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10. Warp

"Talutah, pay attention!"

"Now why would I listen to such an incompetent youth such as yourself?"

"What!" Noizemaze demanded, only to let out an alarmed cry as a barrage of light-blue shots was suddenly upon them.A blue, silver, and gold stealthjet was suddenly past them, leaving the two in an abruptly clear space in the atmosphere, only to turn around and resume firing on them.

"Oh this is just great..." the orange and black seeker groaned as he and Talutah split in opposite directions. Noizemaze paused after a moment to find nothing had come after him, and turned back to see Soundwave flash into the damaged city, warping here and there, much to the other Unicronian's frustration. He quickly flashed downward, and transformed as he got in front of the blue mech, forcing Soundwave to transform.

"Remove yourself from my pathway," the Cybertronian rumbled as Talutah finally caught up and blocked the way he'd come.

"Come on, Soundwave. Join us, he can give you everything and anything you could ever want!"

"Sorry, 'brother'. There's only one thing I want, and your monstrosity up there is going to get served, and could never give what I'm trying to get. Besides, I played that song before, and it's time for me to play a different one that's true," Soundwave snapped, before vainishing in a white-blue flash, leaving them nothing to follow.

"You no-good, slagging, trash-compacting, mech of a pylon! I'll rip you into basic components the next time we cross wires, Soundwave!" Noizemaze howled... ... ...

"Primus! Don't do that!"

"Sorry, bro, got a tune for Override." The pink, white, and gold femme turned to face Soundwave and Blurr.

"What have you got for us, Soundwave?"

"Planet destruction imminent. Ships must launch now." There was a murmer of alarmed voices at this, and Override studied Soundwave's face for a moment before raising her hand for silence.

"What about Sixshot?" She asked, keeping her voice level.

"Sixshot terminated. Must complete mission. Noizemaze or Talutah must be terminated prior to arrival at Cybertron." Soundwave turned to leave, only to pull back slightly in surprise as a Autobot stepped forward.

"Hate to break it to you pal, but I'm not leaving anyone behind on a planet outnumbered two-to-one. I'm coming with ya, Sound, alright bro?"


"Aw, don't be that way. Besides, the BigBot ordered it, so you're stuck with me anyways."

"Shaft number 39A. Catch you down there?"

"Works for me," the younger Autobot chirped. Soundwave nodded, and turned back to look at Override again. "Launch now," he ordered, then vanished though his self-warp system.

"Slag! Can't he just hold still long enough to find him before warping again, just to be more fustrating?!" Noizemaze snarled as he stopped again, the signal of the sparked sword he'd been following vanishing. "SLAG YOU SOUNDWAVE!" He yelled angrily.

"No thanks, space cowboy. I'd much prefer to be able to see Cybertron again." Noizemaze and Talutah spun around to find Soundwave not far behind them, a dangerous look glinting in the mech's optic visor. The Autobot grinned at them under his battle-mask. "Long time since the last track, right dawg?" Soundwave chuckled before dodging the shot Talutah sent at him. "Now that's just crashing the party... Guess it's time to play a new beat," He added, launching off to the side, firing his blue shots everywhere as he went.

"You're not going to play anything!" Noizemaze barked, lunging at his previous comrade with his orange blade, only to have the blue-silver autobot dodge around him and land a hard kick that send him crashing into the ground yet again. Transforming, Soundwave shot off through the deserted streets of Natiotopia, capitol of Velocitron.

"You cannot escape!" Talutah cried, chasing after him as fast as his ancient legs would allow him until reaching an opening in the ground as Noizemaze caught up. The latter gave the older mech a look. "I'm not going down there," Talutah said bluntly.

"Robotic turkey," Noizemaze growled before jumping down after Soundwave, soon finding himself in a dark chamber that lacked in any light except what seeped through the opening above him. As his optics adjusted to the darkness, Noizemaze could make out the numbers 39A on the far wall. "Underground maintainence?" The black and orange mecha wondered aloud, flinching at how his voice echoed throughout the room. Might as well start looking, standing here is only going to leave me a target... Stepping away from the stream of light above, Noizemaze began his search for his opponent.

After several minutes of searching the room, the Unicronian soon decided that the mecha was gaining more of an advantage as he wasted time searching for him. Of course he's got the advantage... He must have already been through here several times in order to be able to navigate around above ground... Noizemaze thought to himself, then froze, hearing footsteps nearby that were far too heavy to be Soundwave's. Who is that? He cautiously turned, looking to find their source before seeing something almost directly behind him that hadn't been there before. Noizemaze's head tilted curiously at the familiar face, unable to place it at first. "You know, for a statue you look rather familiar... Where have I seen you before? Hmm..."

The optics flashed online, their bright green color making Noizemaze jump a good ten meters into the air as the 'statue' pulled out a silver-white spike from a makeshift pouch at his waist. "Maybe because I'm Wing Saber, and I've been chasing you halfway across the galaxy!"

Oh slag-- was the only thought Noizemaze's processors registered before unimaginable pain tore through his spark as the silver spike was forced through his chest at a lightning speed.

"Ugh! Now I have blood all over me!" Wing Saber wailed as Noizemaze fell against him, permanently offline.

"Mission accomplished. Retreat advised."

"Easy for you to say, that other one is still up there!"

"Think fast then!" Soundwave bolted for the opening, transforming once again as he went, Wing Saber doing likewise after pushing Noizemaze's lifeless frame off him. "I'm outta here! Wait for me, Soundwave!"

"Ah!" Talutah fell back as two transformers rocketed out of the opening, one a blue blurr, the other a white and gold streak of color as they raced off, soon warping through a white-blue portal and vanishing. Recognizing niether were his comrade, Talutah hesitated, still not willing to go below ground. Several long moments passed without any sign of Noizemaze, and Talutah finally gave up and cautiously made his way below to look for him, and soon discovered the aftermath of the other Unicronian's death.

"No..." Talutah moaned, as an angry amount of pressure began to build on his mind.

You have failed me, Talutah.

"No, no! Great Chaos Bringer, I promise--"

Your promises are empty.

Talutah screamed in pain. "I will repay you, My Lord!"

I should hope so... For the sake of your spark, 'less it become mine...

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