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Plot: Pegasus succeeds in defeating Yuugi at Duelist Kingdom. When he decides to eliminate the witnesses, only Ryou and Anzu escape with their souls intact. Now, with Player Killers ready to capture them and with Pegasus's henchmen ready to take their lives, can Ryou make sure that he and Anzu escape the island, safely? However, guards and bounty hunters aren't the least of their worries and problems, for Ryou's scheming darker half won't rest until he has all of the Millennium Items in his hands, even if it means putting his host and Anzu in danger's way.
Genre: Angst/Horror/Romance/Supernatural/Fantasy/Tragedy/Drama

Anzu/Yami no Yuugi (one-sided) (slight)
Anzu/Yuugi (slight)
Cyndia/Pegasus (hinted)

Warning: Rated M (R) (Restricted) For language, scary references, gore, violence and brief sensuality.
-Imperfect Paradise (Yamiko)

Deliver Us!
By Imperfect Paradise


-Chapter Two-
"Shadows of Shame"

In the darker corners of Ryou's mind, unknown to his unconsciousness, there lay a door hidden in tainted shadows. It was pitch black, with a silver colored border lining it's hinges and sides, with ruby colored handle, and a ruby colored keyhole, both encrusted almost as if it were the most sought-after jewels in the world. What lay beyond that door, was entirely a mystery. And when so often as Ryou stumbled along the threshold of this quiet and seemingly calm land, trying to find the means of regaining control over his body and mind, he had always passed by that door. He would look at it, but then proceed on as if he hadn't seen it in the first place. At times, he would ponder why it was even there, and perhaps even contemplate what lay beyond it—

But he never went inside. Never. Not while he could help it. (A/N 1)

There was something… … … wrong about that door. Now aside from not the fact that it was "not" supposed to be there (he surely would never think of such a random thing and in such a random location as well), there was something dark and foreboding about it. The fact that he could hear screams and pain emanating from beyond its hinges, as well as the sounds of wicked and fowl play was enough—but there was also something else. And the way the lock and handle glowed every time he passed by, made him feel apprehensive, and they twinkled at him, almost as if they were the distorted and insane eyes of a demonic monstrosity not known to anything on God's green Earth. And it was always locked tight—not leaving any sign that it was actually use-able.

And maybe that was what always rendered Ryou so powerless against his other-self.

For at the moment, Ryou wasn't here to observe the abnormality as he normally did, but if he did—he would have noticed a major breakthrough.

The door… was open…

In the dark cold abyss beyond that door, its guardian was staring right at it, peeking through the crack, catching himself a clear glimpse of his… partner's mind.

He would do this constantly. Day after day, he watched the mind of young Ryou Bakura—waiting for any changes or chances to emerge from his door and into the body of his host. To others, this was hardly practical behavior, and to the educated it appeared to be a trait worse than obsession of the most dangerous kind. Whatever it was, it was hardly human. Well, it wasn't as if Yami no Bakura had anything else planned. All that mattered to him, meant anything to him was the goal he had worked for, it's rewards he had sought for, both which times had totaled almost three thousand years in the making. And with such a time it took to get this far, he would be damned if he was to waste his efforts at this point. And now that he had the means of getting close to the Pharaoh and his various weaknesses there of, he had to constantly monitor the feelings and aura flowing from Ryou's room, in order to make advances in his plots.

This was absolutely necessary to him.

It was what he existed for, anyway.

Right now though, he was more interested than usual at what stood before him. It was awkward. Extremely awkward. He could feel it all. The chill of terror, the boil of blood and the steadily inclining panic which rose every single second the clock ticked, all at once slamming into the wall of his mind like a baseball, shattering it as if it were mere glass. At first, he had smirked slightly, feeling the fear course through the body of his host (the moronic boy was probably making a fool out of himself in front of the guards again—absolutely pitiful), but it was strange. The intensity of the emotions and the effect they had on the mind of Ryou were higher than they normally were… They were all amplified many times over and many times again. Yami no Bakura continued to monitor them though, standing there almost helplessly as they swarmed into the body he shared.


Come now, Yuugi-boy… I can't have those thickheaded little friends of yours dragging my affairs with the Big Five out into the public, now can I?


