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Chapter 21

Haley had just stepped out of Nathan's car after pulling in front of Peyton's house. She turned back once more to give her boyfriend an assuring smile as she waved him off before taking the next few steps to Peyton's front porch. She took a deep breathe before opening the front door. Haley found it odd that Peyton always kept her front door unlocked but Nathan just told her to walk right in knowing this fact, she did. After closing the door Haley called out Peyton's name but there was no response back. Haley feeling a bit uncomfortable standing in the hallway of someone's house who she hardly talked to or knew about, was about to turn back around to leave when she heard footsteps coming down the stairs.

"Haley, buddy! Great of you to finally come and visit!" Peyton chuckled and wrapped her right arm around Haley's shoulder and led her up the stairs.

"Thanks…I mean for letting me stay and everything…." Haley said shyly as her eyes roamed around the house.

"Of course! I told I got your back!" Peyton smiled as they reached the top of the stairs.

"So uhmmm…" Haley glanced down and back up as if inspecting Brooke to pop out of one of the rooms any second.

"Brooke is home Haley…" Peyton said bluntly.

"Oh yeah?" was the only thing that came out of Haley's mouth.

"Yeah she is…She actually just got back a minute ago after your brother acted like a total b-tch to her." Peyton explained.

"Huh?" Peyton decided to lead her into the other guest room to talk to Haley about what happened.

"Brooke went to apologize to him about everything and he acted like a complete jack-ss and now Brooke is crying her eyes out…She won't even take the chocolate cake I baked her…That's serious. I mean I know he's your brother and all Haley, but Brooke is like a sister to me and when some guy treats her like crap I can't just stand around and do nothing about it. And I know you have your issues with Brooke now too but if you want to stay here I need you to be okay with Brooke. Now I'm not telling you to completely forgive her for what happened because I do understand your anger but I just need you to try and keep peace between you two."

"Look Peyton I really appreciate everything you are doing for me and there's no way I would even consider going here if I was just going to create a mess in your life too. You've been a good friend to me these last few days of craziness and I want you to know that I would never disrespect you like that. Actually after talking to Nathan and after the day I had today I've realized that what Brooke did was nothing compared to what my family has done to me. And I know Brooke didn't mean for the whole world to know, if anything it would've come out either way, considering how this whole town works." Haley let out a small chuckle.

"So are you saying you've forgiven Brooke??" Peyton asked.

"I don't even think there's anything to forgive her about. I mean she only told you after being told by my "jack-ss" brother who I told not to tell anyone. I don't even know why he would even be mad at her after he already did the same thing she has done. Brooke has nothing to do with what happened to me and besides best friends always tell each other everything right? Look do you mind if I talk to her alone for a bit? I know it's your house and all and I feel weird asking you-"

"Hales, just go…" Peyton laughed, cutting Haley off before she goes into one of her ramblings. Peyton showed her to her room before heading downstairs to give Jake a call and have a piece of her chocolate marble cake she had made earlier.

As Haley got closer to Peyton's room, she could hear the faint cries of Brooke Davis, the girl who her own brother once loved and now left her heart broken. As Haley listened in, she couldn't help but feel her pain, to think that you know one person only to be hurt by them in the end. She didn't know much about her but from what Lucas has told her, Brooke Davis was one lonely girl. Like herself, Brooke's parents have also deserted her, leaving her behind to go live in California, of course it was Brooke's idea to stay behind, but after they had left, it's like Brooke's parents didn't even exist. They only write her simple letters once a month, mostly talking about how busy they are with work and not to spend all the money they send to her in one place. The only people Brooke had in her life was Peyton and Lucas and with Lucas turning his back on her, Brooke had no one but Peyton. But Peyton has her boyfriend, Brooke would never try to make her choose between Jake and herself. So most of the time since Brooke and Lucas was over, Brooke spent her time alone. Haley felt that same pain, but worse, the people who she thought she trusted turned their back against her. Haley knew if there was someone who she can somewhat relate to, Brooke was the person to go to. Haley finally knocked on the door before entering in hopes to find some comfort with a new found friend.

After what happened that day Lucas had decided to go to the one place where he could always feel free. The one place that he did his best healing at, the Rivercourt. Lucas had been there for the last 20 minutes dribbling and shooting the orange ball in his hands. It was a beautiful night, you could see the entire sky lit up wit a billion twinkles. The only thing Lucas could hear was the whisper in the wind. The cold breeze didn't even faze him at that moment, he just had too much in his mind with Haley, Brooke and his mom. Why can't Haley forgive him? Why can't he forgive Brooke? How is his mom going to react when she finds out about the father of the child she's carrying? When will his life get back to normal? Question after question kept circling around his head, but unfortunately not even one he could even try to answer. Frustrated at himself and everything Lucas finally lunged the ball in his hands, smacking it hard against the backboard letting it bounce off over his head. Lucas ran his hands through his golden locks, frustration taking hold of him. His thoughts was interrupted by the steady beat of the ball bouncing back towards him. Lucas brought his head up perturbed, knowing he was suppose to be alone, he did a 180 and stared at the person coming towards him slowly getting a better vision of this person.

