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Sasuke's POV:

I woke up today..The sun wasn't shining (which was pretty unusual for sunny Konoha),and something didn't feel right..I don't know what it was yet...but something...felt odd.I woke up,got dressed,and headed out the door.

Like usual,I walked over to the bridge where our team usually meets.Sakura waved annoyingly at me while Naruto started playing with a twig.It fell overboard and being the dobe Naruto is,he fell over trying to grasp it from the air."W-W-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"he yelped as he tumbled into the cold stream water."NARUTO!KAKASHI-SENSEI WILL BE HERE ANY MINUTE!HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE TO FALL INTO THE WATER YOU BAKA!"Sakura scolded as a dripping Naruto made his way to shore.

"Kakashi is always late...Naruto could go home,get dressed,and come back and Kakashi would still be making his way over here.."I said cooly,putting my hands in my pockets.

"OOH YES SASUKE!you're SO right!Naruto has enough time!How could I not see that!"Sakura said practically draping herself all over me.For a smart kunoichi,she sure knew how to make a total dumbass out of herself..

Suddenly Kakashi walked over with his nose buried in his stupid "Icha Icha Paridise" book he always carries.

"Looks like Naruto decided to go swimming today.."Kakashi said sighing as he lifted his head over the book.

"Yeah.Hes going home to change for FALLING into the water."Sakura said glaring at Naruto

"Oh..I guess we'll start training a little late today.."Kakashi started to say,only being cut off by Sakura "Sasuke!You want to something later?"Sakura said blushing "Not.Now.Not.Ever."I said annoyed as usual.

Sakura started crying and making herself look pathetic.Crying won't make me ask her out ...It'll only make her look like even bigger of an idiot than she already is..Stupid fangirl.

A little later,Naruto came back out of breath.He had obviously been running."Kakashi..Kurenai-sensei wants to see you...Its very important."Naruto said panting. "Alright..You guys chill out for a while,so I can go see what she wants to talk to me about." Meet me back at Ichiraku" Kakashi said before running off.

"YAY!A FREE DAY AND RAMEN!"Naruto cheered I figured there wasn't anything wrong but a small meeting...Oh well..I started walking to the ramen stand with Sakura and Naruto..All we had to do was sit and wait.

Kiba and Shino were waiting there.Which seemed a little odd because...Hinata wasn't there.Kiba looked depressed and Shino actually looked a little down as well.There was much silence before Sakura spoke up "Whats wrong guys?Wheres Hinata...And what did your sensei want with Kakashi-sensei?"Sakura asked

" badly injured...The entire Hyuuga clan is under alert.An assasin tried to assasinate her while she was sleeping last night..And our sensei has to stay in the hospital with her.She was the only available person to stay with her in the hospital because everyone in her clan is busy trying to keep the compound safe..."Kiba said trying to hide his emotion "And she wants Kakashi to take over this team while Kurenai-sensei is busy with Hinata."Shino said

"Whats wrong with her?"I asked. "They say she lost a lot of blood.They got a kunai knife and attempted to stab her to death..She screamed and the assasin went away before he could actually kill her."Kiba said

'My delicate Hinata...Why would anybody want to hurt her?She hasn't done anything..Shes inoccent.I'm going to KILL whoever tried to murder her.."I thought..Startled by my own thoughts,I shook my head.I don't..actually...Like I?

Hours later

We had decided to go home because Kakashi never came back...Figures,hes not a very reliable sensei to begin with.Iruka-sensei had to come and tell us to go home because Kakashi was out so long..

I was actually happy to come home.I didn't have to mask my worries when there was nobody around.

That night I couldn't keep my mind off my thoughts.Sleep didn't come easily as usual because I had so much on my mind...'Why were they trying to kill her?Was it because shes the heiress to the most powerful clan in Konoha?...And why am I going absolutely insane over somebody,when all that matters to me is killing Itachi and restoring my clan...Did I want Hinata to----No...I don't love anybody..It makes the shinobi weaker...I can't have that...But..Why did I feel so scared when I heard that she was in the hospital?Why...?' I laid in bed and tossed and turned trying not to think and just fall asleep.It wasn't untill midnight when the phone rang.

"H-Hello?"I said startled that anybody would call me at...I glanced at the clock 'holy shit..Its 4 am...I didn't sleep last night...' I thought.It was Sakura."Why the hell did you call me this early Sakura!"I asked grumpily.'How in the world does she have my freaking number!...I thought I put it on private..' I thought . Sakura sounded like she had been crying,and I heard a sniff."Hinata...Is dying...I just called to tell you that we're going to be training with Shino and Kiba for a until...Well I don't know...but-"her voice trailed off.She started crying again.Besides Ino,Hinata was one of Sakura's friends...I didn't care.I let her cry,and slammed down the phone.I couldn't take it...'ts not true.My Hinata...She doesn't...She can't...leave me...' My last thoughts were as I quickly changed and I started running out the door.I didn't know where I was going to go...But I decided that I had to do something to let my emotions out.I couldn't sit there in my house brooding and thinking about my Hinata dying.Anything..Anything but to put myself through that torture.I decided to go to the hospital.

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