Title: A Wager of Love VI

Chapter 6: Suna Nights: Ashiteru my Sweet One


Kyuubi: Is my brat about to get laid?

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It had been hours since the moment those words echoed through the vast expanse of desert seas, and those hours seemed to be nothing more than an eternity of worry and grief for the young woman as she waited patiently outside the door of the operating room in Sunagakure. Concern was seen woven into the delicate beauty of her face as well as her eyes, her figure could be seen pacing to and fro inside the insanely white colored hallway, and a sigh of frustration and despair creeped from those thin lips. Yes, Subaku no Temari was as calm as she could be knowing that her koibito (boyfriend) could be dieing on the operating table at that very instant? Dieing...could she bare to consider her grinning idiot, her dear fox-like boy lost to her so soon after affirming affection and desire for him? "...Naruto-kun..."

She knew she should be happy that her brother had planned some sort of welcoming committee to greet them at the border exhchange, which he happened to lead personally, or else...the worse would have been the ultimate truth. If Gaara had not been there to deter and trap that pale-snake of a man, then both Temari and Naruto would be dead, and the younger of the lovely couple would not be under the proper medical attention to save his life. 'Damnit...what if something's gone wrong...what if...what if we didn't make it in time? Haha...Naruto-kun would be ashamed if he knew I even considered him lost before he became Hokage...' A slight smile came with that thought because it renewed the compusure and hope, no understanding that the boy behind that door in which was mocking her loving concern barred her entrance, was being treated. Sighing, those pale rose lipes would form a soft pout as her hands came to rest at her hips in anxiety...for even if she believed that Naruto would bounce back from this horrible assualt...there was the lingering doubt, the pain in knowing she wasn't able to do anything more for her lover and it hurt worst than anything the young woman had experienced in her life.

'Maybe I am weak...I..I couldn't do anything to help him...the only thing I could do was ..was...' Temari came to a halt in her pacing ways and glanced out a window, a simple little view of the shinobi village hidden in the sand reminded her of her shinobi heritage...and why she was a fool for bashing herself so readily. 'No. I did what needed to be done, and because of that I was able to make sure Naruto-kun was received and placed under the care of an appropriately qualified medical ninja...when did I get so so...'

'Emotionally attached and unstable? Simple, the moment you got someone to love Temari. Hmm, though it seems you're going to have to wait a little bit to bed your little Naruto-kuuuun. Wouldn't want his lung to collapse while your lusting over his body and feeling him...hmm, getting a little aroused aren't we?' The blond found herself the victim of her perverted inner voice once again as the scarlet hue burned against her cheeks, making it look as if she was deeply embaressed or coming down with some sort of random fever. 'Would you shut up long enough for me to even worry properly about him damnit! When, did my mind become such a pervert..wait, no don't tell me again, I just never had the oppurtunity to realize how perverted you were before...now can it!' Out of nowhere, a hand of sand would manifest and rest along the kunoichi's shoulders and caused her to turn around with a slightly surprised look in her eye. "Oh, Gaara...what are you doing here and...in your... 'office' clothes no less?"

The Godaime Kazekage, Sabaku no Gaara, had entered the hosptial's suergery ward to check on the status of his friend and the emotional state of his sister Temari. One arrival, he noticed his sibling, the one who was always so collected, slightly arrogant, proud, and calm...pacing around in a nervous and concerned mess. He, having just started to feel the variety of impulses that others called emotions, felt a deep saddness within his somewhat less demented form at this spectacle. 'Hmm...it does seem nee-chan's fallen for him...perhaps Hokage-sama's wager will have a few unexpected terms following it...' Perhaps he should get her attnetion?

From a distance the youngest of Suna's finest would create a rather comforting arm of sand, sending it to plant it's 'hand' along his sister's shoulder. It was almost worth smirling over in that demented manner that showed Gaara was in a rather pleased mood;however, with the fact she was unaware of his presence until that little gesture...even he knew when to be more respectful than usual. '...What's wrong with my work clothes...' In all honesty, Gaara believed he was utilizing those intrsuments of comfortable footies to their extreme as he blinked softly, those aquamarine hues starring blankly at his elderst sibling. "Is there something wrong with these clothes, Temari?"

Temari found herself blinking with an absent look and all thoughts cast aside at her brothers, well, unusual taste in working clothes. Since the Shukaku prevented the boy from ever getting a wink of sleep, he decided to wear his pajamas ashis official 'work clothes' so to speak. Her eyes watched as the light brown, slightly grayed racoon sleeping suit was tightly pulled over the boys body...and it made her almost want to smile seeing her otouto dressed the way he was. "No, but...I didn't think you'd wear them here to at the hospital...are, you hear to see Naruto-kun too?" When he nodded, a slight relief washed over her somewhat since now she wouldn't be alone waiting for them to let her in; and yet, the thought of Naruto being greeted when he came to by anyone else, even if they were with her, was unsettling to her nerves.

