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Blueberry Muffins

Momoshiro Takeshi sighed. This was the third week in a row he had woken up early, and having nothing else to do until morning practice, found himself in a coffee shop.

The unusual thing was, he was not the only one there when he arrived from Seishun High.

The even more unusual thing was that it was Inui-senpai.

Momo found it to be a little odd, mainly because Inui-senpai didn't seem to be the kind of person to be sitting in a small café in the morning, drinking coffee and eating a muffin. But whatever.

Normally the two ignored each other and went along with whatever they were doing. But not today.

Momo had arrived a few minutes before Inui, and sat down at a table. Once his Senpai was finished getting his drink and muffin, he made his way over to Momoshiro, and sat down across from him.

"Morning, Inui-senpai." Was the only thing Momo could think of to say.

"Good morning, Momoshiro." He said, setting down his food, and then going into his bag and pulling out the over present note book. "There is something I would like to discuss with you. I would have waited until after practice, but I thought you may be more comfortable talking about this where no one else might over hear."

"Okay," Momo said slowly, taking a small sip of his coffee. "What is it?"

He watched his Senpai's eyes go over a few lines from the note book, before the looked up into his own violet ones.

"Your behavior."

"My..behavoir? What about it?"

"There are several items I can point out to you- which I will, in a few moments- that lead to one thing."

"You mean you know why I've been waking up so early and all that other crap that's been happening has been happening?"

"I believe so, yes."
"What are you waiting for then, Inui-senpai! What is it?"

"Well, Momoshiro, it seems that you miss Echizen."