Author's Note: I'm sorry that this chapter took so long. A lot of things have been going on, so you'll have to forgive me. (Especially the tropical storm that has forced my college to cancel classes.) Please bear with me as I attempt to gather my train of thought for future chapters. The next chapter will delve a little more into the KH 2 secret ending and what it has to do with this story.

Chapter 4

Space Paranoids/Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

1:06 A.M.


A destroyer loomed in front of me, body crackling with electrical energy. Dark power coursed through my veins, byproduct of my anti-transformation. My senses were as sharp as ever. So this was what Sora went through when he hunted…

"Bring it on," I said confidently.

Dashing forward, I summoned my keyblade and sort of slid forward. I slid underneath the Heartless effortlessly. I swung the keyblade at one of his back legs, cutting cleanly through it. I stood up and performed a neat front flip out from under it. Roxas jumped down next to me with a wide smile on his face.

The Heartless that I had just attacked was fading away now. Roxas, Riku and I were in the new world, attempting to find Ansem the Wise. Thanks to last night, I wasn't speaking to him. That's why Roxas was with me now. Axel and Demyx stayed behind to keep an eye on Sora, which I was extremely grateful for. I was still worried about him…but he seemed to be doing better this morning.

His words still chilled me from last night. People in golden armor? Even Axel couldn't figure out what he meant. Somehow, maybe he was trying to give us a warning. A warning about what I wonder…

A small twinge hit my spine like an ocean wave. I winced. Roxas shot me a concerned glance. More Heartless…that was the twinge. Must be further ahead…

I shook my head. Sora was way better at this than I was. However, I had to strengthen my skills by myself.

"Roxas, there's Heartless up ahead. I think there may be a lot of them."

"Okay, let's investigate."

After going about a few yards ahead, we saw a medium-sized group of shadows covering something. A human, perhaps? I hissed and set off a Holy spell. The entire area went white as small orbs fired off 'lasers' into the writhing group. However, something was wrong. I started to feel weak in my legs…and then dizzy.

I fell to the ground. The spell shattered and faded.

What was going on? Why did I feel so dizzy? Maybe I was pushing myself too hard. Yes, that would be a logical explanation.

Roxas knelt down next to me and handed me a hi-potion. I uncorked it and drank it down quickly. My dizziness faded…but not by much. Riku helped Ansem the Wise off of the ground.

"His heart…was it stolen?" I asked softly.

"I can't tell," Roxas muttered.

I slowly straightened up into a standing position.

"He's unconscious. We need to get him back to Hollow Bastion," Riku announced.

That was one thing I could agree with. But why did something still feel off?


I gently sat Zion on the bed so that he could sleep and I could get some things done. The hotel room was empty. Demyx had chased Axel out into the streets for putting baby food in his hair earlier. They still hadn't come back. Kairi and the others were searching for Ansem the Wise. I stepped out of the bedroom, gently closing the door behind me. A peculiar scent found its way into my nose.

It wasn't the Nobodies. It was more like Heartless…

My senses began to burn. I felt a slight vibration underneath my feet.

Just what in the hell was heading my way?

Another vibration…this time stronger than before.

I think it's time to secure Zion and move to somewhere safe.

I opened the door and stepped inside the bedroom. My son was safely tucked away in a sling that Demyx had brought for him. I gently picked it up and fastened it to my body. There was a stronger vibration than before. This time, I was nearly knocked off of my feet by the sheer force. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the walls beginning to crumble.

Okay, gotta make my exit…and now.

My gaze shot over to the window.

A little unorthodox, but it had to do.

I hurried over to it and opened it. The walls to my right collapsed revealing the body of a destroyer. Without hesitation, I launched myself through the window. Walls and glass exploded behind me, littering the air with debris. A rooftop loomed before me. With one hand shielding Zion, I twisted my body so that I could negotiate a proper landing. Once I hit the roof, I straightened up.

How in the world did these Heartless get here?

The destroyer that was in the hotel turned in my direction. Energy crackled off of its body. My senses tingled. It was changing up a spell. Zion let out a shrill cry.

I think I need to move…

The moment I started to turn around, the hairs on the back of my neck began to rise. Instinctively, I conjured energy to shield Zion. Lightning crashed down onto my location with enough force to propel me off of the roof. Pain danced through my veins as I flew. I was nearly unconscious before I realized that I was actually falling. Twisting my body around, I managed to land on all fours. Pain shot through my right wrist.

Great…now I broke something else.

I straightened up and took in my new surroundings. I was in a street above two or three blocks away from the hotel. The destroyer that had attacked me before had somehow vanished. I probably would have though that such an occurrence was unusual if I was a normal human. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. All of the excitement had my heart racing. Not to mention that I was bordering on physical exhaustion.

A few moments had passed by before I had a small twinge again.

What now?

Zion had seemed to calm down a little since the destroyer attack. I didn't dare take the energy that was protecting him away. A loud roar pierced the silence. Fire motorcycle-like Heartless veered around the corner. I turned and started to run in the opposite direction. Just before I could get very far, six more motorcycle-like Heartless veered in front of me. I backed up a couple of steps.

They closed in instantly.

I swear I hate my luck. Why does every Heartless want a piece of me? Oh yeah…I'm the Keyblade Master.

I pulled my energy into my center, preparing for an area effect spell. Only one came into mind—the spell that Mickey used to destroy The World that Never Was: Ultima.

"Ultima," I whispered.

The words rolled forth from my lips and it seemed like the entire world stopped at that moment. Power burst forth from my body and shot into the air. The sky darkened instantly and fire began to rain down. It immediately began to engulf the Heartless. The energy intensified until there was nothing left of the Heartless or half of the town for that matter. After the spell died, I fell down to my knees. It was as if someone knocked the air out of my lungs. All of a sudden, I couldn't breathe. Perhaps I had pushed myself too hard.

Okay, I did push myself too hard.

I curled myself up into a protective ball around Zion.

"Once upon a time, Zion…there was a boy who wanted to see new places with his friends. Instead…"

I drew in a shaky breath.

"…he saved the world…"


Roxas, Riku and I ran down the street as fast as we could go towards the hotel. Once we got there…there was only debris and the remains of Heartless. My breath hitched in my throat.

Where was Sora?

I checked our link and found nothing.


I turned around only to see Axel and Demyx…but no Sora or Zion. I could feel myself beginning to panic.

"You guys are safe…" I said as calmly as I could.

"We've been trying to find Sora. He had released a powerful spell earlier that had wiped out a city block," Demyx said in a slightly high voice.

Oh god…the Heartless must have attacked him. I doubted if he had enough energy to fight off anything after last night…

"Did he have Zion?" Riku asked.

He was voicing the question I had in my heart.

"I doubt he could have left Zion behind," Axel commented dryly.

"Do you have any idea where he might be?" I asked, voice cracking with emotion.

It was like my world was crumbling around me.

"Kairi…calm down, it will be alright," Roxas said as calmly as he could.

"Come with us," Demyx said gently.

We followed them down the ruined street and around the corner. At first, we couldn't see much of anything…but then, I heard Zion's cry. My gaze fell on a body curled up into a loose ball.

"Sora…" I breathed.

I started forward. Upon closer inspection, the sling and Zion were being shielded by Sora's arms. I picked up a slight hint of energy from my son. He protected Zion with his own energy…Sora…

Roxas walked up to Sora and touched his neck.

"His pulse is erratic. I think he would be fine if he is allowed to recover fully at home. He feels so cold…"

I gently retrieved Zion from his arms and hugged him tight. Roxas promptly lifted Sora up over his shoulder.

"Axel, open a portal. We're going home.