A Wager of Love
Chapter One: A Request From a Friend

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Summary: What happens when a certain Hokage and a Kazekage make a little arrangement that sends Konoah's number one loudest ninja to Suna for a year, with a certain sand kunoichi as his escort? A Naruto Temari fanfic, because I love this pairing.

Naruto looked up towards his comrade and best friend as he told him to do everything he could to rescue Sakura and run, because he didn't want to lost another important friend. Disbelief filled those cerulean hues as they focused on a Uchiha Sasuke as they were located on the branch of a tree in the forest outside Konoahgakure. Their fight was with one similar towards the blonde ninja; however, those words had struck him with something ... inspiration or perhaps a complete realization to the situation. Everyone was doing their best to fight this battle, to protect everything and everyone that they held precious in their hearts. Standing up with a quiet set of determination and confidence, he scoffed slightly before starring up towards the other bearer of a demonic presence, Gaara.

"...I thought he was strong," was the first part of his speech filled with this newly acquired determination, as his fists began to clench at his sides in a way to control his emotions. As soon as he had spoken ;however, a surprised Sasuke would stare at his friend in complete astonishment, was Naruto actually thinking about going back up to try and hold his own against that psychopath, again? 'Is Naruto CRAZY?' There was no way Sasuke was going to risk losing his best friend and Sakura all because NAruto thought he was ready to fight. That is, until he heard the rest of the ninja's statement and recognized the determination lighting the clear of his eyes like a fire...but it was a rage of blue instead of red and orange dancing in the line of his Sharingan.

"...I thought he was strong at first, because he fought only for himself and for love of himself, but I was wrong... Being strong doesn't mean fighting for yourself, it's giving your all to protect something or someone important, then and only then do we have the strength to do anything." Naruto continued to lock that cold glare towards the partially intrigued Gaara, his thoughts moving back to the story that the red-haired male gave him in that hospital room. It infuriated him to think that something like that, that he let someone who believed being alive was only confirmed by murdering others let him scare him? He was Uzumaki Naruto, the one who'd outshine all previous Hokages, and he was frightened by someone who was just like him? "At first, I thought we were just alike...that is, until I realized something in your words Sasuke..."

A fox-like grin would be flashed towards the male as he glanced towards him, knowing well that his friend was relying on the cursed seal rather than his own abilities right now for strength. "...When you fight to protect something, you're fighting past your own limits, and ...like Gaara I have had no one look at me with any human decency except Iruka-Sensei and Kakashi-sensei. My childhood was something that will haunt me until the day I die, but, unlike me...YOU HAD A FAMILY!" For a split second, Gaara tensed as he debated that thought momentarily when the words had left Uzumaki's mouth and was about to protest to them, until he was cut off. "...It doesn't matter what your father did, what about your teammates, they're you're family too right? And you ...you just knocked your own sister out of the way just to get your high of off killing someone?" Naruto's anger was beginning to rise even more than it had initially as he glanced towards the side form the corner of his eye, viewing the sand kunoichi that was a silent spectator to the events.

'Naruto...' Sasuke had never seen the boy so intent to fight someone, so wound up to finish a battle with...an intent to kill. He knew better than anyone that Naruto couldn't kill the , thing...it...demon, that stood opposing them. 'Nothing I say will stop him now, and damn it, I expended too much chakra using this seal as a back up...I can't stop Naruto even if I tried to move..' Sasuke cursed himself mentally as he fell back to his feet, looking up to see Naruto's fist swirling with chakra in response towards his anger...he had the feeling the boy was about to do something more to amaze him, even if he hated to admit it. This fight was now in Naruto's hands...

At the same time as this, the sand kunoichi that took refuge towards the bottom half of the surrounding trees would have met those eyes briefly, and they caused her to flinch. They seemed to be confirming his statement as she tensed, thinking back to the times growing up with Gaara, and the murderous intent that her sibling harbored ever since he was little. She was able to control his emotions better than most, but, was this her and her families fault...or was the Uzumaki dunce correct in assuming that Gaara did have family that cared? Albeit, she was frightened of him more than anything in the world, but how would she feel if something by some miracle was able to kill or almost kill her baby brother?

