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Chapter 21


Momo sat back in his seat in the theater.

The movie was nothing short of boring.

He glanced at Ryoma. The boy was watching the screen.

That was probably all he was doing. Watching. That, or he had learned to sleep with his eyes open. It was doubtful that the tennis prodigy was paying any attention to the movies plot. The two main characters had been talking about something- he didn't know what- for about an hour. In the same spot. A bench in a park.

Ryoma caught him watching him. He looked over at him. "What?"
Momo sighed. "This movie sucks."
"I know. But if you look closely..There's a tennis match going on in the background."

"Really?" Momo looked back at the screen. So there was. But as he looked, the main characters –which were blocking most of the screen by the point- were making out.

He cast another glance at Echizen.

But this time, he noticed something.


Eiji, Oishi, Inui, Kaidoh, Fuji and even Tezuka sat two rows behind them.

He stared open mouthed for a second. Fuji and Eiji waved at him.


"Hey. Ryoma. I can't take any more of this. Let's go get something to eat."

"But your money-"
"I'd rather loose some money than die of boredom."

"Fine. Let's go."
Ryoma stood up, and walked out with Momo not far behind him.

As they passed the group of tennis players, they all watched him walk out.

Momo grinned. They couldn't all just get up and walk about, could they?
….They could. There was hardly anyone inside that theater anyway.. Besides for a few young teen girls, and some old people.

Momo glanced back at the door to the show room. No one had come out yet.

At least he thought.

If they had let Fuji out… to follow them, maybe?... then he could be anywhere.

"You know?" Momo said quickly. "I'm.. Not so hungry anymore. Want to go back to my place and play video games?"

Ryoma stopped. "Not hungry?"
"Yeah." Momo lied. He could always grab some chips or something at home. "My sisters aren't there… neither are my parents.. So you don't have to worry about them."

"Okay. Let's go…quick."
"Why quick?"

"Because… The Senpai are in there."
Ryoma looked at Momo wide eyed. "What? So that's why you wanted to leave all of a sudden. Mada Mada Dane, Senpai."

"Yeah, but you never know with that group!" Momo said, looking at him, then turning his neck, checking behind him for anything that seemed suspicious. "You could be talking to Oishi-Senpai about something, then…the very next second- and Eiji-Senpai is eating his face."
"..Eating his face?"
"….Or something. At least that's what it looks like."

Ryoma smirked. "Right. So they all do that then?"
"Yes!" Momo cried. "It's weird to catch Fuji-Senpai and Tezuka-Buchou… but God. If you want to see something scary..there's always Inui-Senpai and that Viper."

"I'll pass."

"Oh, you'll see it sooner or later. Probably sooner than later. It's..scary. Walk into the club house- you'll end up walking right back out! I'm serious!"
"So why don't you find someone to do it with?"

"Oh?" Momo asked, unlocking his front door, then checking behind him again. "And who might you suggest?"

Ryoma followed him into his bed room.

"Remember that night on the phone a few months ago, Momo?"

"I'll tell you what happened now, if you'd like."

The two of them sat on the bed. Momo leaning against his head board, and Ryoma against the wall.

Momo nodded.

"…I had a boyfriend. His name was Kei. Met him in America. Kei was sick, and we didn't find out until it was too late. He had gotten sick one night I was over there-no nothing happened. My whole family was there. For dinner…. So his mom took him to the hospital. He didn't make it through the night. As soon as it happened, his mom called my dad. Family friends, you know?" He paused as Momo nodded again. "…Soon as I was told, I went up to my room and shut myself in. Never got to find out just what he had. And now I'm afraid to ask…don't want to reopen old wounds."

"Damn, Ryoma… I'm really sorry."

Ryoma nodded. "Took me a while to get back down to earth. Actually, it took a tennis ball from Horio to hit me in the face." A small smile on his lips, as he confessed that last part. "But anyway Momo..Who might I suggest?"

He scooted closer to the older boy.

Momo watched him closely.

"I told you. Maybe in the future.. Was that it?"

Momo nodded slowly. "Ryoma..are you-"
"I suggest me, Momo."
And then Ryoma kissed him.

And then suddenly he was kissing back.

Then the next thing either of them knew, one was half on top of the other, and they were breathing heavily.

"Wow." Momo breathed, looking into golden eyes. "Let's do that again."
Ryoma smirked. "We can do it as much as you want- as long as you promise not to die on me."

"Deal. Now, Kiss me Echizen. Now."

And he did.



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