-1An old man is crying. He's sobbing uncontrollably. He opens the bottle containing his heart medication. A label on the side reads take one daily. Overdose may result in fatality. The old man giggles manically at reading the label "Well that's exactly what I want to do, now ISN'T IT!". He downs the bottle with a sip of water, and lays back waiting for the desired effect. His eyes slowly close and the comforting beating of an unseen heart stops.

Truman Burbank awakes with a start. He is sweating heavily and breathing deeply. It's the same dream he's been having since he left that world that was created for him. The main character always is different but the end result is always the same. It is morning in the south of France, where Truman retired to a quiet life after finding out that his whole life had been a lie. He is beginning to think that a psychiatrist might be needed to find out why he has been having these dreams. His wife of 6 months walks into the bedroom from the adjoining bathroom.

"Morning honey, how did you sleep?" she asks with a look of concern. "Same dream as always hon. I don't know what to do. I'm beginning to dread going to sleep because I don't wanna have these dreams anymore". Truman responds. His wife, Sylvia, is an attractive dirty blonde. She has been the love of both of Truman's lives. She was a cast member during Truman's high school and college years in his falsified life. She was taken away when she tried to reveal the truth to Truman during a romantic evening on the beach. Now that Truman has left his world, however, she and he have been able to wed and live a rather quiet life in the south of France.

"It'll be ok Truman. I've called Dr. Monroe and scheduled you an appointment for Thursday. Now I've got to get to work and so do you Truman. So you better have some breakfast." She finishes dressing and goes downstairs and leaves. With a sigh, Truman gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom. He proceeds to check all around the bathroom for anything that looks like a camera. He does this every morning, clearly still paranoid that this new life might be filmed as well. " I do need a fucking shrink" Truman mutters to himself before hopping into the shower.

After hopping out from the shower, he puts on some boxers and a housecoat and plops down at his computer. He load his fan webpage, just to see where they think he is today. Theres a new report that Truman has been spotting driving cabs in Las Vegas, and of course the same old stories that he has committed suicide. Truman breaths a sigh of relief. "they haven't found me yet." then he giggles, " I'm more sighted then Elvis." He closes his browser and brings up Word. He opens a file and sees the opening pages of his novel. It is titled my life as a reality star, and why I just want to be left alone. he's starting on chapter 7 today. He works for a few hours then decides that he wants to take a walk.

Taking a walk for Truman is so involving that he rarely finds the want enough to go through hell to get ready. He has to disguise himself just to take a walk around town. Even these simple peasants in a remote town in France were avid Truman fans. He applies all the makeup and disguises that he can, takes a deep breath and walks outside towards town.