Hinata's POV:

Was he...gone? I started to cry harder as I clutched on to his body.'Kami...please...Don't take him away from me!He hasn't done anything but be a good boyfriend.I love him more than anything...Please Kami...Please hear me...Don't take him away from me.' I prayed in my mind.

It wasn't his time to go. He wasn't ready to leave this earth. Choking sobs escaped from my body, and instantly I let all emotion let out. My mother and Sasuke were the only ones besides Hanabi that really cared about me.I felt alone...

The doctor just stared at me."Why are you crying?"he asked. It was the same doctor that Sasuke had punched days earlier.Just that memory of when he professed his love for me made me start crying again.His put a finger up to his chin and thought for a moment.He said quietly "You know...you can stop crying.Hes already dead." My eyes widened in fear and tears shot out from my eyes."HE CAN'T BE DEAD!HE WAS ALIVE A FEW MOMENTS AGO!I MEAN, DIDN'T YOU SUCK THE POISION OUT!"I screamed, while frantically holding on to my Sasuke,who was lying still.

"Ha.I'm only fuckin' with you.Hes alive."the doctor said,amused at his own cruel joke. Instantly,everybody outside of the door poured in.The nurse looked annoyed."We should have hired a more mature doctor for this wing of the hospital..."the nurse grumbled,a vein popping out of her forehead. Suddenly,everybody was beating up the doctor.For the first time in my life, I actually felt no pain or concern for the doctor.He deserved it.

"F-Fine,I'll be serious." the doctor said nervously,feeling the angry glares and the bad vibes from around the room."Truth be told...I really don't know if hes going to live. It'll be a miracle if he lives, but if he dies,that won't be to unexpected. This all depends on his body's strength. If his body is strong enough, he'll be able to live. If hes strong, he'll be able to live because then he'll have more willpower to overcome the weakness he has left inside of him." the doctor said, taking off his glasses and wiping them with part of his white coat.

The room suddenly grew quiet,and the only thing that could be heard was Sakura's sobbing. "I didn't mean for this to happen."she whispered,holding back more sobs. "Hold still..."my father murmered murderously.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"Sakura screamed.She lifted down her shirt a little bit,and around the lower part of her chest was a red mark." Its a seal.If Uchiha dies,I get to soft-fist you there and instantly you will die."father gave a Gai-sensei like grin.It was almost creepy...

Naruto just stared at Sakura blankly.I stood speechless.I knew that she deserved it if he were to die,but seriously...I didn't think he'd actually do THAT.

Naruto's POV:

Sasuke jumped up in pain.His body made oneswift movement,and he clenched his fists.He cursed and lay still in hs bed.His eyelids were starting to close."Don't go!"Hinata said rushing to his side.She started crying harder than she was before.Never in my life had I seen Hinata let her emotions out like that.Even years ago when we took the chunin exams, I knew that somehow she was holding back.

I hugged Sakura close.She was sobbing for both her life,and the regret she felt for doing what she did.I didn't forgive her...Even if I did love her.She did something totally wrong,and this was her consequences..But even so,nobody deserves to watch one of their best friends and their former crush suffer like this.

"H-Hinata..."Sasuke murmered,sweat dropping down his pale forehead."Sasuke..."Hinata whispered gently "Please...get me...some water..."he said ,grabbing his parched throat.

"HES OK!"Hanabi screamed happily,causing her to get kicked out of the hospital because she woke everybody in the nearby rooms from their slumber.Sakura was crying silent tears of joy,and she clung close to me...

2 Months Later

Hinata's POV:

The day that Sasuke was almost killed seems like a million years ago...Yet it feels like yesterday.Even though his fangirls still chase him around everywhere,I hold him close and try to remember that this could be the last time I would be in his strong,loving, arms.

Neji still keeps a cloes eye on us, I could tell that he doesn't want us together.But...I guess things are alright for him because he doesn't seem to care as much anymore.

Sakura got her seal removed because father was feeling merciful and Sasuke and I requested for it to come off.She seems to have moved n with Naruto,and I couldn't be any more glad.I knew that she loved the fox-boy,but I didn't want to believe it.I was once too blinded by feelings to think that my friend had ever had feelings for him.

After reflecting on the past few hectic months, I heard the doorbell ring.I opened the door.

Standing outside my door was no one other than my beloved Sasuke,who pulled me close for another one of his special kisses.My old blush crept up my cheeks as his warm lips met mine.


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