Author's Notes: I've always liked Jyoumi but never really wrote one before. So this is my first foray into writing this couple. Feedback will be appreciated especially about characterization.

Two things had become apparent in thirteen year old Kido Jyou's mind one rainy Saturday afternoon. The first was that rainy days are ultimately boring and perfect for studying, and the second was that Mimi was very distracting.

"C'mon Jyou-senpai! Play with me," whined the eleven year old girl with wide puppy dog eyes.

Add that with the pink pouting lips and no male would possibly be able to resist that. Especially Jyou…

The older blue haired boy sighed in defeat, cheeks tinged a pinkish color, and left the kitchen table and his textbooks for the spot on the couch beside Mimi. She beamed at him and a small part of Jyou felt some vindication for his sacrifice.

But only a small part.

"What kind of game?"

"A guessing game!" He gave her a look which she ignored and continued, "I'll start. Guess who I like."

That same small part of Jyou resurfaced causing the bottom of his stomach sank down somewhere to the floor. Mimi liked someone? He'd kill them!

Wait! What am I thinking? This is Mimi!

"Is it one of the Chosen?" She nodded. "Okay…Yamato?"



"Yeah right! He's too hung up on Sora-chan to notice me!"


This actually caused Mimi to burst into laughter. "Please…we'd end up killing each other on the first date."

He chuckled a little at the mental imagery of Mimi and Koushirou on a date and suggested, "Takeru…"

That earned him a slap on the arm. "Okay," he muttered, rubbing his arm gingerly. "But they were the only…oh!" he exclaimed, face red, as the truth hit him in the face.

She giggled. "Jyou-senpai you're so cute!"

And before he could register what happened she leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. Then she skipped out of the apartment with a small wave and a wink.

His face was burning.

But he was happy…really happy.

Third realization: Mimi was always a welcome distraction.