While the two were engaged, the medic-nin who was supervising the operation on Naruto's heart and lung opened the door to the boy's room with a rather pleasant, yet serious tone expected from the resident of the hard ridden land. "Excuse me, Kazekage-sama, Temari-sama...but the boy's surgery was a success and he should be coming to any minute along with the rapid regeneration of his...guest." Earlier when the pair had brought the boy to him, yes this medic-nin was a guy, it seemed the boy should have been dead on the arrival;however, it being explained that a demonic pressence resided in the boy as well like his leader, it was more than plausable to give proper medical procedure. "Even with the recouperative abilities this one has, it might be wise to hold your voices-hmm? Kazekage-sama? Temar-sama?" It seemed the individual spent his time talking so much that he didn't even notice the two storm past and enter the room, the blonde pulling herself to sit gracefully on the side of her sleeping lover...while Gaara sported a nonchalant pose along the nearest wall.

Temari, ignoring the fact that Gaara was present, foundherself starring down affectionately at the bandaged blond. His hair was a mess, and the many bandages present over his forehead, chest, and various places along his body were a testament to the backlash of his and Sauske's power...as well as the fateful blow by that deranged sannin. 'Naruto-kun...seems...almost...peaceful...like an...angel...sorta...if those stupid things exist...'

'Hey, he called you one so maybe they do...but I'd say you're more of a horny devil just waiting to either get controlled by or dominate your little ninja there...mmmm, still having all these sexual urges and he's knocked out! Shaaame, though I'm sure you could make it up to him with a little...flesh therapy Temari...haha.' Temari's inner pervert seemed to display itself mentally at the most inoppurtune moments for her, and this time, though it may have been somewhat true...she completely ignored the said thoughts. A hand moved to cup the resting boy's cheek as she began to stroke it affectionately. That is, until an uncharacteristic snickering sound could be heard from her brother...causing her to look up with curiousity. "What?"

Aquamarine slants of a browless male would glance up to meet those curious orbs and once again, Gaara snickered. It was so awkward, and amusing to see how gentle the rough woman could be when it came to the well-being of her man...or maybe it was because she finally had someone they both felt would be her 'one' that she was soo...different. "Nothing, nee-chan, but I never thought I'd see the day 'you' were gentle...heheh..." When he noticed her anger and quick returns of rather colordul language, the Kazekage could only smirk as he watched her revert back to this caring and loving individual who had kidnapped his sister. ..Though...he wasn't surprised at the least. 'Uzumaki...you just have that effect on people...don't you?'

After scolding her little brother with a rather color arsenal of word choice, the desert rose would shed her thorns and become a thing of gentle representation once more. Leaning closer toward the boy's face, she studied it for awhilebefore closing the distance and awarding her sleeping boy a soft and gentle kiss...and to satisfaction and surprise, it was returned...


There was nothing but darkness and it was beginning to become very annoying. Naruto could not determine whether he was absent of his life and standing in the very abyss that was death, or simply lost somewher in the more shadowy regions of his mind. Either way, the shinobi wanted out because he could feel it...an unspoken desire for him to return was being emitted by his Temari-chan...and he'd be damned if he had her waiting long! 'I'm not dead damnit, I can't be dead...hell...I REFUSE TO BE DEAD UNTIL I'M EITHER HOKAGE OR MARRIED!' Even though this was replied by nothing save the echoing effects of his own 'voice,' the blond found himself running through the darkness...in which there was a small speck of light that seemed to appear out fo nowhere.

He could hear it. The many taunts of his past and it seemed now that the darkness was a tangible aspect clinging to his body in an attempt to slow him down, prevent him from reaching the light at the end of this dismal world...err, part of his mind. Tears and curses, from the many times he had his heart broken by his former crush Sakura...to the betrayl that stung his heart during Sasuke's defection. He could see it.

'Naruto, I'm not going out with you already!" -Sakura

'...Dobe...once a dead last always a dead last..." -Sasuke

'...DEMON!' -Random Villager

Those voices rang loudly throughout his head; however, they only fueled his determination to continue pressing forward. When it came down to it, it was always Naruto's ability to keep moving on even when things were ultimately the most horrible of circumstances that befell him. He didn't need to go out with Sakura because now he was entagled in the game of love with Temari. He was no longer a dead last, having learned the fourth's signature attack and even trained under Jiraiya long enough to rival Sasuke's strength once again. And for the last time...he was not a demon, he never was.

The boy was unsure why he hadn't noticed the kunoichi as someone he could love earlier in his life, considering that she was someone who seemed to have some decent respect for his existence. Well, then again, until now...he had barely even known her or rather of the fact she existed until the two and ahalf years prior. Fate was interesting, yet cruel. It was like waking up one day from a horrible nightmare and suddenly finding out that you could have everything your heart's ever desired, and for Naruto, that was simply respect and love. All of which he received from his girlfriend. Well, it was the unspoken agreement of being boyfriend and girlfriend, but at least they both knew they loved each other.

Somehow, in the void that seemed to decrease as he moved closer toward the aspect of light...there was a warmth that started to overcome the youth. It made him feel secure, loved, accepted, and more. Just thinking about Temari and this newly found warmth pushed his mental state to fight...to refuse the worst possible outcome and free himself from the bondage of his own mind. That's when it happened...those eyes suddenly opened and the warmth was understood to be the heat radiated by the close proximity of a certain Sand-nin's body, and the liplock she placed him in. '...Temari-chan...' What better way to be greeted when slipping from the bounds of darkness to that of coherent consciousness...simple, he eagerly returned the gentle pressure of her lips with his own.