I won't let you touch them, Pegasus!


The evil spirit's eyebrow raised for a brief moment, but then narrowed in unison with his other. Biting his lip, he couldn't help but feel something cold and dark brewing in his room, giving off strange emotions he had never felt before. Shifting his weight, he waited for it to come to an end.

But they kept coming, as if they never planned to cease.


Yuugi, get up! Hurry!


Honda! Jounouchi! Anzu! Get away! You're NEXT! He wants you, too! Get OUT of here! NOW!


Noticing this strange abnormality, Yami no Bakura bit his lip, wondering what was going on. The feelings were not coming to an end at all—they were only growing stronger. He then looked around oddly, as he felt the room he was in shake devastatingly in response to the devastating tremors emerging from the other side. That was when he began to grow somewhat concerned.

This wasn't right. Ryou Bakura could never come up with such an emotional response with such flawlessness and strength to overcome the balance of his own realm. Something was happening—and it wasn't good, for either of them it seemed.

The tremors grew worse, shaking the walls as if they were jelly or some liquid substance, the floors moving around wildly, making it hard for the darker half of Ryou's consciousness to even as much as stand.

Clenching his teeth, the other Bakura looked wildly around, wondering if he should go and put little Ryou out of his nervous wreck, just so he could receive some peace of mind—


I'll KILL you! You freaking bastard, you bastard, you- BASTARD!


No! We can't! We have to—


— when suddenly, they all disappeared.

Looking around wildly, the walls came to a standstill, the air returned to the normal cool temperature, and all sound that had once been heard from the crack of the door had been reduced to a quiet state of tranquility. The demonic duplicate sat there, looking completely perplexed.

What the hell was that? He thought bitterly. Taking a moment to reprieve from this obscurity (standing up straight and dusting himself off), he shifted from his state of confusion into a more relaxed form. Closing his eyes, (looking as though he were meditating) and quieting his breathing, he began to navigate through Ryou's emotions again, trying to pick up any sort of sign of exactly what was going on.

But besides the memory of what had occurred, there was nothing; nothing at all. Whatever alarm had conquered Ryou Bakura's mind only moments ago, had ended completely—taking everything (or so it seemed) along with it. Sitting besides the post-emotional flood (which left of only mere traces of guilt, anger and fear), there was nothing more to find within Ryou's psyche or emotions.

This… wasn't correct.

Yami no Bakura's eyebrows squinted, as if in frustration. What could have delivered such a severe blow to the miserable boy's mind. Well, the only options that could administer such a major mental strain such as the one that had initiated that strong, emotional response of giving up on everything were either the flowing;

Death—hell, he could certainly rule out that. If not, he wouldn't still "be" here…

The removal and the disposal of a human soul; No—although it had been reduced to a null state, it was quite clear that Ryou Bakura was still residing within his body. Furthermore, if he had had the opportunity to completely dominate, he would have seized the chance the second it had presented itself.

Finding neither of these categories applicable (which didn't leave even as much as a hint for the other Bakura to chew on) he stood there, completely bewildered by the recent turn of events.

God… Damn-it! For crying out loud, if it wasn't death or spiritual separation, what else could it be?

At that moment, realization hit his mind, and the other Bakura paled dramatically, realizing what had happened. And more importantly, what it meant for his own- personal- existence…

That's… … "Impossible"…

Minutes after the hurried departure of Anzu, Honda and Bakura, what remained of their once animated, boisterous, hotheaded friend was currently being hoisted up and hauled away by Pegasus's cruel and heartless staff. Mindlessly following the orders of their exceedingly twisted superior, they began to transport the blonde teen to the lower bowels of the castle, where he would soon join with others of his spiritually deprived physical state.

Watching the otherwise heart-wrenching scene with a shrewd smirk on his face, Pegasus, feeling quite pleased and delighted with the outcome of his little game, proceeded to mentally rake in the concept of the upcoming bounty that would soon be delivered to him without fail. It was true; any minute, the contract would be completed with Kaiba Corporation, and the papers would be wired electronically within the next day. After taking the time to tenderly pocket the third of his little card collection, he watched as his guards slowly turned the corner, remorselessly dragging poor little Jounouchi Katsuya, observing the scene just before the young boy's ankles disappeared behind the corner. What a pity… he thought to himself. There are only a handful of people in this world who can triumph against big, bad Bandit Keith. It is actually almost a shame to lose a man who shared the same passion I once possessed when I crushed that imbecile into the dust. But what's a poor duelist to do? He's a lowly kid who won't be missed, while I will be honored for the next decade or so.

