"…and I still have the scars from Scarletts' target practice session." said an embarrassed Duke.

Falcon had been totally silent throughout the story, now burst out laughing. "I cannot believe you did that to them!"

"Oh, Believe it!" said Flint. "I still have nightmares of that Lion chasing me in Beach Heads' underwear." making the others join in the laughter.

"So, how did you pull off the perfect six year old act?" asked an intrigued Falcon.

"Easy, I mimicked you." came the answer, grinning at his brothers' horrified look.

"I never seen Foofoo around, do you still have him?"

Duke shook his head. "I have not seen him either. Do you have him, Red?"

"No, I have not seen the stuffed lion since leaving him on your bed. I thought you had him all this time." answered Scarlett.

"Great! New case for Nancy Drew, 'The Case of the Missing Stuffed Lion.' " said Beach Head.

"Hey Listen!" came the voice of Cover Girls'. "I do not hear any thunder anymore."

Lady Jaye nodded, "And the rain stopped too."

"Yeah, but still no power." stated Flint.

Falcon glanced down once more at the old tattered book. Once again he flipped the page over. More colorful pictures of his teammates looked directly at him. One of the pictures caused him to smile as there staring back at him was Duke near a sleeping Polar Bear. Next to that picture illustrated Flint and Lady Jaye in sweats, but noticing that Jayes' pants were MIA. The one below it gave him a shock.

"Is that Beach Head with a.. and a.." he stuttered.

Beach Head growled. "What is that doing in there?"

Flint looked up to the ceiling whistling, while Duke gazed at an imaginary spot on his shirt.

"Spill it Beach!" pleaded Falcon. This story he wanted to hear.

Beach Head gave another growl. "Fine.. You want the story you got it. Tried it once, did not like it, never again. The end!"

Suddenly the lights flickered then dimmed and flicked fully back on.

"Power is back on!" cried out Cover Girl.

"Thank you Miss Marple!" Beach Head grunted.

Falcon closed the book and handed back to Scarlett. "Thanks for showing me this."

The red head gave him a smile, "Anytime." She stood and replaced the album on a shelf near the other couch.

"I hope this time it remains there." said Lady Jaye giving both Flint and Duke a hard stare.

"Well, this was a fun moment going down memory lane." said Cover Girl with a yawn. "But I am ready for bed."

Beach Head and Falcon both stood up from their sitting positions on the floor. "Yeah, we should do this more often, like maybe once a decade." suggested Beach Head and gave off a moan from Cover Girl punching him in the arm.

Duke, Scarlett, Flint and Lady Jaye rolled their eyes. All seven of the team members started to make their way down the hall and towards their quarters. Rounding a corner of the hallway a small creature greeted them.

"What the.."

"Oh no! Who let her in?"

"Not again!"


"Oh.. Floobagooble." they all said at the same moment as an unpleasant order surrounded them.