Their kiss was something between a state of euphoria and a culinary tasting course. It left him with nothing but a builiding happiness and longing to exercise the right of their teenage hormones, and at the same time, he could taste her through this exchange. She oddly enough tasted like vanillia and jasmine, whatever jasmine was. Naruto found himself sitting up slowly, Temari's position adjusting with his so that she was now completely over him in a rather innocent 'all four' type predicament, and the boy was holding his arms around her back and his lips connected with hers until the pair needed air. "Wow, that was one hell of a wake-up call Temari-chan." Flashing off a fox-like grin, the boy decided to up the ante with a playful lick sliding up his lover's cheek...successfully causing her to blush, and Gaara to grunt.

"Hmm...Gaara...oh shit!"


It wasn't that he didn't mind seeing his best friend and his sister happy together, but after a certain point it was just plain hurtful to endure. Gaara wanted to gorge his eyes out to ensure that he was not witness to his sister having sex, no, that would have been a fate worse than death...and perhaps being the container for a one-tailed raccoon demon. "Ahem...relax Uzumaki, I'm not going to kill you, unless you hurt her..."

A mild blush crossed over the boy's cheeks as he came to noticed a certain Sand sibling having watched his, affectionate reunion with Temari so to speak. Of course, hew as more that positive that Gaara would without a doubt smite him if for some unforseen reason he ever did manage to hurt Temari...friend or not. However, the bead of sweat running down his forehead from fear passed as he noticed that Gaara was...standing there in his pajamas? 'Umm...why is the guy who doesn't sleep wearing racoon pajamas?' "Haha...oh man this has got to be a dre- wait, why are you wearing raccoon pajams?" Maybe he should habe held his laughter in just a few seconds longer?

Sighing, the red-head moved from his leaning position against the wall toa full upright stand, while his sister beat him to the explanation of his demonic 'jammies.' "Well you see Naruto-kun," the eldest of the the three present started while shifting to a more comfortable position at her 'little' gennin's side, "ever since you beat gaara awhile back...he's changed. He's even uncovered and started to experience a few emotions...which led to him feeling bad for not being able to sleep and neglecting his pajamas...so they became 'office' and basic 'work' wear for him..." She finished, nodding her head as if it were the most common of concepts to run across. Naruto; however, had a single important question...

"You mean, nobody like, says anything about them?"

"Who would question the strongest shinobi in the village knowing he's a demonic carrier and a former psychopath," Gaara countered with a logical, and slightly sadistic smile simply for the purpose of effect.

Naruto blinked and conceeded to that point withou any form of rebuke, "I guess your right."

Gaara would watch the two as they started to relax into each others embrace and immediately felt more than a tad bit uncomfortable. 'Must...break...up...mushiness...until...I...leave...' So Gaara did what any self-respecting leader in pajamas watching his sister and best friend get cozy in each other's presence, he got down to business to kill the mood. "Uzumaki, if you and my sister can keep your hands off each other for a few minutes...I'm sure you'd like the details regarding your mission here to Suna explained in the full?" Watching with a successful smile as the Temari pouted and moved to stand against the wall and the younger blond's attnetion fixed on him...it was good to allow the atmosphere change from lovy dovy, to tthat of a more serious nature. It caused the Kazekage to form something along the lines of smile as he witnessed his handiwork in progress.

Naruto blinked, uttering a slight "sure," while Temari's gaze lingered on her brother long enough for him to understand that he had about five minurets before she'd have to threaten him with cooking his own dinner. And everyone knows former psychopaths can't cook without their sisters... That caused the rather composed red-head to shiver...

"Well, foremost, this is a trip between friends Uzumaki...something to pay you back for helping me realize I was going about life in the wrong manner...and yes, I can speak whole sentences when I feel like it..." Taking an appropriate pause to watch the amazed boy, those eyes would rest slightly on the flushed figure of the grinning teen. "Secondly, I'd like you to personally assist me here in Suna, consider it a perperation to aid you on the path of becoming Hokage, and finally...to aid in the retrival of a one Uchiha Sasuke when the time comes to launch a final attack on Otokogakure, since that battle is yours alone Uzumaki." Mentally, the the Kage sighed as he noticed the wince in Naruto's features, but returned to offer a rather calm smirk as the light of confidence shone through those undeniably bright eyes of blue. "Now, to brief you on your first A-ranked mission here in Suna..."

Somehow, Temari felt that the boy's initial mission in the realm of Wind Country...wouldn't actually be an officially classed mission, but rather something her brother conceived to keep him from dwelling on the near victory he held in retrieving his former teammate. 'Hmm, depending on whether or not Gaara's helpful, I'll have to make his favorite food tonight...' The young woman was currently leaning against the nearest wall from the hospital bed, since her cuddling and kissing with the Leaf-nin was unsettling to her ototo. "Well, Gaara, what is Naruto-kun's A-ranked mission?"