Holding the remaining blank duel monster cards in front of him he grinned, knowing it was only a matter of time before the remaining children were dealt with.

After waiting patiently for his guards to return with the future captives, (and at that moment, realizing that he was going to need a third little soul casket—after all, he hadn't anticipated little Yuugi actually managing to live through their little Game of Darkness) he smirked, hearing some footsteps behind him. He turned around, expecting to see the remnants of the little urchin team, but found himself severely disappointed when he saw a single guard standing before him. Narrowing his eyes darkly, he demanded darkly, "Where are they? I told you to bring those brats to me for insurance of their silence. Are you and your men deaf?"

A moment of silence occurred, before the guard inhaled and exhaled sharply, as if he were dreading something. "Sir," he began, sweat appearing down the side of his face, "we have a situation…"

After fifteen minutes of mindlessly running for their lives, Ryou and Anzu had settled in a remote (and familiar) area, where they now stood, physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Had they been in their right state of minds, they would have immediately identified it as the location where their friend Jounouchi had gone up against the first of Keith's thugs in the abandoned US marine morgue of the interior of the island.

But they cared little for that now…

Anzu was standing close to the ground, having hunched over her knees and ankles, repetitively rocking herself back and forth, as if trying to find comfort. Her eyes were blotched red from crying, and her lip was trembling as she thought to control what seemed like an endless supply of choked sobs and extended wails. Ryou was standing adjacent to her, leaning on the boulder that sealed the entrance of the cave, his eyes dimly lit and his skin portrayed an almost deathly color.

He couldn't believe it. He just couldn't. One minute he was cheering for the victory for his best friend on the sidelines, and at the next, two of his friends had disappeared right before his eyes and another was now lacking both a soul and a pulse.

Remembering that, a sudden queasiness hit him, and his eyes watered dangerously as he thought. Bringing his hand up to his mouth, (trying to hold whatever built up sickness he had inside) he looked out into open space.

A part of him really didn't believe that Honda was dead. How could he die? How could he have left so quickly? How could those bastards—no! How could those mindless, fucking, Pegasus suck-ups take the life of the Hiroto Honda; A seventeen year-old high-school student who had dreams and hopes for his future, who had never harmed a hair on an innocent victim in his life? Their companion had never done anything seriously wrong. Sure he had a few quirks, which included his adolescent urges for both sex and playful violence, but he didn't disserve to die.

Biting his lip, he looked down at the ground and thought, sadly. Honda… Why did you do that? Surely you knew what was going to happen? That they would either steal your soul or kill you trying. Why would you sacrifice yourself for us? Why?

A loud wail suddenly interrupted his thoughts, as Anzu exerted another form of her built-up anxiety. Turning over towards the young girl, he remembered that he wasn't the only one suffering like this. Anzu, he thought. Walking over so he was standing directly behind her, he reached out and touched her shoulders, and then began, in a voice both frail and hoarse, "Anzu-san… Are you oka—"

His words were interrupted when Anzu suddenly spun around, and roughly forced his hands off of her. Having been caught completely off guard, Ryou watched in shock as Anzu suddenly stood up, while staring at him with eyes that were wreathed in fear, hostility and loathing for what she was seeing before her. But why? Why would she look at him with such a horrible, horrible look? Ryou stared at her, his eyes filled with terror, beginning to tremble at the very sight of the girl he had always seen as bright, cheerful and friendly, seeing a tainted, hysterical, and hell-bent monster in her place. Anzu, he thought, trying to prevent himself from shaking, wh-why are you—

On the other side of the pair, emotions, both mangled and twisted were undergoing a complete eruption from the bowels of the broken heart of Mazaki Anzu. She couldn't help it though. How could she? Here she was, hungry, afraid, tired, separated from a majority of the people whom she once classified as familiar, (and was most likely being pursued by very people who did away with them) with a boy who had ran away to save his own skin and left those she cared about more than anything in the world for dead. And he didn't care. She knew that he didn't care. After all, he could have never done anything like that if he had.

