When Lindsays sad

A/N I don't own CSI: NY or any of the characters
a sweet litter oneshot

Lindsay was having a bad day, heck Lindsay was having a bad week and she was sitting on the bench in the locker room after shift staring into space with a glazed off look in her eyes: she was feeling alone and home sick.

Danny walked in, she didn't notice him when he came in, he was getting his jacket from his locker and he noticed the look in her eyes and wanted to make her feel better.

So he walked up to her and said:

" Hey Montana whats up with you you look like you could use a friend do you want to go get something to eat and talk about it ?"

Lindsay just look at him for a moment she could tell by the look in his eyes that he really did care about her

he was just looking at her, waiting for her answer , she gave him a small smile and said:

"that would be nice Danny"

They went to this small litter place where there did have much people and they ate and talked. Lindsay talked about her family and her old job, her old friends that she missed. They sat there for over three hours just talking and having a good time together.

Lindsay gazed at the clock and she said:" Look at the time we got work in the morning Danny we better go home" and she gives Danny a big smile and she tells him she had a good time and this really cheered her up he looked at her and smiled back at her and said he was glad , that he had fun and that they should hang out more often and she said that they should to.

They walked out of the litter place and said there good byes and each of them got in a cab and went home with big smiles on there faces knowing that they were getting closer to so much more.

The End