Knights of the Old Order
Chapter 3

Lex was making another stop at Lana's apartment with information on Jason. After the whole Japan adventure he'd been coming over more and more often,with each piece of information Jason's aims were becoming as clouded as Clark's to her. Speaking of; 'You hear what happened to Clark?' she asked him.

'Yes, attacked in the Torch office with Chloe and Lois by something invisible. Seems like just another day in Smallville to me.'

Lana smiled 'Clark saving somebody from a meteor mutant, front page news!'

Lex laughed with her for moment; 'I've got a meeting in Metropolis in an hour Lana, I've got to get there. Call me if you need anything.' He went for the door and Lana followed with him.

The two headed down the stairs, only to have the front of the Talon explode. A dark shadow rolled through the debries came to its feet and fired a lance of light from it's hand and back through the hole.

///Five minutes before\\\\

Jor-El's memories were strong in this little strip of Earth. A single street that held the whole town together. Unfortunately, as the geological centre of town, this was where the two warriors had to meet. His back to the sunrise with the Hunters back to the sunset. Great Rao he hated the melodrama and he knew from his combat with the last Yautja they hated it too and both sides could do with out it. Though it wasn't a very good idea for two heavily armed killers to just start demolishing a town/city/planet.

A familiar ripple came around one of the roofs and saw him standing in the high noon sun. As they approached each other Jor-El's shadow went over the equipment he had with him, worrying if he had left anything. It was all there, he winced. As a Kryptonian Knight he knew the need to kill, as a scientist he knew just what and how each weapon he had on him worked and as a philosopher Jor-El knew how each life was precious. He knew that killing was wrong, even if it was right in the Yautja's eyes he was sacrificing his ideals for someone else's. 'Forgive me son. The blood will be on my hands, not yours.' he whispered. With a quick mental command to the armour it charged the weapons and his face mask frosted over as it's density changed.

His opponent dropped the light refraction matrix he was hiding behind. 'Jor-El?'

'Sulta?' The clan marking on his mask was the same, and the cut he had put into it all those years ago.

'It is I Jor-El. You have changed.'

He kept his face straight, Sulta was supposed to be one of the best his clan had to offer and could probably still read his expression . He was one of the most deadly opponents Jor-El had ever faced. 'Krypton is destroyed, my son survived. I sent him here to save him. When I learned of your presence here this personality was grafted on to Kal-El.' He explained. 'I am sorry for what I, what Jor-El, did to you. It will not happen this time.'

'Jor-El, my friend, you were not mistaken.' The Yautja hissed in his own language, the translation scrolled across the top right of the Kryptonian's semitransparent mask. 'Your defeat of me made me fight stronger to regain the honour I lost. I am now Yautja-co. You are the last Knight, the last of the Great Prey. No Yautja is worthy to take your head.'

'You will be, Yautja-co, when you take it.' With that Jor-El began the ceremony. 'I ask that you grant meaning to this hunt.' As one they reached behind their backs.

'All hunt's have meaning. Be what may, honour or death, the people of this world are safe.' They bowed in unison.

Jor-El pulled out the short stave, holding it in front of him 'I am a Knight of Krypton. My word is the bond of my people, my peoples word is mine.' A fountain like mercury burst out of the hilt stopping three feet way before freezing into a thick silver sword of mono-molecular sharpness.

Sulta pulled out a longer stave. 'I am Yautja-co. My word is the bond of my people, my peoples word is mine.' Both sides shot out as the hunting staff telescopically grew to full length, the curved blades unfolding at the tips.

The two weapons were crossed, by braking the contact everything began. Then together they said; 'War's begin and end. The hunt now begins.'

Jor-El dived to one side under the backhanded blow that never came. His side kick was caught and he was thrown into the front of an old cinema.

Lex watched the proto power ranger as he fired the weapon built into his arm, the technology behind it must be astounding. More importantly for Lex someone was firing a weapon near Lana. Jumping over the banister he almost twisted his ankle on landing, tackling the alien to the floor.

The tall intruder grunted before rolling the two of them away. Three blasts stitched the ground where they were. 'Good move you idiot, get yourself and these people out of here.' Lex could only just make out any facial features through the mask.

'Why should I listen to you?'

'Down.' the man pulled him down and they ducked just under a flying disk that blew up the two columns they were between. Customers were running for the sides of the room, screaming and climbing over each other to escape. 'That a good reason? Great Rao, two killers armed to the high teeth and you tackle the one trying to protect you?' he lent back and the disk flew back across the coffee shop.

The self proclaimed killer reached for his belt and drew two throwing stars and sent them along the same path. 'Who are you?' Lex asked

'Jor-El of Krypton. Who are you?'

'Lex Luthor'

'Your grandfather was scum Luthor. Don't follow his path. Now get out before you don't have a path to follow.' Lex tried to get to his feet, but found his ankle twisted.

The Yautja dropped through the destroyed shop front and launched a plasma burst from it's shoulder into the wall behind him. Jor-El pushed Luthor to one side and dived at Sulta.

As he dodged to one side Jor-El rolled past and reached out to the street, calling his sword to him. As it flew into his hand he could feel Sulta's staff cut the air. He swung round just in time to deflect the sweeping staff blow.