Finally realizing who the person was Lucas spoke up. "What are you doing here??" he said a little annoyed.

"Nice to see you too…" he smirked shooting the ball in the air and making a swish through the basketball net.

"Where's Haley?" he glared.

"She's at Peyton's." Nathan replied glaring back.

"Whatever." Lucas turned back around, grabbed his basketball and was about to leave but Nathan quickly interrupted.

"Are you going to keep acting like a big baby?? Because hey be my guest, in the end you're still going to end up looking like a jackass." Nathan called out.

Lucas stopped and turned around to stare back at Nathan; if looks could kill.

"Look all I'm saying is if you ever want to work things out with Brooke or Haley…"

"Why don't you shut the f-ck up and mind your own damn business…" Lucas exclaimed tossing the ball at him as hard as he could.

Luckily Nathan caught it, but let out a grunt seeing as it came to him as a surprise. "Haley is my business, I care about her okay?!" Nathan called back tossing the ball back to Lucas that same way Lucas had earlier. "And believe it or not I care about you too."

"You don't give a rats ass about me and if you know what's good for you, stay away from Haley!" Lucas once again tossed the ball at Nathan, but to Lucas' surprise Nathan just raised his hands in the air and let the ball smack him on the chest.

"I'm not doing this…I don't want to fight you okay…C'mon Luke you're better than this. Why are you so against me being with Haley anyway??" Nathan asked picking up the ball and bounce passing it to Lucas.

"I-I…I just don't like it okay!" letting the frustration get to him again Lucas spun around and hurled the basketball into the river making a big splash.

Nathan just held his head down and shook it, he couldn't help but feel bad for his broken friend who was now on the ground on his knees. Nathan came toward him and grabbed his shoulder to help him up but Lucas just pulled away from his grasp and glared at him.

"What are you doing here Nate?" Lucas got up and walked over to the picnic table and sat down and placed his head into his palms.

"I just dropped your sister over at Peyton's house and was going home when I saw you here…" Nathan responded taking the empty seat beside Lucas.

"Why? I don't deserve anything…" Nathan could hear the pain in Lucas voice, he wanted to help his friend so bad, but he couldn't do anything if he doesn't want the help.

"Why are you against me and Haley, Luke?" Nathan asked again.

"Because…you…you caused all of this…"

"What?" Nathan was taken aback by Lucas' response.

"Ever since Haley started going out with you everything changed…She…I want to be there for her…I should be the one there for her… I'm her big brother…I'm suppose to protect her not you…I AM!" Lucas exclaimed finally breaking down in front of his former best friend.

"I'm sorry Luke…" Nathan said simply.

"I don't know what to do anymore…As if my life wasn't messed up enough, mom had to drop a bombshell about her pregnancy…and then Brooke came over wanting forgiveness…How can I forgive her for what she's done if I can't even forgive myself…What am I suppose to do?? I messed up…I just want to make things easier on her somehow…but she won't even give me a chance…"

"Just give her time Luke…"

"That's what everyone keeps telling me to do…but how long am I suppose to wait?? She's my baby sister…I'm suppose to protect her through all of this but I've done nothing but hurt her even more…What the hell am I suppose to do when Dan or Chris does something to her again? I wasn't there for her the first time and I wish I had, but how the hell am I going to be here for her now when she won't even let me in?!"

"Haley needs time Luke, everything is happening so fast I mean in just a week her whole life has been turned upside down. You can't just expect her to wake up the next morning feeling like Mary Poppins and sing happy tunes all day. Haley is a tough girl, tougher than you know and you have to know Luke that you're not the only one that wants to protect her. Yeah she's hurt but you just have to give her time to at least let this all sink in. She's already forgiven Brooke for what happened, just give her time and in no time she'll forgive you too, just like you will also forgive Brooke." Nathan stated.

"She forgave Brooke??" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, so don't feel so frustrated. She'll come around…" Nathan placed his hand on Lucas' shoulder for assurance.

"Why would she forgive Brooke and not me??" Lucas asked confused.

"Cause your family, it hurts more. But like I said just wait…" Nathan looked at Lucas who just nodded in agreement.

