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Winifred 'Freddy' James has sworn off men and chocolate...both go straight to her thighs. Determined to lose those pesky last twenty pounds, Freddy knows that any distractions will keep her from her goal. But when she's sent by her boss at Lady Luck magazine to interview the world's most eccentric, handsome and eligible bachelor chocolatier...this can only be trouble. Can Freddy handle the temptation that is ten billion calories of magical candy factory and its equally sweet and tempting creator?

'The Best Diet in the World'

Part Nine

By Freddy James

Well girls, I've done it. You've followed along as I've lost eighty pounds of ugly fat and am now officially a size ten! But don't cheer yet and demand my secret. Eating sensibly and exercising more is all it takes. No more, no less, no Jenny Craig.

And while I'm thrilled at the prospect of finally buying clothes from the junior/miss department, I'm stuck. I still have twenty pounds to go before my weight is in proportion to my height. And I've hit the dreaded weight loss plateau. My trainer aka my older brother tells me I need to change another habit of mine before if make any more progress. But what could I change? I eat like a rabbit, I run like a rabbit, ergo...I am a rabbit...a technically overweight rabbit. What more could I possibly change? Looking back over my journal, I realized something. Every time I hit a snag and gained more weight is when I had been dating. And indulging in my daily chocolate. Could that be the key? Do relationships jeopardizes a woman's chance of being thin? We all know chocolate does. Especially if you're like me and can't stop at half a Wonka bar but eat two whole Scrumdiliumpscious bars instead.

So I've come to a decision. To answer this question, I am doing the unthinkable. I am giving up men and chocolate. I am doing this for women everywhere to see what are the pros and cons of reaching one's weight loss goals. Will I be happier thinner and alone or chunky and risking my heart in hope of true love? Giving up chocolate will be like going through rehab. Especially since the only chocolate I ever buy is Wonka...Forgive me Willy. I will probably get the shakes, feel sick and like I'm going to die. But the way my love life is going lately giving up men may not be so bad. You all know of my commitment to wait until marriage, but the long line of losers I've been dating don't seem to grasp that concept. Pray for me girls. For I'll say it again. I'm giving up men and chocolate...because both go straight to my thighs. WJ

My boss Victoria Scott put down the copy of my article crying and laughing at the same time. I smirked in triumph. What every writer loves is to get a real reaction from their audience. Especially an emotional one. I know Mark Twain is looking down on me in approval. I work at Lady Luck magazine. A magazine for the young modern career woman. I'm a commentary writer mostly, but for the last nine months I've gain a little celebrity by losing a lot of weight and writing about it. I look over at myself in my bosses mirror and I can scarcely believe that slim woman with long legs, tight fitting skirt suit and slim face is me. Months ago my heart shaped face had been round with a double chin. The only way I knew it was me because I still had the long, black, layered hair with chestnut highlights and the same wide electric green eyes with big eyelashes. I flicked my hair out of my face as Victoria controlled herself and managed to say,

"This...this is your best one so far..." Victoria was Meryl Streep's Prada wearing Devil with a heart of gold. An opportunist and a pussycat, no one could ask for a better boss. Especially when she told me,

"As a matter of fact, you've been doing such a good job, we want you to cover a very special expose for us." Having gained my interest, I crossed my legs and leaned in watching her pull a huge file out of her desk. She pushed it towards me as she said,

"He contacted us first of course...but after I gained consciousness, I jumped at the opportunity and knew...you'd be the girl for the job..." I hefted the folder into my lap and opened it, my jaw dropping by the second. There were countless newspaper clippings, most of which covered the Golden Ticket Contest, photos, magazine articles, Internet printouts and more...all about one very special person.

"Willy Wonka?" I asked in confusion. Victoria grinned and nodded like an idiot,

"In three months time...Charlie Bucket...the luckiest kid in the world and his heir is going to turn sixteen...Mr. Wonka is throwing a huge birthday party for him and...he's inviting the press. He wants to build Charlie up as the next big thing and this party is the kid's debut into chocolatier society or something. Charlie Bucket is going to be England's biggest heart throb next to a certain Royal Prince...but that doesn't mean everyone will stop asking about Wonka." I was trying to decipher what she was saying, when I found a recent photo of Charlie Bucket. He was a cutie and would be melting hearts with those big brown eyes of his and that charming grin. Under that picture, I found a close up of Mr. Wonka...slightly out of focus as if was taken miles away, but still one could tell the genius was handsome. Seeing what I was looking at, Victoria said to me,

"That's the clearest picture anyone has of Mr. Wonka. Circles the Internet every couple seconds. Every time he's publicly photographed he's wearing these big goofy shades...You know how to work a camera right?"

"Why?" I asked suspicious.

"We want you to interview Willy Wonka." Victoria said. I snapped my head up.


"He contacted us...for some weird reason...something about liking a funny ad we ran...Anyway he's letting one of our writers...stay the entire three months until Charlie's birthday...and do an in depth expose on him and Charlie's coming of age!" Victoria gushed standing and coming around the edge of her desk.

