Darklord X:

WHASSUP! Decided to start writing fics on a character that I feel hasn't had too much screen time and acknowledgement throughout the series as he could have had (Hell, his name isn't on the character fanfiction navigator, for cryin' out loud!). I am talking, of course, about Kyd Wykkyd. Decided to write a dark tragedy/angst this time. Read on to find out what happens! Ciao for now!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story takes place with the H.A.E.Y.P. still in existence, but features the H.I.V.E. F.I.V.E. as their own group within the academy.

P.S.: Just for fun, the date that I have set for this fic also happens to be my b'day! Yes, that's right people! I myself am an omen (insert maniacal laughter here)!

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.

Something Wykkyd This Way Comes

CHAPTER I:Unspoken

JUMP CITY – Friday 13th, January, 10:30

High above Jump City, the moon shines, bright and full. It is Black Friday and tonight the moon is considered an omen of bad luck to anyone that it may shine down upon…

"Where's Kyd?" See-More called out for no reason, looking up from the computer screen, where he was presently whipping Gizmo at a round of 'Mega Monkeys 4.1'. "It's ten thirty. Shouldn't he be back here by now?" ZAP! See-More turned back to the glowing screen with a groan; Gizmo had taken advantage of his concentration lapse by bombing him back to level one. "Who cares?" the mini techno-whiz said. "He's probably still hangin' out with Angel. You know," – he made a disgusted face – "his girlfriend!" Mammoth, who was sitting on the sofa watching TV, grunted in agreement. Jinx looked up from the book she was reading, (Criminal Geniuses throughout History) and frowned. "Y'know," she said to Gizmo, "I don't know why you're always ranting about her and Wykkyd. He's got a girlfriend, you don't. Get over it!" BOOM! The computer screen flashed the words GAME OVER insultingly into Gizmo's face as his team mates began to laugh at him. Gizmo began to grind his teeth in frustration, but didn't say anything. When the laughter had died down, however, Jinx began to wonder about Kyd, too.

See-More's right, she thought. He shouldn't be taking this long, especially at night. Brother Blood's gonna be pissed if he finds out that Kyd's been staying out this late. What is he doing? Her question was answered at that exact moment by the sound of the door swinging open. Jinx looked over, expecting to see Kyd Wykkyd standing there. He was, but…

What the Hell happened to him? Jinx thought incoherently.

Wykkyd's cape was tattered and torn. His left arm hung, limp and useless, at his side. He had lost his right glove, and the knuckles of his revealed pale hand were bruised and bleeding. The left peak of his mask was gone. His face was also bruised. And yet, it was the look on his face that had caused that panicky little thought to enter Jinx's head in the first place. His features were twisted into a mask of dulled pain and…something else. What? Was it fear? Was it sorrow?

Was it hate?

Jinx, however, was the only person who noticed this. If the others did, then they didn't acknowledge it. "Hey, Kyd!" See-More emerged from Gizmo's room. "Whoa!" he exclaimed, glancing at Wykkyd. "Tough night tonight, huh? Where have you been? We all thought you would've been back ages ago! Enjoyin' the evening with Angel, huh?" He shot Wykkyd a sly grin.

Wykkyd, however, slowly glided past See-More without a sound. He moved to the sink, grabbed a glass, and started getting himself a drink of water. See-More seemed annoyed. "C'mon, man!" he said exasperatedly. "What's your problem? You've been out nearly all night. I mean, the least you can do is talk, or mentally communicate, with us!" Wykkyd didn't even respond. He just stood there, calmly drinking his water, while See-More bristled at him.

Something's wrong, Jinx thought, with sudden intuition. Something is very wrong…

"I think that he's just embarrassed," sneered a voice. Gizmo had come out of his room and was walking over to where Kyd and See-More stood. "Somethin' bad happened tonight and our little Goth boy doesn't like it!" Gizmo smiled, as though clearly enjoying the discomfort he was causing Kyd Wykkyd (in truth, his blood was still boiling from the 'he-has-a-girlfriend-you-don't' comment, and he was venting his frustration on Kyd himself).

Kyd merely glared at Gizmo with his bloody eyes, and started moving towards his room. Gizmo, however, wasn't done.

"C'mon, Kyd," jeered Gizmo. "What happened? The Titans bust you up and humiliate you in front of your girlfriend? Or did she finally decide that you're a worthless, crud-sniffin' loser and break up with you?" Wykkyd's hand had closed upon the doorknob to his room. He hadn't opened the door yet. Jinx observed with foreboding that the hand upon the doorknob has shaking.

Back off, short stuff, she thought, with a strange, unexplainable fear. Just back off…

Gizmo didn't. "I don't know what you see in her!" he said suddenly, his vindictive irritation at its peak because of Wykkyd's lack of reaction. "She's just an ugly, stupid, snot-munchin'-"


Gizmo never got to finish his sentence. Wykkyd had spun around and kicked the tiny computer genius in the face, sending him flying across half of the room. Landing heavily on the floor, Gizmo shrieked with pain, holding his bleeding, broken nose with both of his hands. There were shocked shouts from See-More and Mammoth. Jinx sat where she was, pale and still, completely unable to believe what had just happened. Seemingly uncaring about what he had just done, Kyd Wykkyd turned around and finally opened his bedroom door. Before he could go inside, however, See-More had furiously stridden across the room and placed his hand heavily on Kyd's shoulder.

"Hey, man! What's your problem!" See-More asked, roughly spinning his friend around. Before he could say anything else, Kyd's fist flashed out in a wide arc, crashing into the side of See-More's jaw. See-More staggered drunkenly back, his expression suggesting that he was more surprised than hurt. With a growl, Mammoth advanced menacingly upon Wykkyd…

\Stay back…\ Wykkyd warned mentally in a rasping, feral voice, raising one hand in a halting gesture. Strangely enough, Mammoth hesitated. Jinx was wondering why…that is, until she actually looked into Kyd's eyes.

Behind the two crimson orbs through which Wykkyd observed the world and those around him, Jinx saw emptiness. There was something damned terrifying about that; there was a look of blank murder in those soulless red eyes…

Kyd Wykkyd slowly moved his outstretched open hand, until it was aimed at Gizmo, pointing accusingly at him.

\If you EVER talk about Angel that way again…\ Kyd snarled \I'll kill you…\ Without waiting for a response from any of his other team mates, Kyd Wykkyd turned around and stalked into his room, the door slamming shut behind him of its own accord. Slowly, the remaining members of the H.I.V.E. F.I.V.E. looked at each other, not knowing what to say. There was a deathly silence.

The front door opened and Billy Numerous walked in to the room, whistling cheerfully. The tune died on his lips when he saw his friends looking the way they were, and at the state of Gizmo.

"Whoa…" he said, finally. "What'd ah miss?"

Nobody answered him.