominating inside his mind, trying desperately to pry himself away from these lunatics, just as Pegasus began casually walking over to him. Stopping before the blonde, and then kneeling slightly so he level with the eyes of the young man, Pegasus asked, in a manner as if he were conducting business, "Now then—any last words to say to the world around you? Anything at all?"

Jounouchi spat, his eyes full of complete and unadulterated rage, "Go to hell!"

Hearing this aggression being directed towards him, Pegasus stood there for a single moment, before he put on yet another sulking look, and sighed, as if somewhat disappointed. Then, looking back at Jounouchi again, he drawled, almost in a sympathetic manner, "That's a shame. To know that those were the last words you'll ever say… What will your poor little sister think, when she finds out that your last words were of no comfort to anyone, let alone her?"

Jounouchi paused when his heard this, registering this new information. Then, before he could even utter a word, he found himself surrounded by another golden vapor of light, which took no time at all to surround it's intended target.

As they ran away, leaving their friend to fend for himself, Jounouchi scream was heard, traveling swiftly through the dark foreboding hallways, and as it did, Honda cringed for a moment, trying to suppress the tears that wanted to come through. He should have been there with him, he should have been standing by his side, facing he impossible together, but no; he left his friend completely alone, to fend only for himself and now he was more than likely resting in the hands of that freak.

Stupid idiot, he thought, closing his eyes in repent. You just always had to play the hero, no matter what, now didn't you.

They continued running through the halls of Pegasus's castle, until they came to an three way intersection, with a window adjacent to the hallway splitting the two other paths in half. Stopping for a moment (having the proper instinct in situations like this) Honda glanced over at the right and stood there, listening intently.

"They took off in that direction! We should be able to cut them off around here!"

Hearing the voices of the approaching guards coming from the right, Honda spat, "Shit!" He then glanced at his friends, and while pointing in the other direction, began, "Over here—"

However, just as he began to head over in that direction, shadows emerged from the other intersection, cutting off that area as well. Taking notice of this, Anzu paled and whispered, "We're trapped!"

Running out of ideas and fast, Honda's eyes darted across the little space they had to work with. Then, he took notice of the window, and his eyes narrowed, coming to a revelation. Making his decision with no extra effort, Honda began to make his way over towards the window, Bakura eyeing him oddly. He looked at his friend and asked, "Honda-kun, what are you—?"

He abruptly stopped in his question as Honda reached the window and without another word, slammed his fist through it, breaking the glass along the way. The glass was pretty cheap, for it was unable to hold itself up without the support it's entirety, the rest of the fragments falling away, leaving a big enough gap for a person to go through. Nevertheless, the damage had left it's mark on Honda's hand, cutting it up like a piece of meat. Noticing this, Anzu kneeled before Honda and asked, "Honda, are you alright?"

Honda cradled his hand, and murmured, "I'm fine… It's just a few minor cuts…" He then snapped his gaze back at Anzu and Bakura and hissed, "What the hell are you guys waiting for… Go on, get away from here!"

Bakura looked at Honda, understanding what he meant by this. He then stepped backwards slightly and stammered, "No…"

Forcing himself to stand up, Honda hissed, ignoring Bakura's insistence, "Get Anzu out of this place! Quickly!"

Anzu grabbed him and screamed, "Honda—no! You're coming with us!"

Honda ignoring her, insisted, "I'll stall them! That will give you a chance to escape from here!"

Anzu cried, "But Honda—"

Bakura stared at his friends pitifully, but then glanced over at the way they had come. The guards were catching up rather quickly, which meant there was little time to act. He then looked back at Honda and asked, "But what about you?"

Honda hissed, "I'll buy enough time to have you guys get to a safer location! No quickly!"

Bakura kneeled before him and stated, "Honda—I couldn't possibly!"

Anzu whimpered through tearing eyes, "We can't leave you here… We can't!"

Honda then sat up and stated, "It's the least I can do for the trouble you got me out of last night, Bakura! Thanks to you, I would have already been a part of the man's collection. Now hurry!" (A/N 4)

Bakura was about to ask what he had meant by that (after all, he didn't remember doing anything of that nature) but was stopped cold as the sound of footsteps became more evident. Bakura grabbed Anzu by the shoulder and cried, "Anzu—come on!"

Anzu struggled in his grip, crying out the words, "No! We can't! We have to—"

"Anzu! We have to get out of here! Honda is our only hope!"

Hearing this, tears formed in Anzu's eyes, before she cringed, shaking from head to toe. She then looked at Honda and yelled, as if she was certain, "We'll see each other again! You'll join us! You'll come with—"

Honda nodded and stated one last time, "Go!"

Anzu stared at him, giving her friend one, last, serious look, before she made her way out of the window, Bakura following directly her from behind.

As Honda finished watching his friends escape from the castle, he inhaled deeply, and slowly turned around to face Pegasus's guards, who had just finally reached the area.

Smirking at him vindictively, the group of guards surrounded the young man, some responding by pulling out their firearms and positioning towards him, warning him not to take one step further. (A/N 5)

"No where left to run, punk…" one of the guards taunted, holding his gun so it was level with Honda's head. Honda stared at the group with a strained expression, his mind thinking quickly, as if trying to uncover any possibility of escaping with the resources he had. As if sensing his thoughts the same guard taunted, "Look brat, Pegasus-sama is on his way… You might as well give it up."

