Chapter 1


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A/N: Okay, so I just finished "Untitled Sadness 277", and I felt that before I started the sequel, I wanted to throw myself in a different direction. This story picks up with Season 3, where Tommy comes back (if you haven't heard the spoilers, and don't want to know, I suggest you not read this story….if you want to know what happens, Tommy is indeed coming back, at the beginning of the season….) There will probably be other spoilers in here, as they come, and I find out more about this coming season…anyway, I've had a thought on this for a while….

On the contrary to what I would normally write, this story will not automatically become a Jommy story….sure, Tommy will be there for Jude, but he will have to gain her trust again….

Jude's P.O.V.

God, could I have been more stupid that night…I mean, then again, I just needed to get out of town…I mean ask anyone,…they would've done the same thing. When the guy that you're in love with leaves you, you can't be expected to just get up and feel all happy, even if you DO have an album release party the night after he leaves…

No, that's when my life came crashing down on me.

I was stupid….I wanted to blow off some steam, and after Liam, who's now my sister's boyfriend, decided that I needed to perform, and give him a "rock-star smile", as he'd blatantly put it, and I wasn't gonna do it….Stop shaking your head,.. you would've done it too….You would've left….You would've gone to see your best friend, considering your other best friend had left you….yes you would have, no matter how much you deny it.

And I did…I went to see my best friend….and in the mean time, I met a guy. He'd asked to get a picture with me….I later learned his name was Chris. (My name for we don't actually know his name!)

Chris came off as a great guy at first….He said all the right things, made me feel better, happier, and I was glad…But he also proceeded to get me drunk….Of course I wasn't going to be able to wait for Mason to get done with his interviews. So he gave me the key to his room above the bar/hotel. Of course cute-boy/Chris followed me up. When we got to the room, I asked him to stay….stating that "I don't like to be alone…."

Can anyone figure out where in there that I said that I wanted him to take advantage of me? I don't know about girls he's been with in the past, but when I say that I want someone to stay with me, I want them to stay, because I don't want to be alone…not because I want them to take advantage of me….But evidently he didn't exactly put the pieces together there…and I ended up hurt because of it….

2 weeks later, the pictures showed up at G Major, and Darius was furious. To say that I had to fight tooth-and-nail to keep my contract would be an understatement… I did anything and everything to keep my contract….

6 weeks later, I couldn't be so fortunate…Darius had established this strict rule that unless I was getting a ride from another employee, that he trusted of course, to work, that I better not show up late. Of course, on the worst morning of my life…. (Tommy and my 2 year anniversary of knowing each other; of even though he'd taken off, I still remembered things we'd done….Sure, I was hurt, and angry at him, but isn't it that they say…if you're mad at someone, or even if you hate them, that somewhere inside of you, you have some sort of feelings for them?)

Well, on this particular morning, I had walked in, just as Darius was about to announce that anyone who was on his "list", that wasn't at work, and hadn't called in sick, would be fired. He had just opened his mouth…so in some weird way, doesn't that meant hat I wasn't late….I mean, he hadn't spoken yet, so I technically wasn't late…Well, he fought with me on that in his office, and still, to this day, I believe I was right…I wasn't late…Anyway, I'd been sitting in his office, listening to him ramble, when I suddenly felt sick. I stood, and began to walk out of the room. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING!" Ugh…his yelling hurt my ears, but I answered calmly.

"I know you still want to yell and me, and go ahead, but I'm about to get sick, and unless you want it all over your desk and floor…"

"Fine…GO!" He yelled and I walked to the bathroom, returning about 20 minutes later. When I walked back in, he handed me a bottle of water.

"You good, Harrison?" I decided I'd tell the truth, considering telling lies only got me in trouble these days. So I shook my head 'no'.

He began rambling again about what was wrong with me, no longer yelling. After a little while, he said I could go…That he needed me to go and help Sadie clear up the receptionist's desk. I nodded and turned to go. Once I got to the door, I stopped with my handle on the door, when he said my name.

"Jude….You sure you're okay…You look like you might- JUDE!"

I'd collapsed on the floor…


A/N: Okay, so I had to end that one on a bit of a cliffy, because it builds into what I'm going to continue with…The direction that I'm taking this in, isn't the direction (As far as I know), isn't exactly the way the show itself is going….It's just my version of season 3, with some of the scenarios that I've been told will come into play…