Meanwhile, when a certain individual hear that he was being given an A-ranked mission this early in his arrival to Suna, he wanted to leap to the high heavens themselves! However, Naruto managed to restrain himself long enough to glance toward the current Kazekage and make a formal inquiry as to his assignment. "Yeah! So what is it Gaara?"

"...You are to take Sabaku no Temari out on a date tonight. Also, while you are staying here in Suna you will be living with my siblings and I, so please you two...if for some god forsaken reason you can't keep your hormones in check...try to at elst warn me."

The two blonds were overcome by a scarlet tone gracing both their cheeks at this particular insuation that they may lose themselves to more, adult urges, in speechless wonder. Did Gaara just set them up, or was this purely an innocent mission of some kind? Well in either case, neither had the oppurtunity to thank the red-head as a swirl of sand would appear and vanish...taking with it the body ofa certain Sabaku no Gaara. Naruto, being the first to recover from this rather blunt statement, attached his signature grin while observing the opposing blond against the wall. "Ummm, since I've never really been to Suna before Temari-chan...where do you want to go for our date?"

There was no hesitation in the midst of her reply, "I detest fancy resturants...so long as you mean well and we can have a good time without being formal I'll be happy Naruto-kun. There's enough formality being liason between our two villages that I feel I could drown under..." It was indeed a rarity for the said woman to discard her own mask having been raised as a battle-hardened attribute of war, but the playful wink shot towards the otherwise jovial boy was a testament to her trust in letting him see her for who she truly was. So long as he didn't tell the whole world... "An if you do a good job Naruto-kun, I may be nice enough to let you share my room with me tonight."

Naruto could only manage a simple blush and hold the perverted thoughts would have normally entered a hormone raging teenager; howver, it seemed he managed to institute some form of control. "Ha..ha-h-hai, Temari-chan!"


Meanwhile across the scorching desert sands and nesteled within the plentiful forests that created the natural beauty of Fire Country, news of Orochimru's and the defective Uchiha's attempt on Naruto's life happened to reach the ears of a rather aggrivated Hokage. To be kind, she was undeniably pissed. Tsunade would stare at the messenger from Suna with the workings of what she knew would be nothing short of a migrane, and there was no sake in her line of sight either. "...I've heard enough...thank-you, and give my regards to Kazekage-sama..." Once the said messenger took her leave, the Godaime took the only chance for relief she could calling on a truly unsupecting ANBU guard to enter her office...only to issue a rather stress relieving punch aimed carefully for the man's nose. Luckily, a perverted sannin happened to stop short of the office door, or else the velocity of the flying body would have carried him through the structure of the Hokage tower as well.

"...You should really work on that temper of yours, Tsunade," stated a rather serious Jiraiya taking it upon himself to enter her office and taking a seat for himself. In terms of normality, this situation would have left him a prime target for the woman's wrath; however, as he removed a bottle of sake began to pour the contents in two seperate cups...she decided that maybe Jiraiya could be tolerated for now. 'The problem's with Naruto, there's no other subject here in the world that would cause Tsunade to look as if she were ready to give unsuspecting demonstrations as to just why she too, is a legendary ninja...damnit brat, you better not have died on me you talentless...' Taking his cup in thought, the male's thoughts were interupted by a rather aggitated voice...and it seemed that perhaps, his theory was proven correct in less than a second of existence. If he wasn't such a good ninja, perhaps Jiraiya would have been an undeniable psychic?

Sighing, the bitter taste of sake appeared to be an immediate aid to the ailments of Tsunade's mind while gutting a rather sharp glance to her comrade. "Orochimaru and Sasuke attacked Naruto and Temari as they were reaching the border seperateing Fire and Wind...and on last reports, he was being treated for a puncture heart and lung Jiraiya." No mistake could be made on the venomous tone her words were laced with, even in the casual manner the two discussed such important events could not have adjusted the aura of murderous intent radiating from the busty Fire Shadow. 'Damnit! Why the hell did this have to happen now of all fucking times!'

Usually, the lecherous shinobi would have made some reference of perversion to clear Tsunade's mind from her unmistakable rage; however, this issue regarded a boy he had come to look at as an aggrivating son...it was strickly business. I should have expected this to happen...considering Orochimaru knew I had Naruto for the past two-and a- half years...making it impossible for him to get anywhere near the brat...' Jiraiya managed to indulge in his sip of sake to clear his own anger, before cutting in the uncomfortable measure of silence that befell the two. "...I'll have to complete the brats training..."

This immediately stirred the rather irritable woman into a state of surprise, having been unsuspecting to that particular comment. "What exactly are you getting at, Jiraiya?"

"Naruto's training is incomplete, and not to mention, both of us have some unfinished business to attend to with our former companions. His at least, has the hope of being saved, but Orochimaru...is my responsibility Tsunade. I let him escape when I had the chance to end it those many years ago..."

"Hmm...," to say she was shocked would be more of an understatement to the word astonished; however, the words were regretably true enough. Pouring another cup of sake for her consumption, it seemed her headache would only compound after the events of this conversation. "Don't die Jiraiya..."