"Look, I just want you to know that I've trusted you with Haley this whole time because if I didn't I wouldn't of agreed with you going out with her in the first place. I guess I was just jealous of the relationship you have with her, the closeness…I use to have that role in her life, her go to person, but now she has you and I respect that. I'm glad she finally has someone like you in her life…and if she had to date anyone I'm glad it's you…" Lucas looked up and smiled at his friend once again.

"Thanks Luke, it means a lot man…But hey if you ever need anything you know I'm here alright?" Nathan lifted his fist in which Lucas returned with his fist butting into it.

"Well I think I better get home, gotta wake up early tomorrow…" Lucas said getting up from the table.

"Why?" Nathan looked at him confused.

"Because I have to go fishing for my basketball before someone gets to it first." Lucas said with a chuckled followed by Nathan's.

"Alright man take care of yourself…just call if you need anything…" Nathan got up from the bench also and gave his best friend a handshake followed by a hug.

"Thanks…You too…and take care of her alright?" Lucas said walking away.

"Always man…" Nathan said as he waved before tucking his hands in his pockets and headed towards his car himself.

Brooke jumped from the spot she was sitting at as she heard the knock on the door. She knew it couldn't of been Peyton since Peyton wouldn't knock on her own bedroom door. Brooke quickly wiped her tears away and straightened herself up thinking the knock was from Peyton's dad coming home wanting to check up on them. Brooke cleared her throat before she spoke.

"Come in…" She mustered up the best cheerful voice she could make.

To Brooke surprise again it wasn't at all Peyton's dad, but the sister of the guy who's made her cry the whole night.

"Hey…" Haley smiled as she closed the door behind her.

"Uhmmm…you're not planning to kill me are you??" Brooke asked a little freaked out.

Haley gave her a weird look and chuckled. "What? No… I actually just wanted to talk to you…" she explained taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

"Uhmmm I'm sorry, but aren't you suppose to be mad at me??" Brooke asked more confused.

"I was, but I decided not to be mad anymore…" Haley smiled at her and patted her hand.

"But how can you just….you can't just forgive me just like that?? What's the real deal?" Brooke took her hand away worried there was some kind of catch somehow or this was some kind of candid camera joke thing.

"Look Brooke it was wrong of you to tell Peyton about me, but I've realized that if it wasn't for my idiotic of a brother telling you about it in the first place, you wouldn't have anything to tell Peyton about. So there's no point in getting mad over something that was totally accidental in the first place." Haley explained.

"Does this mean you've forgiven Lucas too??" Brooke sniffled.

"Look this has nothing to do with Luke and I, this is about you and me. You've been a good friend to me especially when I was having a breakdown at the girl's washroom on that day…and I never really thanked you for that…I just want you to know that I was never really upset with you in the first place…I was just in complete shock…"

"Haley I'm so sorry…" Brooke's tears once again started to fall as she clenched onto Haley's hand.

"Brooke I told you there's nothing to be sorry about okay…Just forget about it…We're friends now…I'm not mad…" Haley put her other hand on top of Brooke's and then gave her a hug.

"Thanks Haley, you don't know how much this means to me…" Brooke smiled as she hugged her tighter.

"Brooke…air…breathe…" Haley chocked out.

Brooke instantly let her go and wiped her tears away and let out a small chuckle. "Sorry…"

"It's okay…stop apologizing so much!" Haley started laughing.

"Hey…What's going on here?? Starting a party with out me??" Peyton's head peeked into the door watching her friends laugh.

"So how's Jake?" Haley asked.

"How'd you know I was talking to Jake?" Peyton scrunched up her eyebrows.

"Oh c'mon P. Sawyer, knowing you, you we're probably gabbing it out with him while eating my chocolate cake…" Brooke put her hands on her hips and gave Peyton a stern look.

"Okay, okay… But I thought you weren't going to eat it…So I thought I might as well…" Peyton laughed as she sat on the bed beside Haley.

"MmmMm I want some chocolate cake!" Haley exclaimed as she clapped her hands together.

"Yes after my day today I need me some chocolate cake too!" Brooke said with a half frown.

"So what did happen with you and my stupid brother anyway??" Haley asked getting both feet up on the bed and crossing them.

"Alright B. Davis, you explain the situation while I get the chocolate cake…" Peyton chuckled.

And with that, the girls talked throughout the whole night, leaning on one other. It was the first time Haley have felt like she can actually open up to someone other than Nathan. From then on Brooke Peyton and Haley had become closer friends than they ever could. Haley was so content that her worries about her family just faded away, at least for that moment. Who knew something really good could actually come out of something terrible.