Temari was a bit unsettled at this mental development or debate rather, that was roaming through her mind. Her thoughts were focused on the words that had left the younger nin's mouth moments ago, as she couldn't avert her gaze from those clear pools of blue. "..Uzumaki Naruto...eh? No matter...he still can't stop Gaara." She had to find a way to occupy her thoughts from the altering revelational speech, and would have succeeded too. If of course, Naruto would have simply ceased to talk at that point in time.

"...I never had a family, I don't even know what it's like to have the thought of a sister or a brother's affection, because I was always alone. I was outcast and despised, my existence seemed to only bring pain, but you... simply knocked your sister back and probably would have killed her. You, and the rest of the Sand ninjas came into our home and tried to destroy it..." Stopping, he smiled as he released the grip of his clenched fists and took his gaze from the vessel of the Shukaku's sister, to Gaara himself.

"I am UZUMAKI NARUTO, I have no one to protect or love but...BECAUSE OF THAT I'LL PROTECT EVERYONE!"

Eyes form all directions would come to rest on the boy as he declared that to the world, thoughts forming in the very core of all witnesses hearts and minds. Sasuke could only blink before smirking slightly, his head falling to the side as he mumbled something towards the blonde. "...Show off.." Temari stood there unchanged by this statement, until it hit her entirely. 'I'm apart of everyone too...'

Gaara could only smirk, those aquamarine hues starring hungrily at the new resolve Uzumaki held, because that would make it all the sweeter when he tasted his blood. However, there was a surprise that was more than what the Shukaku vessel had anticipated, as he noticed the hand seals the boy was using. 'His Kage Bushin no Jutsu, so what if he makes a few clones...Uzumaki, they won't be able to save you.' Gaara could have only imagined how wrong a few clones were in estimation, as suddenly a set of thousands of Naruto's began to occupy the treetops in every corner that the ninjas could have hoped to occupy.

"N-n..nani?" Sasuke could only stare with his mouth agape, never in his life seeing a replication of such magnitude being performed with such ease. Who, was this kid that stood before him? It couldn't have been Naruto, there's no way he could have improved that much in only a month's time is there? Then again, as he witnessed the Naruto Two-Thousand hit combo...he could only assume that he was insane to believe it was all true...

Temari watched in disbelief as Naruto assaulted her brother, and actually managed to damage him! This was something that up until now had been achieved by the Uchiha, but even he couldn't have hurt Gaara more than a small flesh wound at the time. For once in her life, she saw the blood lust in her brother's eyes (even at a great distance for her own safety) reach a new level of desire. He found that blond haired idiot, though she admit he was more skilled than he appeared to be, a worthy enough challenge for the true form of the Shukaku! "..He..he released it...the true form of that, the demon inside of Gaara!"

'We're all dead,' she thought as she watched the ongoing fight now between her brother and Naruto, who was championed by a summoning jutsu...the frog boss himself! Where could have the number one most disappointing ninja have learned to pull that one off, yet alone, hope to defeat Gaara? The battle cry for his opponent's name caused her to hold on to the tree she was stationed in, trying to ignore the ecstatic, "Uzuuumaaaaki Narrruuutooo!" Temari couldn't believe the determination she witnessed and the completion of what she felt was an impossible feat, the defeat of her little brother and the demon within him! "...Was Gaara also, one of the people he wanted to protect?"

Naruto was running up the head of the Shukaku beast, as his fist would be jammed right into Gaara's jaw. Successfully awakening the sleeping boy, thus disabling the true strength of the demonized racoon. Everyone had been watching him, because this was his battle, he was the only one who stood a chance against Gaara...mostly because of his training with Ero-sennin but more importantly that he too had a demon sealed within him. He refused to acknowledge any type of defeat, and was most thankful for the Frog Boss making him his official subordinate due to the fact that it would have been impossible to land this strike in the first place without it. '...They're all watching me now, like they did then,' and soon flashbacks of the past moments flew into his mind and line of vision.

