Who would have guessed it?

Summary: Sofia/Sara short. If same sex relationships makes you uncomfortable do not read. You have been warned. Otherwise enjoy.

"You got off fifteen minuets ago" Sofia's sleek voice came from the doorway of the lab Sara was occupying. It was her 'usual' lab – though they were no individually assigned labs the team had their usual and this was hers.

"In theory…yes…in reality here I am still lent over crime scene photos" Sara explained not looking up from the desk. Not looking up for one very good reason – and when she hared Sofia shut the door she knew that the blond officer needed to be reminded of that reason. "We're at work baby…not going to happen"

"Contrary to popular belief Sidle – I can keep it in my trousers" Sofia didn't progress forward she was still stood near the doorway – "I'm not here for a quickie from my lover" she explained.

"So what are you here for?" Sara turned around, looking up for the first time at the woman who entered. The woman who recently she'd been spending more and more of her time with, the woman who had made her feel more alive in the past weeks that Sara Sidle had felt in her life time.

Sofia stood with a coffee in her hand, a take out from the place on the way to the lab – "I knew you wouldn't be leaving here so I brought you some decent coffee"

Sara smirked, "Mm, how did you know Greg had the night off…" She stood up from her seat as Sofia did now take steps towards the brunette – "…my prince in shining armor here to save me from the county sludge?" she asked.

Sofia just smiled, she handed the hot beverage over and lent in to steal a quick kiss though she knew she was pushing it – they were at work. Sara had that puppy love look about here when Sofia moved back – "Would I ever leave you to drink Day shifts crap?" She asked, "I used to work it remember…I know what they put in there"

"You do huh?" Sara was sappy and dopey and so very much effected by Sofia – in a good way.

Sofia just nodded her head – then she moved her leather jacket to the side – taking from the waist of her jeans, where it was pushed between her belt and her side, a rose. A single red rose. "For you…" She offered Sara the gift.

Sara lent back on the desk, she took the rose, silently she looked up at Sofia then back to the crafted masterpiece she held. She didn't know what to say – another look at Sofia was all she needed to decide. Fuck the good reason, she didn't care they were at work. She placed her coffee on the side and with her free hand took Sofia's belt pulling the blond towards her and pressing her lips harshly against hers. A passionate kiss filled the small lab – caution had been thrown to the wind.

Sara then lent back a little, her lips however still pressed softly against Sofia's – "Who would have guessed it?" she asked, "Detective Curtis… a hopeless romantic!"