"..Sometimes...that the only way to win, Tsunade." Allowing his eyes to raise in an attempt to read her expression, the only thing he noticed was the still concern floating through reuby crests of a perfect balance. It was time to go, before an explanation was in order, and in the time it took for his figure to blend with the shadows of Konoha...Tsunade had come to dwell on those final words .

'Damn my head hurts...'

About this time, Naruto was being introduced to his new living arrangements for the next year or so. Temari, latched onto his arm with a rather uncharacteristic smile splattered across her face, was leading him through the home of the Suna Trio. Kankuro could be seen readusting the make of his many puppets and that curious amount of face paint infront of a rather large mirror while Gaara was reviewing some paperwork on the couch. To say the boy was surprised with the granduer of their tower-esque home and socially acceptable furniture would be a minor detail in the only thought that mattered. This made his minute appartment appear through comparison, the shabbiest of compounds in the whole region! "And this, Naruto-kun," interjected a ratherlurring voice as Temari dragged him through a hallway, stopping infront of a set of three doors, "is Kankuro's room indicated by the puppet guarding the door, Gaara's by the...note saying 'must repent for pajamas,' and minewitht he lavender door...which, depending on the results of our date you might be sharing with me tonight."

The moment she felt him tense, a glance was cut across to survey his appearance with the utmost satisfaction. Naruto was indeed blushing. 'He's so easy to mess with.'

About this time it was safe to assume a certain Leaf-nin was surely imagining the possibilities of that statement, considering the incredulous amounts of sexual tension that had been sown into the atmosphere surrounding the pair. Now, at the moment, Naruto could have simply given in to this slight tease without attempting to gain some upper hand...or he could have tried something, anything, to make this more favorable in his appearance. Luckily, there was a useful perverted demon locked away in his body to offer suggestions. Not that he needed them, no no...

"Well kit, how about using a little charm? Maybe some affectionate action...a arm arm her waist? Stop your standing there and show your supple, little vixen you're just lussssting for her as well. Damnit kit BE A MAN!" As much as the Kyuubi hated to admit, it was fun giving the boy needed advice from time to time. Especially when the kid utilizes the said suggestions and adds a bit of his own flare, but then again, he had been traveling with the world's greatest perverted being for a period of time too...

With a fox-like smirk in play, Naruto managed to use his non-latched arm to slide comfortably around Temari's waist as in referenced to the Kyuubi's advice, and a certain book a releatively 'slow' perverted sannin forced him to partially review as training. Effectively pulling her into his embrace, the younger teen would tilt his head with a minor level of degree against the woman's neck...where a small line of simple kisses could be followed downward. "Well Temari-chan, being at the hospital was any indication of how it is to wake up to you being in my bed...then, that's an experience I''d love to share with you again." The moment his eyes scanned over her blushing apperance, he understood immediately that his move was the most effective.

Temari on the other hand was convinced she had obtained the upper hand in their, rather quick relationship with that little tease, at least until Naruto decided to rebound. Her body was locked and her mind froze the instant he pulled her close. The furious scarelt hue covering her figure accented the beauty of her natural skin-tone...and the blissful shivers that were floating through her spine were a testament to Naruto's actions having his desired effect. '...Tha...that was unexpected...but, I get what I want...Naruto-kun...'

'It felt damn good didn't it Temari? Being held close, having your neck kissed, and having been told he likes waking up to see, and we're going to imply, feel you when he wakes up. Hmm, maybe you should start practicing lieing on your back?' At that particular insuation from her rather perverted thoughts, the kunoichi found herself wishing that her inner voice was something of a tangible nature...so she could strangle it. This was now a provocative war for dominance in the department of sexuality, and she'd be damned if Naruto won. '...Gomen, Naruto-kun, that felt good...but..I can do much bettter...'

"C-c..comes on in, Naruto-kun..." Luring him with an unusally faint and stuttering voice, the sand-haired woman waited until his embrace was released before turning around and pinning her 'little' genin against the door to her room. "Did you really think I was just going to let you have the final say, Naruto-kun?" Flashing a playful wink, the goddess-like figure found herself leaning her upper body roughly against his chest. Her rear end protruding rather far into the air while two legs seemed to entrap those of her target underneath. Naruto, was now, the undeniable prisoner of a rather determined young woman to keep the line of sexual tease in her favor.

"Oh c'mon, are you frightened Naruto-kun...hold me..." Grinning with the touch of mischief, Temari captured the surprised boy in a rather passtionate liplock. About the same time, an unsuspecting Kankuro decided he needed to obtain some innocent make-up, err, face paint from his room...only to have the sight of his older sister's ass shoved high into the air where his eyes were fixated on in horror. "MY EYES! OH GAWD...IT BURNS...STOP! STOP!"

Ignoring the rather tearful puppet specialist as he grabbed his eyes in blatant horror and attempted to retreat to whence he came, Naruto obideniently complied with the teasing taunt/comman from his rather...dominate lover. 'Gulp...man...umm..Temari-chan sure is...um...fiesty...gulp.' Slowly pulling his arms around her waist line in the midst of tasting the exhange of their lips, a sudden appearance of smoke left Naruto finding himself kissing a log!" NAAAAANI!?"