After Naruto had declared that he would protect everyone, because he had no one, he began to form the hand seals for his Kage Bushin no Jutsu. He was expecting a good number, but even he was surprised at the thousands of complete shadow replications he had created, but now wasn't the time to revel in his accomplishment. Immediately he, counting every single Naruto that the eye could see, charged the mentally insane Gaara. They assaulted him with a series of punches and kicks that he dubbed as the, "Naruto Two-Thousand Hit Combo," knocking the boy back and disabling some usage of his sand.

It was then that he had to keep track, though the taste for the attack was less than appropriate. The , "thousand years of Pain," that Kakashi had done to him during the bell test was issued with the combination of an exploding tag. "HAH!" Even after Naruto had struck the area right underneath the tail, nothing seemed to happen for approximately a good minute...having blown both Garra and himself back. Gara ;however, was suffering from the loss of sand that held up his demonic attributes.

'I didn't expect him to attack there...' Gaara was beginning to enjoy this battle even more than his bout with the Uchiha, as Naruto seemed to be full of surprises that kept his confirmation for existence burning with renewed vigor after each attack. He hadn't expected he would have to result to using the full transformation in this destruction plan initiated by his country, but it was worth it to see how Uzumaki would react. At least, that was how he reasoned having his body be the starting point for a rising Racoon made of pure sand taking up a destructive amount of the forested area. "Uzzzzzzzzzzzzuuumaaaaki Narrrrrrrrruuuuutoo!"

Well this was something Naruto didn't expect right off hand, but he was all ready on his way to roll with the punches as he took a bit of blood onto his fingers and smirked. 'Now, I'll get to show off my new move, I be Sasuke wil be jealous! Wait, no time for that I have to save Sakura-chan, protect Sasuke, and...even that girl umm Temari whatever, the sand lady!' "Summoning Technique!" With that said and the blood price for the jutsu paid for, Naruto found himself standing quite smugly atop the Boss Frog's head as he looked across towards Gaara who was mounted inside, yet atop the Shukaku's head.

That was as far as his momentary flashback was given to him, as he soon noticed that the Frog Boss' tounge was wrapped around him and protecting him from sand outside his body. But, what about the sand that was starting to get him from underneath? Crap..cra crap..what do I..wait, that stupid fox!' Naruto didn't have time to think about it twice, as he demanded the kyuubi give him some of his chakra. After all, if Naruto died, so did the greater demon as well.

From here, the rest is pretty much easy to discern. Gaara was defeated and changed by the mind set and will of Naruto, who in turn was severely drained and battered up during the fight. Both were taken back by their respective team mates, the fighting was over...but the thoughts that lingered in it wake were not.

Temari was on the other side fo Kankuro, carrying Gaara from under the shoulders as they traveled through the trees. All she was able to see, or identify was that Naruto had managed to defeat her brother and dispel the Shukaku transformation...and then, they had a final exchange of punches atop the trees in which both were lost for a time. She and her brother found their sibling beaten and terrified by the crawling blonde, and she herself was frightened with the fact Gaara lost. Of course, the kunoichi kept this to herself until she heard the one line that forever changed her life (aside form Naruto's declaration to protect everyone). "Temari...Kankuro, I'm sorry."

Their brother had apologized, to them after that battle.

She fathomed that something was said between the two that had altered Gaara's person, and the defeat to the most unthinkable ninja in the world might have been another factor two it. Right now, the only thing that mattered was getting Gaara to safety...she could thank Uzumaki later.

Approximately two and a half years later.

Sitting within the Shinobi village of Konoahgakure, the Hidden Leaf Village, an overly bored boy would be found devouring his fourteenth bowl of ramen from the Ichiraku Ramen Stand. "Was it good," asked the old man behind the counter as he was already working on his favorite customer's fifteenth bowl of miso pork ramen. Those rich hues of blue would look up immediately from the bowl, adding an innocent taste to the blonde ninja, as he replied with energy. "YEAH! MORE RAMMMMEN!" It was the same reply issued over and over for the last ten minutes.