Looking up at him, Honda whispered dangerously, "Do you really think I would just comply, knowing that my demise is only minutes away…?"

Another duelist kingdom attendant sneered while reaching up to tap the side of his head with the edge of his handgun, "Sorry to break it do you kid, but that's the inevitable truth, and nothing you're going to do will change it. Our deepest apologies…"

The guards laughed sickly at their ally's bitter sarcasm, as if finding some quaint charm in it, while Honda shivered in both fear and anger. Then, pulling himself together, the young high-school student suddenly looked up at them and stated in a dead-pan tone, "You frigg'n lunatics…" Then, without wasting a single moment, he hurled a piece of sharp glass towards the guards, causing them to step back in surprise. Then, within the time of a flash, Honda stood up, charged and launched a stork kick into the nearest guard's gut… While the victim fell to the ground, gasping for air (and coughing up a small amount of blood) Honda lunged for the next one, preparing a karate chop styled attack—


Honda stumbled in his efforts, when he felt something puncture and twist itself in the inside of the bottom of his left calve. Having never experienced this type of pain in his life, Honda cried out in pain, reaching down for his calve, cradling the wound of the gunshot. Whimpering slightly, he suddenly heard the sound of a click, and looked up towards the source of the sound.

What he saw was the barrel of a pistol, pointed in the spot right between his eyes, which widened at the sight of it. The man handling the weapon, merely grinned at Honda with flashing eyes, as if he had been waiting a long time for this inhuman opportunity. Honda stared at him, not knowing what to say (would he really do it?) while the man stated some dark and deadly words:

"It seems you wish to go down fighting. Well… If that's the way you want it, than it's just fine with us…"

Honda's lips started to part, about to say something, when…

The sound of the gunshot was clearly heard throughout the forests, terrains, coves and fields that made up the duelist kingdom island, and when it reached Bakura and Anzu's ears, they didn't even need to assume or believe that it hadn't happened. It was so obvious. For they could feel it deep within the bowels underneath their breasts, and as the tears fell from their eyes, they stood there, astonished, finding it so hard that the life of the third man, their companion, their friend had ended at four seventeen on what was believed to the be absolute darkest day that they would ever witness.

Anzu looked over at Bakura, and as the light vanished from her eyes, she whispered quietly, "Bakura… Is… Is H-Honda—"

Bakura didn't even answer, he just stared up at the castle, emotionless, wondering if there had been anything that could have been done to save the lives of Honda, Jounouchi and Yuugi…


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Author Note 1 – How many of you are familiar with the manga dueling style? Well, in the Duelist Kingdom saga in the comic version of Yu-Gi-Oh—dueling arenas "don't" exist: period. In the book—they were traditional styled tables and the holograms were projected besides the cards. There were two kinds of tables in the manga. Style one: Duel table is contained inside a glass cube, and smoke is blown out on the table front—the images of the monsters are projected in the smoke, and smoke is sucked out once the monsters are defeated. Style two: The table is surrounded by glass-prism columns (centered on each table corner), in which only light is generated to create holograms on top of the tables (and it is generally this design that is used for final battles, or championship duels). To others who share my personal interests, are you with me so far? (and know what I am talking about?) Good. Because I probably sound like a complete freak (for being the only one who noticed this trend)—uhhhh…

Author Note 2 – Also, in the manga—there was no ( … …dare I say it?) … "shadow-realm" (dies) barrier blocking Anzu, Honda and Jounouchi from Yuugi. Pretty much, the effects of the duel became invisible, but they saw everything else (like Yuugi and Pegasus)—save the actual monsters.

Author Note 3 – Or as you people know it (if you've read the English version of the manga) "Penalty Game—Mind Card!"

Author Note 4 – In the manga, during the time of the night before finals, Honda went on a search for Mokuba—but was caught and imprisoned. Bakura's darker half however, had helped him out (reasons why, I have no idea), putting the guard who protected his cell into a coma-like state. However, Bakura himself would probably have no memory of this.

Author Note 5 - Yes, Guns… No, not fingers… Four Kids cut out nearly everything, for instance, in the "Give up the Ghost Episode" the two men who confronted the real Kaiba were pointing guns at him. But Kaiba used his steel brief case to ricochet the bullet and escape out the window. Also, when Tristan/Honda retrieved Mokuba from the prison cell, the guard who was guarding him was polishing his gun before Honda knocked him out. Also, when Keith confronted Pegasus after being defeated by Jounouchi, he was holding a pistol up against Pegasus's head before Pegasus hit the button of the trap-door. Then again, this fic is only modeled after the manga—so I guess this note was kind of pointless. Oh well…

Random Note: Okay, that was the first chapter of Deliver Us! Next on my list is the sixth chapter of My Torture Ends A Week From Now and… Let's see, anything else? Hmmm… and maybe the next chapter of Before RA Project (yeah, already!) Anyway, I hope you people enjoyed this fiction, and now I want to continue playing Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories (I can't get past frigg'n Atlantica, and it's driving me nuts. Seriously, that land is just like the geographical version of the Energizer Bunny! There's no END to it!) But you people don't care about that, so… yeah.