Meanwhile, Temari was sitting on the couch while flipping through the wonderous invention known as cable television. Simply because her expertise in the areas of love and boys were limited did not mean the woman was yet left from the circle of ultimate teasers. "Hope you enjoyed Naruto-kun, " she just happened to yell down the hall way as her replacement jutsu took effect, "because that's all you're getting until AFTER our date!"

"..Yes ma'am..."


Naruto found himself sitting within a kitchen, blushing proundly at even the slightest recall of the painfully enjoyable tease his Temari-chan put him through. He could still smell, feel, and taste her...and the log from that devious replacement technique when he closed his eyes...which wasn't exactly the most intelligent thing to do when using a knife considering he had just cut his finger. "Oww!" 'Kuso, that HURT!' Sighing it was bad enough working his but off, a few hours having passed since the 'ultimate tease' fiasco, and now he was being teased by a formerly quiet Kyuubi!

"You're cooking, you ran through the desert with a pack of water and my chakra boosts all the to the border and back just to pick up some wildflowers, and you even got some decent clothing to wear...not mention that little surprise...haha, either you're extrememly whipped kit or you finally learned how to play the mating game with your vixen. At such a young age too...sniff...I'm proud, and I'm sure that baka sannin would be too..." The Kyuubi was enjoying yet another round of laughter on Naruto's expense; however, the greater demon was honest in his pride regarding the young teen. It took a few thousand years before Kyuubi got laid, and it appeared his kit would have only needed fifteen.

'Shut up kitsune-teme! I just want to give Temari-chan the best first date possible...afterall, she was the first girl who...actually loved me...'

"Suuure kit. So I'm assuming this has nothing to do with the promised of getting in her pants, eh kit?"

'Shut up you stupid fox! Can't I just do something nice for Temari-chan without you trying to twist me into you or Ero-sennin!?"

Once the preperations for their meal were complete, Naruto decided to go finish getting ready himself before picking Temari up for their first official date as a couple. 'Man I'm sooo nervous...good thing Ero-sennin isn't here or he'd probably have used us for tons of his dirty research for those stupid books...' Changing into a rather comfortable tee shirt overlaped by a deep blue vest, baggy black pants..those untamed locks were allowed to fall in full unrestrained havoc. "Okay...time for this mission to begin!" With that said, the boy decided to practice a rather useful teleportation jutsu Gaara had to teach and reteach him beforehand, arriving with a slight knock against a lavender door. Food basket in hand, as well as a set of hand picked flowers. "Temari-chaaaaaaan!"

The sight that he beheld the instant she opened the door is an image Naruto would have embedded into his memory for so long as he was alive and breathing. "...Y-y-y..o..you're a-a-absolutely beautiful Temari-chan!"

The said woman opened the door with a lazy wink, and soon found herself satisfied with Naruto's reaciton. She sported a rather snug tee uplifted her cleavage area along with a thin, red kimono coat. Fishnet stockings seemed to be her idea of casual wear, including a rather provocative mini-skirt and sandals. However, the most exotically striking thing abut the young woman would have to be the absence of her pony/pigtails (unsure as to which of the two they actually classify under) for the golden san-toned strands as they were allowed to fall beautifully in a plain, straight manner. Pushing some of the liberated length of hair from her face, Temari was definitely letting the world see her beauty in all that it could be.

Smirking at his compliment, Temari walked out of the door to join him as she noticed he was equipped with a basket for carrying food...and, a boquet of different assortments of flowers. The kind the kunoichi had only ever seen when she took the time during her free moments in the forests of Fire Country to explore and commit to memory. Whee those for her?

Naruto grinned in response to her captivation when her eyes noticed the flowers he had picked out on his, impossible for anyone other than Naruto lunatic dash back to the border, and handed them outward for her to take. "For you Temari-chan! I figured since Suna's in the desert you don't have few, if any, flowers...so I ran all the way back to Fire Country well..the border and with Kyuubi's help found and picked some of the best flowers we have to offer! I...umm...hoped you might have liked them since I decided to ask Gaara and Kankuro about a few of your interests and they told me botany...so yeah! Now you have pretty flowers, and some speciemens to study." The boy blinked softly, with the faintest of hopes that he managed to do something correct and worthwhile for the beauty that stood opposite of him. "Do you like?"

'He ran all the way back, through the desert, asked my brothers about my interests...just to pick some flowers to give to me and the fact I interested in botany?' To say the very least, Temari was indeed touched deeply that on their first date the shinobi would go through so much trouble just to provide a nice gesture of affection for her. He went to retrieve something so simplistic, and yet so very precious to her as wild flowers in the outlying forests resting on the border of their two countries...despite the danger of Sound watching his every movements no less! "I...love... them, Naruto-kun. Thank-you." Reaching to take the said assortment of 'love', she retreated back into her room to place them in a watered container so as to survive the night. On her return, a warmth could be felt radiating from her angelic figure. "You didn't half to..."

Naruto; however, decided to cut her off there and shake his head. "I know Temari-chan, but I wanted to...besides, I even cooked us dinner!" He grinned holding up the basket of various foods he had prepared, considering his previous culinary masterpiece was devoured by the greedy hunger of two of his friends, a dog, and Kiba's sister. Taking her hand with his free one, those eyes would glance up as he spoke. "Complete the seals with me." As she nodded in a flushed manner, the two found themselves the result of a completed teleportation jutsu shared...whisked away into Suna night...