Uzumaki Naruto, the number one loudest ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, was enjoying the beginning part of his day with glee. Usually, when nothing happened it caused him to become bored and a bit agitated; however, just knowing that later during the day he'd be called on to complete his A-Rank mission was enough to keep his spirits high. Before Naruto could dwell more on the vague mission that Kakashi-sensei informed him about earlier, another bowl of ramen was placed before him as he turned to completely decimate the unsuspecting food. The owner of the Ichiraku Ramen stand could only smile and shake his head passively, 'Well that's our number one best customer for you.'

Meanwhile, in the office of the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade was referring to a packet that held detailed information on a mission request document. Sighing, she would turn to lie back in her chair hoping desperately to have a drink and be rid of this paperwork. It wasn't that she disliked her job; however, the paperwork was hell. Tsunade would simply smirk as her assistant Shizune happened to walk through the door of her office and tossed her the packet. "Tell me what it says, Shizune."

'Hmm, I wonder what else I should do before the secret mission Kakashi-sensei was talking about starts?' The boy would be walking down the busy streets of the village, the cold stares placed on him by the majority of the village went mostly ignored since he came to find that now he has people that care...the rest can go to hell. Naruto smirked as he decided to check on Sakura-chan and see how she was doing, yet at the moment he decided to run off, with a poof of a smirk a jounin stood infront of him. "Yo." Naruto stopped immediately, jumping back some at the sudden appearance, but could only help to reply.. "Kakashi-SENSEI!"

The gray-haired jounin would smirk underneath his mask, not that anyone could tell directly, but the movement of his eye indicated he was at least attempting to smile or something right? "Hello Naruto, I assume that you're ready to hear about your mission?" The youthful ninja smirked, his finger being moved directly underneath his nose in a cocky gesture. "You bet, Kakashi-sensei! So, umm . . . what exactly is this mission about?" The older male smirked underneath his mask while feigning ignorance to the details of this event, while leading his pupil toward the tower of the requested Hokage.

He followed the steps of his instructor with complete obedience, and upon entering the office of Konoahgakure's Hokage did what he felt was necessary. "HIIIII OBAA-CHAN!" This was responded by a twitch and growled wording from Tsunade, "I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!" Naruto only smirked before shrugging, "Anyway Obaa-chan, what's this A-Rank mission you have for the future Hokage?" She sighed, watching his eagerness caused a slight smirk to come to play as Tsunade decided she'd play on Naruto's ego for a moment.

"...Well Naruto-kun, before I tell you what the mission details, let me explain to you why you're the best fit for this job and why you'll be working alone." Tsunade purposely stressed the last word to gain the younger ninja's attention completely. He was dependable for missions involving teamwork; however, Naruto rarely had to ever conceive the notion of performing a solo-mission at the level of Genin (even with the act that he could probably be considered Jounin level all ready). Naruto could only look at her with curiosity, those eyes becoming mere slants as he debated himself the reasons why he would be sent on a solo-mission...knowing that he worked best with Sakura-chan and Kakashi-sensei. "Well Obaa-chan, spill it all ready why am I the best fit for this mission besides the fact I'm the number one ninja in the village!"

It was during this time that the silent spectator, Kakashi, interrupted Naruto's comment. "The number one loudest and surprising ninja to be sure." The blonde simply scoffed, folding his arms over his chest while his head moved to be stuck up in the air. "Yeah yeah, so I've been told." Tsunade couldn't help but place a stifled giggle at these antics, before remembering the details she were about to divulge to Naruto.

"During the time of the Third Hokage, our current allies from Suna, mainly their current Kazekage Gaara , you were able to defeat and in turn alter his way of proving his existence. It is in this fact Naruto-kun, after the mission to retrieve Gaara that the friendship between the both of you was acknowledge in the eyes of current witness parties from both sides." Tsunade paused for a moment, hoping to see whether or not the boy was able to catch on from this point. He did after all have exponentional growth in the company of that pervert Jiraiya. The boy would take a moment to look at his older sibling like figure, before thinking hard on what she was telling him. Obviously whatever this mission was, it had to do with his friendship with Gaara; therefore, he could assume he might have to go to the Hidden Village of Sand?

