To Dean's relief, Sarah stirs slightly in her sleep and then slowly opens up two very tired eyes

Sarah: "mhean?"

Dean: "Huh? Sarah, are you ok?"

Sarah tries to sit up, but feels dizzy.

Dean: "Hey, hey . . . just take it easy ok? I'm gonna call Sam, and we're gonna get you outta here. Find you a better place to relax." he was remembering the spell and her blood loss and was attributing it to that.

Sarah: "Sam? He's ok?" Her eyes glinting with relief.

Dean: Smiles "Yeah . . . he's fine." Pulls out his phone and calls Sam to let him know he'd found Sarah.

Later that night, Dean and Sam were back at their motel. Sarah was laying on one of the beds. They'd wanted to keep her close in case there were any side effects of the spell.

Sam: "I still can't believe you let her do that Dean!"

Dean: "Well forgive me for not being able to change her mind Sam! Besides, she was doing this for you . . . she knew that what happened to me would eventually happen to you . . . and she was trying to prevent that. She loves you Sam . . . and personally, right now I don't think you deserve it."

Sam: "Oh don't you even give me any of that attitude, Dean . . . I'm sick of it."

Dean: "I don't give a damn what you're sick of Sam! I'm sick of sitting around watching you NEVER call her . . . are you trying to win the award for worlds biggestjerk Sam?"

Sam opens his mouth to respond, but catches movement out of the corner of his eye. "Sarah . . ." He walks over and sits on the edge of the bed. "Hey . . . how are you feeling?"

Sarah sits up a little and smiles at Sam. "I'm fine Sammy . . . really . . . but how are you? You're ok?"

Sam: Smiles "I'm fine Sarah. I . . . I really appreciate everything you did. I don't think we would have made it through this one without you . . ."

Sarah: "I did for a selfish reason though. I just wanted the real Sam back . . ." blushes slightly.

Sam: Smiles and brushes a loose strand of hair out of her face. "I'm really glad you did . . ." He leans forward and gives her a gentle kiss, fully aware that Deans in the room, but not caring at the moment.

Sarah gratefully leans into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Dean gives them a few minutes before clearing his throat . . . loudly . . .

Sarah: Pulls back from Sam "Umm . . . I guess I should go now . . . I'm really feeling a lot better, I don't think anything bad is gonna happen."

Sam: "Let me drive you home . . . it's the least I could do . . ."

Sarah: Smiles "I'd like that."

Before Sam can even ask, the Impala keys are flying through the air at him. He catches them and gives Dean a grateful glance before standing up.

Sam helps Sarah up off the bed and starts walking toward the door. He opens it for Sarah and waits for her to go through before he starts to follow.

Dean: "Sam, wait . . ."

Sam stops and turns to face Dean, a quizzical expression on his face.

Dean: "The car's yours for the night . . . don't worry about getting back tonight if something uhh . . . happens . . ."A smirk threatening to play on his lips.

Sam can feel the blush starting to rise up his neck. "Uhh . . . thanks . . . I think . . ."

Dean: "Just go, Sammy . . ." Gives Sam a light shove out the door and laughs as he closes the door.

Dean listens through the door as the Impala roars to life and the steady hum of the engine fades into the distance and he smiles to himself. Everyone was safe and sound and still very much alive. Plus, he knew Sam and Sarah were perfect for each other. Even though it had meant losing the Impala for the night, Dean thought it was well worth it to give Sam that shove toward the possibility of normalcy.