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Chapter 10: Prank 'n Plot-ters

The Dursleys, Kings of Normality, at least, in their minds, were collected around Petunia's favorite tea set for an afternoon tea. It had been a long time since Petunia had the chance to have a nice tea with the family. Either Vernon would be working or that... abomination, to put it politely, would manage to ruin anything from making the weather too nice and her ickle Dudley would be compelled to be out to leaving a speck of grim on the floor, which obviously offset the mood.

With a pleasant smile, they discussed various topics. Or rather, Petunia and Vernon discussed while Dudley made sure that no biscuit felt ignored from lack of being eaten. The conversation was turned to the delightful little vacation Vernon had managed to procure for them, as it had been the lumbering man's wit and cunning that had gotten them such a prized vacation. It had been such a long time since they were able to vacation, they hadn't had such a long vacation since before the freak had come to live with them. After all, they didn't wish ill on the neighborhood and according to that freak Bubblydoor they were the only people who could suppress his magic enough that he wouldn't destroy the world. Oh, the things they did for the world.

Their delightful little tea party ended abruptly when the subject of their musings appeared out of nowhere, landing on Petunia's tea set. The tea set shattered and poured tea and biscuit crumbs all over the floor.

With expressions that could be called less than friendly, the Dursleys looked over at the bane of their existence.

Harry, for his part, once he noticed where he landed quickly scrambled away from the mess. One look at his relatives faces left him in no doubt of how sour the day had become. First Dumbledore, then the Dursleys. Had he been a Dark Lord, the D section of the telephone book would be next on his 'To Be Obliterated' list. However, Harry was not a Dark Lord, and so with a gulp, he quickly procured the vacation package and money from his shopping bag. He had put them in there before he had left the Leaky Cauldron and was glad he had. He doubted the Dursleys would have allowed him the time needed to dig them out of his obviously magical trunk.

His face quickly turning purple, Vernon clenched the papers in his hand before pointing at the stairwell. "Go, just Go" he gritted out. By this time, Petunia was leaning over her prized tea set, it's sudden worth expanding greatly as she mourned each piece as it were given to her by the Queen herself. Dudley for his part was just glaring at Harry, like he normally did.

Beating a hasty retreat, Harry rushed up the stairs, taking two at a time, until he was safely in his room. Leaning against the back of the closed door, Harry slumped down and caught his breath. Of all the placed Dobby appeared, it had to be in the living room, and it had to have been on his Aunt's tea set. 'The only thing missing to complete this day would be Dumbledore,' Harry thought bitterly.

No sooner than the thought pass did Fawkes once again show up in all his brilliance, clutching a piece of parchment. With a sight and a mental curse to the fates, Harry lifted himself off the ground and untied the letter from Fawkes. Not even caring to look at it, he threw the letter on his desk. Fawkes seemed to be in no hurry of leaving, and perched on Harry's shoulder, rubbing his head against Harry in a silent request to be allowed to stay.

Harry absentmindedly pet Fawkes as Fawkes preened under the attention. Soon enough, Fawkes glided over to Hedwig and the Gringott's owl, leaving Harry standing. A sudden movement in the corner of his eyes alerted him to the fact that he wasn't alone. He quickly swung around and in mid stride paused, causing him to nearly fall.

"D-Dobby? I thought you left already! Did you need something?," a shocked Harry stumbled out. Dobby turned beet red and fidgeted with his foot. If Harry didn't know any better, he would have thought Dobby was about to ask him out or something. 'At least... I hope he isn't," Harry thought with a bit of apprehension.

"Dobby was wondering," Dobby finally managed to get out before getting quiet and, if possible, turning a deeper shade of red.

"Yes, Dobby, you were wondering...," Harry prompted, getting a bit more nervous.

As if Death Eaters were on his tail, Dobby quickly stumbled out, "WouldHarryPotterSirLikeDobbyToBeHisHouseElf?" Once he managed to get it out, Dobby squeaked before popping out, leaving Harry standing there pretty much dumb struck.

'Hold on and wait a bit, what did he say? Wouldha Rotter Sirloin Dobby Toby His How Self? Wait...that can't be right," Harry mentally went over the phrase a few more times in his head before he finally got the gist of Dobby's statement.

"Dobby!," Harry called out and then waited. "Maybe he suddenly got busy?" he rationalized to himself. He waited. "Oh, I'm sure he's on his way." Then he waited some more. Soon enough fifteen minutes had passed and so, he thought to try again, "Dobby! Could you come here?"

This time it only took 5 minutes before Dobby peaked out from inside of Harry's wardrobe, squeaking when he saw Harry and ducking back inside. 'Honestly, you'd think I was about to give him matched socks or something.'

Using a gentler tone, Harry tried one more time, "Dobby, I'd be honored if you'd be my House Elf. Though, I don't know how that would really work, I could pay you." Dobby shyly got out of the wardrobe before throwing himself on Harry, "Oh thank you! Dobby doesn't need paying, Dobby gets to be a Potter House Elf!"

Harry, understandably, was a bit shocked. Though, being shocked could be attributed to the sudden arrival of a dozen or so House Elves. As if they practiced, all the house elves bowed at Harry before one walked up.

"Master Harry, I is being Fred. I am the Head Elf of the Potter Estates. Dobby tells us you wanted to meet us?" said Fred.

Harry suddenly remembered the promised meeting with the Potter House Elves before smiling. "Yes, if that's alright with you."