"Ehh, Tsunade-baa-chan, since basically what you're telling me revolves around Gaara ...I guess that means that this Super A-Rank mission is a request from the Kazekage himself?" A hand would move to stroke his chin briefly, as Naruto glanced at the Hokage with slight intrigue...or maybe it was a complete loss of insight? However, our favorite ninja was not immediately answered by Tsunade, but Kakashi instead. "...Well, it seems even Naruto has learned to state the obvious." Of course this attempt to push Naruto's buttons worked, but not as well as it would have say maybe two and a half years ago.

"WHHHHAT! I DO JUST FINE STATING THINGS KAKASHI-SENSEI!" The boy seemed to find himself growling the last remark while both adult figures took a minor laugh at his expense. Sometimes it was still too good not to pass up on a chance to embarrass or degrade their younger affiliate. "Anyway," began Tsunade, "yes this is a direct request from the current Kazekage and be met to the letter since he was so vehement on this arrangement..." This immediately caught Naruto's attention due to one simply fact, and that was Gaara wasn't passionate about anything that he could ever tell!

Those cerulean hues would turn to widen in apparent shock that Gaara's name and any word relating to passionate or emotions in general could fit into the same sentence. He did admit that his friend was indeed getting better at socializing and acceptance, but to be passionate about signing Naruto up for a mission? "So, Gaara wants me to do something for him...okay well, I never let any of my precious people down so I promise to do it no matter what it takes!" As he spoke those words, his trademark of a fox-like smirk would dart his face pleasantly...making him look childish but in an adorable manner. It was those words, with her own smirk and mental check, that Tsunade wanted to hear.

"Good, then let me go ahead and inform you about what the mission actually is then, Naruto-kun." When did she start using the kun honorific instead of her more adoring term 'brat', she had no idea...but playing on his ego was quite entertaining (even if she meant the politeness). "As a sign of good relations between Sand and Leaf, we needed to send someone to live in Suna and assist the Kazekage directly for about a year or so...and as you guessed, he chose no one other than his dearest friend, Naruto-kun." 'And maybe because we've arranged a sort of surprise to ensure two unsuspecting peoples happiness, while keeping good relations, heh I'm good.'

The silent Jounin smiled as he turned to disappear in a poof, having seen the desired reaction from his former pupil, having accomplished his own personal mission. 'Well kid, good luck...you're gonna need it.' It was about the time of that single thought, that the youthful blonde's mouth was slowly starting to close after his jaw dropped intensely. He was supposed to leave Konoah, the village that had come to be his home and future residence of power once he became Hokage, for a year? "..Baa-chan, ARE YOU SERIOUS?"

'I can't do this...no, I can't just leave everyone for another year...I just can't...' Naruto thought to himself before hearing a rather familiar and annoying voice all at once.

'Well kit, you've got no choice since you stated that you promised to do it no matter what for your "precious people". Not going back on our word now are we, kit?' The kyuubi wore a painfully smug expression, knowing that his vessel would commit himself to this regardless. 'Who know, you may even enjoy yourself in Suna.

'Shut-up kitsune-teme, I never go back on my word baka! ...But still, I just got back from my training trip with Jiraiya and we still haven't found Sasuke yet.' Naruto was abruptly seized by a newly established depression, for if he left Konoahgakure for another year...wouldn't Sasuke have become Orochimaru's vessel?

Tsunade took notice to the boy's obviously depressed appearance and offered a knowing smirk, as well as a slight flicker in those red hues. " Our reports and those of our allies in Sand have confirmed that Orochimaru and Sasuke have been operating in Wind Country for some time after your last encounter with him, Naruto-kun." 'It kills him to think about the Uchiha boy becoming Orochimaru's vessel,' she thought before seeing his newly vigorous form standing infront of her with pure determination within his eyes. "If there's a chance to bring back Sasuke by going to Sand, then I'm definitely going!" Tsunade could only smile before dismissing him, telling him to go prepare for this departure.

Okay,' thought NAruto as he was packing his belongings into a pack, 'since I'm going to be gone for awhile I should probably fill my frog wallet and see that someone can umm pay the old man for the ramen I usually eat while I'll be gone, and then I say good-bye to everyone!' Just as he had began the approval of this plan, the Kyuubi's voice would echo from the far reaches of Naruto's mind.