Shaking in complete fury, Anzu tensed up, before she forced out the words, "You… You—y-you just…

For a moment, nothing was said between the two of them. Whether or not it was because they were too angry or too horrified to say anything, in the end, silence dominated the conversation. But in due time, Anzu cringed again before she shrieked in Ryou's face.

"You didn't do a damn thing, did you!-?" she wailed, tears continuously falling from her hate-filled eyes, "You left Yuugi! God damn-it, you "left" him! You left Jounouchi! And then you left Honda to die and didn't think "anything" of it! You didn't care about us! You didn't care about any of us! No! All you did was run to save yourself because none of us ever meant anything at all to you at all!"

As Anzu continued to let go of a majority of her built up tension, Ryou didn't say a word. His eyes had become blank and lifeless. His body was numb, and his heart was depleting in response to the relentless and continuous stabs and punches being inflicted upon it by Anzu's terrible, terrible words. He wanted to say something, anything… but the words wouldn't come. And how could he? How could he say anything, or even as much as try to prove her wrong after all that had happened? For as much as he wanted to deny it, she was right. Everything she said… … … was true.

He had run away from the castle, darting as fast as he could from the lion's den, only with the intention of ensuring that he would get out of danger's way in one piece. Sure he had tried to get the others to follow his lead, and even attempted to ensure the good for everyone else—but it wasn't enough. He hadn't even tried to persuade the others through stronger words or means… For in the end, he had fled, thereby confining his most trusted friends to a cruel and terrible fate.

It was his fault. It was all- his fault.

By the time Anzu had calmed down slightly again (but from the look of it, it was obvious that it wasn't going to last much longer), Ryou looked off to the side, pathetically, feeling like compete and total crap not wanting to take the blame further than it had to. Staring off in that direction, he opened his mouth, paused and then said in a voice just barely above a whisper…

"I… I should have seen it coming."

Anzu paused for a moment, taking the time to study Ryou a bit more carefully. After doing so, she cast her gaze to the ground and bit her lip, just before asking, "… … … … Is that all you can say about it?"

Ryou looked back at her slowly, his expression having not changed in the slightest.

Anzu's fingers tightened against each other, (the squeezing sound of flesh and bone actually being heard throughout the now quiet landscape of where they were standing. After a moment, she then turned around and faced the area where they had come, the ominous castle of duelist kingdom hovering over them as the setting sun illuminated it through the blends of red and orange. Looking up at it, then reaching out to hold her upper-arms (as if she was seeking comfort one way or another) she spoke in a calm (an almost too calm voice) voice, with a tone that suggested that she was deep in thought, "… I… I suppose that… Something like that only happens with good friends…. I guess…"

Ryou's eyes widened abruptly at that last comment. What? He thought, not understanding in the least.

"I mean—" (she let out a single sigh before continuing once more) "You and I have only known each other for about three months, haven't we?" (Ryou's heart rate increased, beginning to grow extremely nervous with this presented verbal gesture) "I guess that that just wasn't good enough. I should have known…" She then began to walk away from the area, leaving Ryou alone in the open space of forest area of the deserted, lonely island.

Ryou, finally snapping out from his confused and bewildered haze, had at last caught on to what was happening and landed back roughly in the plane of reality. Reaching out for her, he cried out, unable to properly contain himself, "Wait a minute! Anzu—where are you going?"

Not even looking back to face him, Anzu murmured in a voice that lacked both sympathy and grace, "I'm leaving…"

Hearing this Ryou felt his heart jolt heavily inside his chest. Retracting his hand somewhat, and looking off to the side, he inquired, innocently, "I… I really think that we should stick together, Anzu—"

"Look—" Anzu's wretched, unsympathetic tone kicked in again, as she snapped her head backwards to glare at the platinum blonde. Prying her teeth away from her jaw, she hissed through trembling lips, "You can either stay here, go in the opposite direction or elsewhere, or dive into the ocean and swim for your life… Because as long as I draw breath, I will never let you come with me…" (A/N 2)

"Anzu—what are you saying?"