"Naruto-kun!" Once again the number one maverick ninja had managed to obtain a surprising upperhand, shocking the usually open kunoichi. Once the teleportion was complete, their bodies manifesting in the physical once more...those eyes understood only that she was loving every second of this date so far. The instant Temri decided to open her eyes she was greeted by a moonlit sky mingled with a plenthora of brightly shimmering stars, not a single cloud in sight, as a gentle breeze whistled lowly...pushing some of her unrestrained strands followed its course. A pool of crystal water reflected the luminous orb above as a faine balance of grass and sand could be noticed, along with the occasional sight of palm trees looming over her slender frame and that of her lover. "But how..."

"While I was making my way through the desert to go pick those flowers for you, Temari-chan, I uhh got tired and decided to take a break. Lucky for me I just happened to find an oasis, huh? Either way, after I saw it Kyuubi told me that it would be like a different world if we came here at night...and the more I thought about it, which I did, I ...thought it might be the perfect place for our date. Sorta like making it...our spot or something? So, what do you think Temari-chan?" While he was explaining how he knew where the oasis was, he didn't bring up the fact that he linked a bit of his and Kyuubi's chakra to teleport to that location on will...and decided that right now was the best time to remove a cloth sheet and lay it over the balance of sand and grass so they could eat.

"...It's...wonderful, Naruto-kun..."


Elesewhere, a certain perverted Sannin was enjoying a momen considering what posible trouble two blonde ninjas could get into...and using it as inspiration for his next Icha Icha Paradise novel...before glancing down to the extra baggage that happened to threaten him into tagging along. "You do know that you've lost him right..?"

"..Hai..." However a inner voice happened to scream, PSH! YEAH RIGHT!"


As time passed, both Naruto and Temari could be found in each other's arms, gazing at the sky longingly. "You know Temari, every time I used to look up at the sky...I chose two and used to those to remind me of my dreams." Naruo had no rational idea why he decided to bring this particular topic up; however, as he wiggled his arm and chopsticks to grab a dumpling for the lovely addition sitting in his lap...he could only think about how cute she looked as he fed her. 'Hehe, I guess Temari-chan likes my cooking...'

"Correction kit, she likes our cooking."

"Shut up you baka kitsune! I'm trying to enjoy my date!"

"Harsh kit...harsh..."

"If you shut up and go to sleep ypu stupid fox, I promise I'll finally call you otosan!'


While this mental transaction was occuring, Temari was adjusting herself in the boy's lap while chewing on the dumpling she had been offered and fed. She heard that his cooking was something comparable to a good resturant, eating out, but...now she understood...it almost brought a tear to her eye with the complexity of flavor and savory taste. It was just a dumpling for crying out loud! 'I think Naruto-kun's going to be making the dinner for the next year or so...hehe.' It was about that time she finished the dumpling and decided to draw her attention to the many glittering celestial bodies that occupied the sky and smile. "To bo Hokage is definitely one of them, so what's your second dream Naruto-kun?"

Naruto blushed faintly, amplified by the moon's pale radiance, as he glanced down for a brief moment and lost himself toward an affectionate smile. "To love someone and be loved by someone," and with that said and noted the grinning teen decided to steal a a quick kiss, but found it to be of a more lingering passion than he previously intended. Not that he was complaining.

"Mmm..." The instant she felt those lips against her own she returned. At the same time she listened to those words and begin to think back to how far out that dream must have been for him until recently, since the only person he ever loved before her was a pink-haired twit that neglected him for that bastard Uchiha! "Then I suppose the only thing left for you is to become the Hokage then, isn't it?"



"Yes, Temari-chan?"

"Do you think the water is deep enough for a swim?"

"Uhh yeah but wh-"

"Then join me for a swim."

Removing herself from that rather comfortable position with a touch of regret, slender digits would slide the rather delicate fabrics of her kimono coat from atop her body to the ground, slipping herself from the restraints of fishnet stockings and a mini skirt...and even the form-fitting tee? It seemed that Temari was prepared to tease on this particular date, having decided to not wear a bra and simply walk herself toward and then into the cool waters in just a thing line of panties. "Well, are you coming Naruto-kun?"

How could he refuse?

Following the examle set for him, Naruo removed all but his boxers and entered the waters as well. Something about this seemed so awkward in his mind, like something the old pervert back home would just die to peep at, and yet...something about it felt so natural knowing this moment was being shared with a certain someone. '...Temari-chan...thank-you...for being someone who could love me...and in return, someone I could love...' It took a moment for him to realize he was starring at the said woman. At lest, ittook her voice to draw him from such a stare.

"See someting you like, Naruto-kun?"

"Nah, I do see someone I love though..."

"That was so corny, Naruto-kun, sweet...but corny."

"It still made you blush. Hehe."

And so it was that the remainder of their date continued on in the various aspects of casual conversation, a case of water tag kiss and touch style, as well as another glance to the stars. So eventually the couple had to resign themselves from the water and begin to dry so as to return. When a certain Leaf-nin moved to grab his clothing however, he was scolded with a playful reprimand...causing him to blush profusely.