'Well kit, maybe you should do all of the above, but perhaps you should think your details out a bit more carefully. You might be overlooking some things.'

'Yeah, and what exactly might that be you stupid fox1?' Questioned by the Kyuubi, Naruto began to re-analyzed his plan thoroughly...only to find nothing in flaw. 'Psshhtt. I don't see anything missing or overlooked at all you baka kitsune!'

If the Kyuubi had not accepted his sealing within the boy and Naruto as an extension of himself, he would have allowed the blonde shinobi in wonderment. 'Well for starters kit, you're going to the Hidden Village of Sand and you're packing nothing but ramen and a ridiculous amount of Orange and black jump suits...it's a desert area kit...you need to dress accordingly. I'm sure you need more of your ninja weapons and perhaps other things of your interests as well.'

Naruto thought about the words the Kyuubi had instilled to him mentally and sighed, hating the fact that the baka kitsune was right as he looked to see his traveling pack consisted nothing of, black-orange jump suits and ramen packages. "Awwww...that means I have to go shopping now!"

Around five that afternoon, Naruto had completed all errands that he needed to before his mission was to begin. After drawing a sufficient amount of funds from the bank, the teen immediately proceeded to purchase clothing, kunai, explosive tags, a soldier pill or two, a medical kit (on the suggestion that he learn to be able to treat his comrades wounds ), and a sketch pad for his newly developed taste in drawing. He had managed to convince Sakura to draw from his bank account and pay for fifteen bowls of ramen a day, and saying good-bye to everyone was easier than he thought. "Great," stated an overly pleased Uzumaki as he strutted to his apartment home to finish packing. Well that was his intent, at least until he noticed a note that was placed on his door instructing him to the Hokage's Tower A.S.A.P.

Elsewhere, a purely attractive kunoichi would be seen standing in the presence of the Hokage and her personal attended, Shizune. The tone of her hair held the golden-lure of pure desert sand, while her fair complexion was made focused by the complimenting lavender kimono. A forehead protector that was worn more or less like a necklace (or bandana wrapped around one's neck) with the Sand insignia and the rough smirk were more than enough to identify the young woman instantly.

"Ahh Temari, I was informed that you'd be coming to pick up the little package for your brother?" Tsunade would look towards the younger kunoichi with a slight smirk, her mind coming across rather amusing notions as she awaited a reply patiently. Temari, would simply nod after giving a respectful bow to the Hokage of Konoahgakure. "My work as the liaison between our two villages made me the ideal target to pick up Naruto, my brother would not allow anyone else this mission."

It was true that it was simply easier for her to pick up and escort Naruto to the Hidden Village of Sand, but she felt there was something more to it on Gaara's adamant instructions that she be the one, and only she. Temari blinked slightly, as she heard a voice next to the Hokage's ask a simple question. "How are things with you and Shikimaru?" Those silver hues would move to rest on Shizune as her arms folded over her chest, thinking about how many times she'd be ask this question, and how many times she'd hate her answer. "...There is nothing with Shikimaru..."

Shizune would frown momentarily as she realized she had touched a subject that most likely had been dealt with beforehand, but was still agitating for the Sand-nin. Nodding, she glanced towards Tsunade with a slight smile as the Sannin decided to inquire Temari somewhat.

"So then Temari," Tsunade began, "what do you think of Naruto?"

The question was so, unexpected, that the composed young woman was unable to hide her shock to its origin. Raising a brow, she withheld a rising blush. "Why do you ask, Hokage-sama?"

Meanwhile, Naruto had just got passed two pesky ANBU members that were being an ass towards him. True, they normally treated him with respect especially now, but there were still those who rejected the vessel of the Kyuubi wholeheartedly. A single Rasengan to them both was enough to knock a little sense into the two, after all he was being trained by Jiraiya to take on who he needed to later in life, and made his way to the office of the Hokage's a few moments after all this transpired. It was quiet in there as he opened the door seconds after a statement that muffled no particular interest in the male. "Hiiiiiiii Obbaaa-chaaaaaaaaan.."