Anzu didn't respond to Ryou directly. While turning face and walking away, proceeded towards the entrance of Pegasus's castle, she shouting back, "Ryou Bakura… I can only allow people I can truly trust to be by my side. You are not among that list. Therefore, I won't let you come."

Ryou had opened his mouth to protest against this, when the young woman chose to let loose the final and fatal blow for Ryou's psyche.

"You are no longer my friend…"

When those words escaped the Mazaki Anzu's mouth, Bakura just stood there, still for a moment, but within a few seconds, he appeared as though he had been shot directly in the heart. Anzu didn't even see as he fell to his knees, standing there as if he had vanished completely, losing touch with everything he felt within him.

… … … … … … … No… … longer… … my friend? His gaze sunk to ground and tears began to form as those words repeated themselves several times over within his mind, each one maiming it even further than the last one. Never had anything ever administered had placed a more dramatic effect on him. Nothing… Nothing his father, his mother, his sister or anything else anyone could have said could have ever hoped to compete with the one-sided cruelty, which had just been gracefully handed to him on a silver platter.

But why… Why did it have such a dramatic effect on him?

He had always been alone. Moving from place to place, enrolling in school to school, making more enemies with enraged parents than friends with fellow peers—earning himself a terrible reputation in the process. But with the strange comas he had given to their children (brought upon them by the wonderful handiwork made evident when his darker half had presented himself) he supposed that he couldn't blame them. But with all the unwanted attention (whom those families decided to make public) it grew even worse. Students would taunt him, tease calling him the walking curse or the living dead, made even more plausible due to his cold, handsome yet weakened and strained looks, which they didn't hesitate to point out. At first it hurt, but by the time he had moved to his fourth school, it began to become a routine for him. The pain died completely and there was nothing left to salvage. He no longer had any friends, or people he could completely trust and his parents had finally resorted to sending him out of their hometown, desperate to give him a new start in life. At first, he didn't think it was going to be enough, then…

When he had met Yuugi, Jounouchi and their friends, something had awakened in him. A form of comfort, of trust and even adoration for the group of kind, benevolent kids he saw before him. Even when they placed themselves in jeopardy by coming over to his house to play (unbeknownst to the plans of Yami no Bakura, who was going to do to them as he had done to the past acquaintances of Ryou) a part of him was actually happy, that they would actually come to visit him in his own home. Also, when they had gone up against his alter ego in the tainted monster role playing game world, they didn't even hesitate when Ryou asked to aid them in their conquest to defeat his darker half. They let him on their team as if he was one of their own. Like they had known him for almost all of their lives, even though they had met only two days ago. It…. amazed him, to see how much they trusted him… Cared for him and his wellbeing, even in the site where the most twisted and sinister terror was being upheld. (A/N 3)


… … …It felt for the first time… that… that something… something else actually mattered to him, more than anything the world had to offer.

More than his very own life.

Tears fell from his eyes (having not noticed that Anzu had completely left him by this point) as Ryou's fingers tightened against the grass before him (ripping the lush greenery apart and tearing up part of the Earth in the process), choking back sobs as he knelt, alone in the darkening lair of the deranged and wicked Pegasus J. Crawford. And while there, he quietly whispered these sad, pitiful- words of shame…

"Jounouchi... ... Yuugi. … ... ... Honda… … … … I- am so- sorry…"


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Author Note 1 – You know how Atem and Yuugi have the two doors in the mind (one leads to a children's room, the other leads to the labyrinth?) Same principle, only now—this is Ryou's mind. And I am depicting the door to Yami no Bakura's room as something Ryou would never want to go through in his life (demonstrating how much he fears his other self) And that's the general low-down, people.

Author Note 2 – I know, I know… This is completely unlike Anzu… To be honest, I'm sort of combining Yu-Gi-Oh with real-life in a way (shun me, if you will) but just face the facts. If someone had suffered that much of a mental blow (Anzu, for instance—one of the main characters who had always claimed that friendship and unity were severely important) it would just be completely unnatural for negative emotions not to emerge and therefore would be completely fake. That is all I will have to say on the matter.

Author Note 3 – Referring to the RPG saga contained in Yu-Gi-Oh volumes 6-7. Please refer to these books for further information.

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