I like the sound of that

"Mrs. Stokes – I like the sound of that" Sara smirked as she lay back on the sofa with her feet rested on the coffee table admiring the engagement ring on her finger. A white gold band with a large diamond set in the center – it was amazing. Nick was sat at her side, the two having just rolled in from a double they were taking this time to rest. He had his arm around her shoulder sitting closely two her with her head rested on his chest he was smiling as she rambled on about the wedding.

"Me to baby…" Nick offered softly as he ran his finger softly over the top of her arm, "…nearly as much as I liked the sound of you saying yes" it was true; the whole proposal was terrifying ordeal for Nick out of fear of her saying no. He loved her, and he knew she loved him but he wasn't sure how she'd deal with the idea of marriage – Sara Sidle was one complex woman and he knew that a relationship, let alone marriage, was something she herself feared.

"God, I still can't believe this" She tells him. It was two nights ago since he'd slipped the ring on her finger and she was still shocked every time it caught her eye. She, Sara Sidle was going to get married. She'd never have guessed her name and marriage would ever be in the same sentence together.

"Me neither…" He agreed, "hell I didn't think you'd ever agree to go out with me let alone marry me" he explained as he moved forward and lifted his beer of the table in front of him before leaning back. She had to laugh, as she remembered the many failed attempts to woo her over.

"Yeah well, you locked me out the Denali in the rain till I agreed…what do you expect?" She asked him as she took a swig of her own bottle.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures" He explained with a shrug of his shoulders as if his actions were totally justified.

This was how the two stayed, in each others arms sat on the sofa in the house that the two shared together. Taking and enjoying the little times they managed to grab together without a body of crime scene between them. She drifted off to sleep, the double she pulled getting to her – Nick however couldn't close his eyes, he was enjoying watching her too much. He remembered the moment she agreed to marry him so clearly, he'd proposed to her over a romantic meal that he had put together with the help of a certain blond colleague. He had wanted to get everything just right – and things had been until he'd got down on one knee, pulled out the ring and looked into her eyes only to have her burst out into a fit of laughter. Thinking back now, he shook his head – a smirk forming as he ran his hand through her hair – that was his Sara for you!

They had known each other now for five years, and been going out for the past six months – things had never been better. He knew she was something special the first time he viewed her, true, he was on the top floor of a hotel looking down at her on the ground but he swears that even from that distance he saw the sparkle in her eyes and fell in love with that gaped tooth grin. The moment she moved to Vegas was the same moment Nick knew that nothing would ever be the same.

In the gap of five years so much had changed, she had worked her way into a great team and they had all become a family who had been through so much together. He had been abducted, attacked and stalked through the time but he was still here and able to move on with his life now that he had her and together the two were living the life they had always dreamed of. Nick always wanted someone to love, and Sara, due to the lack of such a thing in her earlier years of living wanted nothing more than to be loved, the two were a perfect match. The two were made for each other.