Title: 12 Steps

Author: BlazeorFade

Rating: T I guess for the blatant misuse of an AA meeting

Summary: Sam and Dean go undercover at an AA meeting.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

AN: This was inspired by a PM with HYPERLITE.HO. It just sorta stuck in my head and I needed to cheer myself up after the latest Hunters update. Okay that last bit was just shameless self promotion but its still true. Enjoy.

"Why are we here again?" Dean asked Sam as they entered the church basement.

"Because the man who owns the property runs this thing and we need to get in good with him before we can check out his house." Sam explained, again. They took seats in the back of the room and watched the meeting that was already underway.

The clapped along with everyone else as "Larry" told them about getting wasted and pissing on the ice sculpture at his ex-wife's wedding and realizing he needed to straighten out.

"What a loser." Dean snorted as the man made his way back to his seat. A couple of heads turned his way and he realized he'd said that a little too loudly.

"Excuse me sir? What was that?" The group leader or whatever the hell they called him asked from the front searching out the speaker.

"Nothing." Dean said coughing.

"Perhaps you'd like to speak next." The man said beckoning him forward.

"No I'm just listen-" Dean started but Sam interrupted him.

"He'd love to." Sam said using his superior height as leverage to get Dean out of his chair. He practically dragged the older man into the aisle.

"Sam!" Dean hissed at his brother.

"That's the guy, now shut up and tell them all about your drinking problem so we can get this job over with." Sam whispered pushing Dean forward. Dean glared back at h is brother and walked forward. He hoped Sam choked on the free cookies he was eating.

"Hi um, I've never really been to one of these." Dean said smiling nervously as the group turned their attention to him.

"Its okay, son we've all got to start somewhere." The AA guru, who's nametag read Chad, said.

"Thanks." Dean said tightly.

"Well, uh, my name is-" Dean stopped to glare at his brother who was laughing into his hand.

"My name is Sam and I'm an alcoholic.": Dean said standing a little straighter. He flashed Sam a cocky grin as he choked in the back.

'That's right, you little bitch.' Dean thought.

"I guess it all started when I was about fourteen and my first girlfriend dumped me cause she had a crush on my older bother, Dean. I realized I'd never measure up to him." Dean continued giving his best performance. He sighed and pretended to need a moment before speaking again.

"I can't really hate him though. You know he's the best big brother a guy could have, a handsome devil too. Its just so hard." Dean said looking down at his shoes. To everyone else it looked like he was trying to compose himself but he was trying his hardest not to laugh at the death glare Sam was giving him.

"Its very brave of you to come forward Sam." Chad said putting a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Chad," He said smiling sadly. "But I owe it all to my brother. He inspired me to get my drinking under control."

While everyone clapped at his brave confession Dean swaggered off the stage and back to his seat in the back.

"You suck." Sam hissed at him once he was seated and someone else was talking.

"Whatever dude, when's this over? I need a beer." Dean said slipping on his sunglasses so no one would see him dosing off in his seat. He really should have waited till he wasn't still hung over to come to this thing.