"Don't. You're not going to need them tonight anyway Naruto-kun," smiling even as she used an 'aggitated' voice of command, it was just good to know that even at the most random of moments...she could still be in charge. Besides, this was definitely considered as a good date. Naruto earned what was coming, or rather, she earned it...


After the requird seals for a rather nifty teleporation jutsu, the almost nude figures of two rahe wanting, inexperinced blonds apeared right infront of rather familiar lavender dor. This time; however, Kankuro ws simply leaving his room to get a glass of water. The first and only thing he noticed was that his sister was wearing nothing more than her panties and Naruto was in his boxers. Once again, pain surged through his eyes as he found himself devoidof side and scrambling back into the sfety of his room." OH GAWD MY EYES!" Which was all he warning needed for a certain red-head in the middle room to line his room with sound to create a sound proof barrier.

Moving on...

As the couple entered Temari's room, the woman just so happened to close and lock the door to ensure they were allowed their rightful privacy. She could feel the soaked fabric between her thighs and wanted to be rid of them soon. Being so withdrawn in her own thoughts, it came as a surprise when she noticed the fact that...Naruto was already taking lead of the situation! "Naruto-kun!"

It appeared that while Temari was closing up and thinking, Naruto had reviewed her body with a growing desire to...to...to do something! Supple breasts highlighted by erected nipples, a smooth and softly toned stomach accented with lovely curves, undeniably captivating hips attached to beautiful legs...it was all so wonderous to behold in the full light, and triggered a rather animalistic instinct as far as what he needed to be doing. Even Naruto found himself surprised mentally when he moved on a spur of the moment impulse, pinning his japanese goddess against her own door and capturing her attention with a demanding kiss of passion. Curiously, those hands found themselves sliding down her sides to rest right above the hip. All the while he understood only two things, she was responding to his kiss, and there was begining to be a rather hard area growing in his pants again...

It didn't take long for the genin to follow up on his actions, discontinuing the kiss with a rather disappointed touch in his heart...but when his tounge began to slide rom those thin, curved lips down the length of Temari's neck...everything felt right again. 'Oh gawd, I have no idea what I'm doing...it's like...I know what to do..but I've never done this before...it's like I have an instinct or something...wait, why the hell am I thinking about this?' After this night, when given any particular thought about it, Naruto would come to discover that this was instinct...fox-like being represented in a rather humanish manner. Acting on the surprisingly helpful desires and thoughts roaming inside his head, both hands would rewind along their previous course and find themselves cupping the fruit of his lover's chest. Feeling her breasts with a gently squeeze, Naruto found himself lowering his tounge still while giving her lovely endowments a lustful massage. To his satisfaction, this recieved a soft moan of pleasure along with a surprised gasp from his rough and slender vixen.

"Nar...Na..Naruto-kun...mmmm," her voice was soft and her body was indulging in the pleasure of his touch...wondering exactly how her little ninja happened to know what to do? As much as the commanding aspect of Temari's nature wanted to reach out and take control of this situation, she was having no qualms with enjoying 'hers.' Her arms found themselves wrapping loosely around the boy's fame, digits sliding down his back affectionately...while escaping soft moans in praise of his foreplay. "Naruto-kun...use...your mouth..." While she could fee the cool touch of his hands, she was intent on feeling his tounge...hell, his whole mouth if she could get him to use it on two seperate areas...one of which he was already playing with.

In the moment, Naruto complied habing some vauge indication of what she meant. Sliding his mouth over a playfully erected 'playmate' into his mout, suckling happily...

Lingering on this delightful experience for a minute or so, the unruly mess of hair could be seen traveling down the lines of Temari's body. Deeper and slower breaths, squeeking moans, and the urge to do more came to mind...at least, until his momentum was halted by an aggrivating article of clothing. Temari's hands moved down slowly, almost trembling as she guided his own to lower that last piece of clothing.

The only thing Naruto understood after that was the fact his face was being pushed rather forcefully into a rather private area, tasting a rather unique moisture for the first time in his life. Oddly enough, he didn't mind...and found himself egged on by the screaming voice of a horny teenage woman saying, "LICK! LICK!, LICK! ...mmm NARUTO-KUN LICK!" And so, obviously he moved to continue pleasing...allowing his tounge to roam freely and her body to weaken under the pleasure of this one 'going down' on her. After a period of time, he knees gave out and Temari found herself falling...knocking the boy down as she forced him into a rather passionate kiss between the haagard breathing, and sweat dripping from her 'pleased' body...But that wasn't all...

"Ashiteru, Naruto-kun..."

"I...love you, too...Temari-chan..."

With the exclamation of their love complete, the raher anxious Temari found herself litterally ripping the boy's boder's from his body and positioning herself to ride his rather 'large ninja' for the remainder of the night. Of course, there was a moment of adjusting and blood flow, she was still a virgin you know...

And all the while as the two lover's found themselves captivated in attempting newer positions, until their stamina ran out and their voices could no longer scream in the heat of their passion for the other...Kankuro was laying in the fetal position crying...never in his life wanting to hear two people have sex again...


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