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My New Life

Gaara x Hinata

Hyuuga Hinata had always been interested in art. There wasn't a day that she went without sketching. When she moved to Konoha, she found herself loving art more than ever…thanks to one Shukaku Gaara.

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Hyuuga Hinata sat near her windowsill, a sketchbook and pencil in hand. On the page she was currently on, was a picture of a girl in chains. The light-purpled eyed teen stared at the page with evidence of tears in her eyes.


"Hinata?" A masculine voice called to the dark-blue haired girl.

"Yes father?" Replied Hinata, as she entered his study. She took a seat on the black-leathered couch.

"Do you like it here? In the city?" Her father took a seat next to her.

Hinata, not knowing the reason for this sudden question nodded slowly.

"I hope you understand," Mr. Hyuuga started, a look of worry and regret in his eyes, "We're moving Hinata."

"W-what?" The light purpled-eyed girl stood up, legs shaking. "Why?" She asked.

"Well… I found a better job… in another town…" Hyuuga Hiashi continued, "You must understand."

"B-but, I have friends here!" Hinata shook her head rapidly.

"You could find more friends in that town. Your cousin Neji will be there and also your uncle." Hiashi sighed.


"Hinata. I made up my mind. We are moving ok? This is for the well-being of our family." Her father cut her off.

Hinata stared at her father and then broke into a run towards her room.


(Present time)

Hinata sighed as she put the sketchbook down. There is no chance that she can convince her father to stay. She started packing, heart heavy.

Next morning she had called her friends, telling them of the bad news. They were extremely upset. They had decided to visit this afternoon. Hinata smiled the whole entire time, happy to have such wonderful friends. However, she was leaving them.

"Hinata!" Her father called from downstairs. "Time to go!"

"W-what?" Hinata was shocked. She didn't know she was moving right after breakfast! B-but her friends! She ran downstairs, suitcase in hand. "Father!"

""Yes?" Her father asked, while handing a list of things to take to a mover.

"I didn't know we were moving at this time…" Hinata felt upset.

"Sorry Hinata. My job starts right tomorrow morning. We couldn't make it if we went at night." Hiashi frowned. "Did you plan anything?"

"Yes…My friends were coming over this afternoon…" The dark-haired girl informed, legs weak.

"Hinata… Call them and cancel. We have to go right now." Her father had a look of apology and handed her his cell phone.

Tears were about to burst, but she held them back. "Yes father…" She started dialing.

Later, Hinata was in her father's convertible, staring out the window, remembering the disappointed and upset voices of her friends. She was not going to see them for a while.

"Hinata, you can visit them." Hiashi was upset that his daughter had taken this unexpected move so hard.

His daughter continued staring outside the car window, like a lifeless puppet.

"I can get you a new set of paint." Her father continued, trying to cheer her up. He wanted his daughter to continue the Hyuuga family tradition, which was to fight. Although he was upset of her interest in art, he wanted her to be happy.

"No thanks…" Came a small whisper.

"How about a visit to the Grand Art Museum?" Hiashi tried again. She loved that place. If she said no, then he doesn't know what to do.

"No thanks…" She replied with the same monotone voice.

He sighed and concentrated on the road.

Hinata discovered that unfamiliar things came in view. And then a sign that said, "You are leaving Suta-raito City." That was the city she was born in. Now she was leaving her long time old friends and going to an unfamiliar place.

Her mother had died a long time ago when she was 3. Now she's 15, which means it was almost 12 years ago. Hiashi had a lot of time for Hinata and gave her his love. However, since her mother died, he was a lot less like the father she knew. Now he's a workaholic who is more worried about work then her.

Her father actually works harder to live a happy life with Hinata. But, his plan backfired when he worked extra hours, seeing less of his daughter.

Eventually, Hinata could see the outline of her new home, Konoha.

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