The hunter swung the opposite end of the staff at his armoured chest but Jor-El ducked and made a cut in his opponents gut. Bright green blood spilt across the floor and the creature folded around the blade, dropping its staff.

Before Jor-El could pull back Sulta had wrapped his claw around the sword and fell back, pulling him off balance and into the rising foot.

Lana was ushering people out of the back door when Lex stumbled to his feet. Running to help him the darkly dressed stranger was thrown over her head and the other one flipped to it's feet with a growl.

The snarling monster simply backhanded her out of it's way and into the struggling Lex. Blinking the stars from her eyes she watched as the stranger picked up a chair and smashed across the others head. Chunks of wood scattered and the tall guy started hammering at the green/yellow monster with the chair legs until the monster lashed out with a clawed foot. Sending the saviour flying through a wall.

'You do not disappoint; shadow of Jor-El.' It hissed in a disjointed voice.The darkly dressed man kicked the bits of wall off himself 'I assure you my skill would be nothing without Kal-El's power behind it.'

'But as you taught me all those orbits ago; strength is nothing with out wisdom behind it.' Lana frowned; something was going on between these two. They respected each other.

'Freeze!' shouted the sheriff as she burst into the coffee shop with three deputies.

In a long second the two heavily armed invaders looked at each other. As one they bowed to each other and said 'Another time.'

Before anyone could react the two of them touched their left arms and vanished.

'Thank's for calling me sheriff. I'll remember to do that.' Jonathan slammed the phone down. 'Damn it!'

Martha jumped up from her seat. 'Jonathan; what's wrong? Who was that?'

'Sheriff Adams, it was Sheriff Adams. There's been an attack at the Talon. Two unknown attackers half destroyed the place while it was still full of customers. No one was hurt and both of them got away. The sheriff wanted to "remind" Clark not to get involved.'

Chloe looked uncomfortable to Jonathan; 'Clark... I mean Jor-El?' she asked.

'He survived to fight another day.' the Kryptonian stumbled in, holding his side. The three of them rushed to help him. Together they got him to the living room and onto the couch.

'I thought you were all invulnerable and stuff.' the young reporter asked.

'The density of solar radiation from Sol is what gives Kal-El his gifts. That and the low gravity of this small world. How could I face my opponent with honour with such an advantage.'

'So you took the advantage away. Some barbaric sense of honour is worth more to you than our son's life?'

Jor-El stood up, pain etched on his face; 'Jonathan Kent. Could you murder another being in cold blood? I think not, I will never be an executioner. If dying is the price of my honour then I will die. That choice is one Kal-El would accept.'

Martha put a hand on their son's shoulder. 'This is madness. Let my son go, this monster just wants you Clark isn't some knight fighting for truth and justice. He's just a young man who doesn't want anything to do with your world.'

'This is not about my world, but yours. No matter what I say it won't stop you believing the worst of me.' Jor-El stood up and began to leave.

Chloe jumped to his arm; 'I'll come with you. We'll be in the barn.' and they left.

'We have to do something, Jonathan. He's going to kill our son!'

He held her by the shoulders; 'I know Martha, And there is nothing we can do.'

Chloe helped the tall Kryptonian up into Clark's retreat. He collapsed into the battered old sofa before tapping the crystals on his arm. 'Ahh, that should help.'

'Clark? I mean Jor-El?'


She built up the courage to ask the most important question. 'I'll never get a chance to write this but I have to know. What's it like out there?'

He flashed a grin 'The sun shines brightly. There are humans running around in their lives and there is a lot of corn. You have but to look out a window'

'Most of the corn was in that joke.' she laughed.

'In the universe there are no constants. No laws of nature that aren't bent or broken by those who stride the heavens. It is a wonder to see. For most war is all but a faded memory as great guardians shine like lanterns of justice. And there are others. Nightmares like Unicron the devourer of worlds, Darkside the enemy of all life are rare; but they still send grown men fleeing in terror.' Jor-El stood up and looked out over the fields. 'An in the end it's no different than what is out there. People make their choices and live by them, parents worry for their children and everyone had their own problems.'

Chloe stood next to him. 'The answers not out there but down here?'

He smiled a sad little smile. 'The search for answers is more important than finding them. Look for the questions, every one has their own solutions.'

'Deep and corny, your definitely a dad.'

Jor-El hung his head. 'I am Kal-El's father. Jonathan Kent has the honour of being a dad.' turning to her his expression was torn. 'Now there is something I must know. Kryptonian's have some, limited, mental abilities.'

'You you can read peoples thoughts?'

'No, not quite read. We can project thoughts and memories. Kryptonians also have sort range telekinetic powers. Over the years my bloodline has grown more powerful. Kal-El's mother's family was the same, though the Females of my people are far more skilled and have pyrokinetic abilities.'

Chloe gulped and rocked back on her heels; 'You can move things with your mind and women can set things on fire?'

'That is what I just said. It was theorised that by the mixing of the two bloodlines Kal-El could do more than any other before him.'

'So why haven't I seen him float a pencil or set fire to...? Scratch that last one because of the Eye thing.'

'It requires focus of the mind to the task at hand. Would you be ready to share some of my memories?'

End chapter 3