"Why? Mr. Wonka has been private and recluse until now. He fired all of his workers when spies snuck in to steal his secrets! He made every one of those contest winners and their parents sigh a confidentiality form. What made him decide to tell the world about himself?" I asked. Victoria shrugged,

"I don't know...he's an eccentric billionaire!"

"But why would we do this? Exposes isn't exactly our thing..." I asked.

"They are when the world's most eligible bachelor asks you to! Our readers are women! They'd love a man like Wonka...Rich, handsome and with chocolate on hand twenty-four/seven!" Victoria said. So would I...I thought to myself. That's when dread filled me and I realized something,

"I can't do this article..."

"Why not?" asked Victoria, her horn rimmed glasses and bobbed blond curls shaking at me.

"My article! I just said I swore off chocolate...and you want me to live in a chocolate factory for three MONTHS?" I asked incredulously.

"Think of it as the topper to your diet article...Can a woman lose twenty pounds when constantly resisting temptation to cheat? Think of how inspirational it would be to women everywhere...if they read how you were surrounded by candy and you didn't break your diet...In fact...do double duty...make it your goal to lose that last twenty pounds by the end of your visit! Ooh! We'll even get you a size six designer gown for the occasion! We'll show in the the next issue, explain where you'll be...and that you'll be wearing the dress by the party! Do you like Prada Freddy?" Victoria said rushing to her phone. I stood up, spilling the contents of the file off my lap,

"Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You...you want me to diet while I'm INSIDE a chocolate factory?"

"It'll be a great story! Trust me...You leave on Friday...Hello? Hey Marc...guess what? I need a Prada gown size six...anything will do as long as it looks thin..." Victoria said dismissing me as she talked into her headset phone. I sighed gathering up the file of research, Wonka's picture almost taunting me.

"Okay...but if I come back a size thirty...you're paying for my gastric bypass!" I told her turning on my heel.

"Uh-huh...Sure Freddy...Manolo Blahnik please?" Victoria said not noticing my departure.

"Prada? Manolos? As if...more like Lane Bryant and Payless!" I said sensing doom.

I went home, finding my older, muscular brother Jack in my kitchen. He was a dream...Captain of the wrestling team in high school, sweet guy, loved to cook and short brown hair that ever so gently fell into our father's amber eyes. He was always the hunk everyone loved. While I had been his fat little sister who spent all her time reading books. But we were always close.

"Surprise! Trying out some recipes for my new cookbook...Little Taste of Asia...You're my first victim...I mean customer!" he said raising the stir fry to my lips. I ate the bit of peppers saying,

"Guess what..."

"What?" he said.

"By this time in three months...I'll be back to a size twenty...So let me write my Christmas list now...'cause I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe..." I said sarcastically as I left the room. He furrowed his brow,

"What?" I explained the whole situation over dinner, enjoying the sensation of getting full and not taking seconds while I could. The thought of returning to a point where I kept eating and eating and eating sickened me. Jack read over my copy of the article and said,

"I don't think you should do this."

"What? The interview? The diet? Both?" I asked popping some chicken in my mouth.

"Well...I think you can pull off the diet. Although I don't see anything wrong with eating sweets in moderation...like you've been doing so far and look at how far you've come!" he said pointing out my new figure.

"Yeah but I've got another twenty to go." I reminded him.

"Technically, but speaking as a professional not really...You look fine right now...You're at a nice healthy weight...Frankly I think twenty more pounds would be too much. Maybe five more and then some more weight training to firm up...but not another twenty..." Jack told me shaking his head.

"Too late...promised Victoria...Besides...I want to know what it's like to be a six..." I told him dreaming.

"You're an ten! And dress size doesn't matter...it's just a number." Jack told me.

"To a guy like you it's just a number. To a woman like me...it's dictated her whole life. Who my friends were, what I did in school, what kind of guys I date..." I explained.

"And that's another thing...I don't think you should give up men either." Jack said.

"Why not? Not like they're knocking my door down." I told him.

"Freddy! You haven't been paying attention...I'm constantly threatening guys within an inch of their lives not to say stuff about you." Jack told me.

"Okay Smart guy then where are all the nice, decent guys that are attracted to me? Or is it just the sleaze? Trust me it's for the best. Relationships cause stress and emotions to run amok...both of which contribute to weight gain." I said with a laugh.

"He's out there! You just have to be patient. You shouldn't give up on love." Jack said.

"Jack...Growing up you were always popular and liked...and I was fat. If giving up on something that probably won't happen in the first place helps me stop bring the scared little fat girl...then I'm willing to sacrifice that. I don't want to be that way again." I said seriously and shaking my head. Jack sighed and squeezed my hand,

"You won't. I have faith in you. Meanwhile...I don't like this idea of you actually living in the factory!"

"Why not?" I asked.

"Well...who's to say what kind of guy Willy Wonka is? You saw those other four kids that came out of that factory six years ago...One was blue and another was a living bean pole! He could be a nut for all we know." Jack said going into protective big brother mode. I patted his cheek,

"Well it's a good thing I'm bringing my running shoes...then I can lose weight while I'm outrunning a crazy candy maker!"