For the next hour, Harry was introduced to the Potter House Elves. Fred, like he said, was the Head Elf of the Potter Estates. Besides him, there were Shaggy, Scooby, Doo, Velma, and Daphne. Shaggy was in charge of Godric's Hollow, Scooby and Doo were twin elves in charge of Potter Castle, Evan's House was under the management of Velma, and Daphne was in charge of Merlin's Hut. Behind them were ten more elves, including Dobby. Fred introduced those as Bruce, Wayne, Peter, Parker, Clark, Kent, Betty, Matt, and Murdock. They managed the rest of the Potter Properties along with the support staff. They spent most of that time getting Harry acquainted with the estates. In the end, Harry decided to move into Potter Castle once he was emancipated.

Before long, all the house elves, sans Dobby, left and Harry felt pretty good with himself. Looking at the clock, he still had a few more hours before Remus would arrive and so he looked at his trunk, it seems like now would be the perfect time to play with his trunk some more. As he put down and unshrunk his new trunk and moved it near his old, he heard Hedwig start to hoot up a storm. Turning around, he noticed that not only Hedwig, but the Gringotts owl were scowling and 'yelling' at Fawkes, who had a mischievous smirk on his beak. Harry just shook his head, he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

The hours passed fairly quickly as Harry transferred the contents of his old trunk into his new trunk. Not wanting to get a citation for underage magic, Harry just decided to store the old trunk, unshrunken, in his new potion's lab. Getting up, he checked on his patient, who was doing much better, to Hedwig's delight, and cleaned up her tray. Somewhere in the time Harry had been unpacking, Fawkes had left.

Before he knew it, there was a soft knock on the door. Harry swung the door open to great the open air. A look of confusion crossed his face before understanding hit and he opened his door wide before closing it.

"Okay Moony, you can take the cloak off now."

"Thanks cub, how did your weekend go? No need to talk about the end of it though, I ended up having to search Elegiac Alley for you. Dreadfully sad place, though very useful for Mugics."

Harry told Remus all about his weekend, even showing him the trunk and his new potion's lab. "I figure this would be the best cross between the Traveling Potion Master's Trunk. Even though that was only a three compartment and only really held finished potions and ingredients...and the Scholar's Trunk." Remus nodded, the trunk was rather impressive, even if it would take half his yearly salary to buy. 'Unless I just used a fraction of the money Sirius gave me...speaking of which," Moony thought as a dark scowl crossed his face.

Harry gave an inquiring look to Remus. Remus just sighed and just said four words in explanation, "I went to Gringotts." Harry just nodded his head, it was a good explanation, but curiosity prompted him to inquire further, "And...?"

"I've been the proud owner of Security Vault 1685. In the years it's been inactive, the galleons have nearly doubled. And yes, the deed to 17 Vincent Ct. is in there." Harry crossed over to Remus and hugged him, who gladly hugged him back. "I know I said I believed you cub, but just seeing the vault made it real."

"I know, Moony, I know. I hardly want to believe it myself. If I had to make a guess, you're not the only one with secret unknown vaults at Gringotts."

"I could discreetly tell people to check Gringotts," started Remus, pondering how to fix this.

"No, Dumbledore would find out and then we'd both be in trouble. He went through a lot of trouble to keep this from both of us, I don't think I want to know what he'd do if he learned we found out."

"True, the man has eyes and ears everywhere. Even further then we suspect. After all, the entire order doesn't know where headquarters are. Before the war ended the first time, the membership was in the hundreds."

Harry nodded, "Who knows who has rejoined since Voldemort has reappeared."

After spending some time trading ideas back and forth, they finally decided to let Gringotts do the work for them. They composed the letter together and bribed Hedwig into delivering the letter, after all, the last trip she took, she didn't get injured. When Harry pointed this out, Remus scowled.

"The Gringott's owl showed up battered and burned? I can't believe he put up a mail ward without your knowledge!"

"A what?" Harry was confused, but whatever it was, it didn't sound good.

"It's a ward that blocks postal owls, except those who consider the place home, from coming through. Determined birds can get through, but at great cost and danger."

They spent some more time grumbling in general about Dumbledore before Harry's stomach gave out a growl. Remus chuckled, "Hungry much, cub?" Harry just rolled his eyes and went to his trunk and pulled out a box of food, after all, he didn't really want to go downstairs to the Dursleys anytime in the next coming week.

"Would you like some.." Harry paused and glanced down at the box, "Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp and Broccoli and A Bottle of Pumpkin Juice?"

Remus smiled, "Ah, the wonders of Magic, I remember the first few weeks after we Graduated Hogwarts, the four of us practically lived off those, until Lily saw our apartment and took over. Next thing you knew her and James were married and we had a standing invitation to dinner." Remus chucked again, "Lily said we had to fend for ourselves for Lunch."

Harry smiled, "Do you have any more stories?" The two had a pleasant dinner, Remus talking about the good ol' times and Harry listening about his parents. As hard as he tried to stay awake, he fell asleep a half hour before Remus had to leave. Remus looked over at the sleeping teen and grinned before placing him into bed. He gently tucked Harry in and took one last look before sneaking out of the house with a smile on his face.

Dobby peeked out from the wardrobe after Remus left and tip toed over to the desk and took the innocent letter laying on the desk before popping and quietly as he could out of the room. He reappeared in a small room, containing about, oh, say, sixteen other house elves. While Harry had been talking with Remus, Dobby had been doing some talking of his own. The Potter Elves had been shocked with what they had learned. They had avowed then and there to help their master against Dumbledore. They quickly read through the letter, Fred scowling all the while. The first thing they'd do is accidently leave this letter in the atrium of the Daily Prophet Head Quarters. After all, House Elves weren't perfect...

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