Before Tsunade could great him, those blue eyes were drawn to see a fairly attractive young woman with a slender frame and curves. A soft blush crossed his face, wondering who the beautiful lady was until he noted a familiar facial expression, hair, and...forehead protector. "TEMARI?" He was greeted by a simple nod and a slight wave, "Konnichiwa Naruto."

The boy ran up to give the older kunoichi a hug, but seemed to trip on his feet... effectively tackling Temari as he fell. The two landed in a rather uncomfortable position, Naruto's face planted along Temari's chest while his arms held her body pinned underneath her own. Temari's legs seemed to just wrap around the male's waist as her body arched, looking at him with a hard drawn breath, and blush..


Though the thought entered her mind, neither Temari or Naruto had decided to leave their rather awkward position as in fact, they both enjoyed their sexual positions...that is until the stifled laughter of Tsunade and Shizune rallied Naruto to get up and offer his hand to help Temari up. "Temari, I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaallllly sorry, I was trying to give you a hug and I tripped and I- I'm sorry!"

Naruto blushed furiously as he helped her up, knowing that it was an accident and that he didn't mean anything perverted. Oh lord how he prayed that she didn't take it up that way or he was dead...and it was about that time that the Kyuubi decided to interfere with his thoughts.

'Well kit, I never thought you had it in you...to go after her like that. Hmm, I guesss you were just lussssssssssssssssting for her a bit too much you just had to pin her down and see what she felt like. Hmm, maybe you can..'

"Shut up you perverted fox!" Naruto growled as he replied towards the Kyuubi's perverted comments about Temari's body, the blush on his face deepening to a crimson color as he thought about them then froze. Uh-oh... "I mean..."

Temari glanced at him as he helped her up, the apologetic look in his eyes caused her to assume and trust that he was not being a pervert with that action...but had really tripped on his own feet. She sighed as she wondered why she had not pushed him off earlier, and was about to dismiss this as another mild accidentally case, until he uttered the words about a perverted fox. Temari knew that the Kyuubi was sealed within him, and perhaps just perhaps, it was egging him on in a perverted manner? "...NA-RU-TO!" She growled his name while looking at him with a rather fierce intent to kill, as her fist slammed the poor boy into the wall of the Hokage's office. "Pervert..."

About an hour and a half later, NAruto would spring into consciousness and whine." Ugh..." Tsunade would look down to him with a slight sigh before turning her head to face Temari. "I doubt you'll be leaving to escort Naruto to Suna today so I'll arrange a hotel for you to stay in until you both depart tomorrow." The moment our number one friendliest ninja heard this he simply stated form no where, "Noooo! She can stay at my place, I have a guest room that hasn't been used before and I'd feel bad if Temari had to go sleep at a hotel because umm.. I got knocked out for umm...that stupid fox..." He blushed and sighed.

Tsunade was about to imply that Temari stay at Naruto next, but t seemed that he beat her to it and that was all the better for her own personal agenda. Glancing towards the Sand-nin, she smiled and questioned her to the comfort of that arrangement. "Temari, how do you feel on this?" As soon as the kunoichi didn't give a instant remark of displeasure, Tsunade dismissed them from her office immediately. "Good good, now get going."

Elsewhere, the Kazekage Gaara, would be in his office reviewing a document that had been sent to him from Konoah a week prior. He simply still found enjoyment in reviewing it from time to time.

"Dear Kazekage-sama,

About the details of Naruto's stay in Suna, I'd like to highlight some future hopes by extending his week long visit to that of a year's detail, and perhaps if you accept this request we can make a little wager hmm? If you win we'll allow you to make Naruto a permanent Sand-nin as you requested;however..."

Gaara found himself starring at the page as he continued to skim down the rest of the details, curious to see how this works out himself. The thought of making his only, and best friend, a part of his Village as a ninja was more than enough to lure the Kazekage's approval. "Hokage-sama, requests strange ideals."

Author Notes: Okay so I edited the fight scene between Gaara and Naruto a little bit, but that will have some importance at a later date in this fan fic. Primarily this is a Naruto x Temari fandom and I intend to keep it that way. My spelling on some of the locations and jutsus may be off but forgive me on this as it is my first attempt at a fanfic in general, much less a Naruto one. Read and Review, .