I do not own any of the G.I. Joe characters, or any other character, movie title, book or anything else that is copywrited in this storyline. The only thing that rightfully belongs to me is my imagination. So please, no law suits.

This is my first ever Fan Fiction of G. I. Joe. I have only seen the cartoon since childhood and still do not know the full comic storyline, even though I know some details. If I have a mistake, please send me a email or PM and not a Cobra Bomb. Thank you.

I do hope that you all enjoy this story. It took me six weeks to complete. I am now writing my next Joe tale. I hope this brings a smile to your face and if not, please do not send me to Destro's Dungeon.. Do not like rats.. Or snakes.. Thank you.

If you feel that this story should have a sequel, please let me know.


Scarlett Slipper