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My Blood, Tears and Humanity

Seras, Victoria slowly walked throught the corridors of the Hellsing mansion. Trudging down the dark stairs she headed to her room, prepared to spend the day alone. Physically exhausted, She hoisted her Harkonen over her shoulder and blinked trying to clear and focus her eyes.

Moaning aloud, "I can't believe another night filled with stupid freaks and where was master tonight?" Aggravation creeping up in her mind, she thought,'He's probably with Sir Hellsing again.'

Master spends all this time with her when he should be out with me training me or something! It rankled Seras whenever she saw her master standing too close to Sir Hellsing or touching her in any manner. It didn't matter that he did that often just to get on Integra's nerves, and he did it well.

'Could I be jealous?', she asked herself. 'Jealous of a female who basically dresses like a man...now there's a thought.' Reaching the door to her room, she turned the knob and pushed it open and 'What the -?'

Shocked. Seras was very surprised and shocked! The object of her scrutiny was sitting at her table, feet propped on the table with his head cocked to the side and grinning. "Master? Is there trouble? Where?"

Alucard's smooth, deep voice replied,"Relax, police girl. There's no trouble, none at all. Why? Do you wish it?" His tone of voice suggested that he was here to play and up to no good."Can't I visit my favorite fledgling?"

"O-of course. I just thought since you were here there was trouble somewhere, because ususally, you don't show up here unless we go out hunting." Nervousness laying claim to her stomach, she knew another reason for his presence.

There, in her ice bucket was two packs of blood on ice. Inwardly she cringed. Hating the taste of cold blood, hating the taste of it period, she vowed to attempt to drink it straight from the source one of these days. She didn't want her master getting any ideas yet. Becoming adept at hiding her thoughts, Alucard could still pick up on them if he really pushed past her barriers, everything would be revealed!

"Seras, you know why I'm here." Playful tone dropping to a darker, more serious tone. "I can't have you weak and getting yourself killed over such a trivial matter. Drink your blood." Now he sounded like her father scolding a stubborn child. "You haven't lost your humanity by now, what makes you believe you ever will. God knows I'm ready to give up on that happening."

Unable to look him in the eyes, Seras validated her reasoning again. "Master, I can't! Every time I swallow blood... It seems the humane half of me disappears more and more. I won't be me without my humanity!" Setting her weapon across the table, Seras worked up enough courage to look on him face to face. Her petty jealousy started rising with her next statement. "Apparently, you prefer those who still have their humanity or you wouldn't stay up Sir Integra's ass all the time!"

Her eyes widened almost to the point of bulging, she placed her hand over her eyes while muttering. "I-can't-believe-I-said-that! How stupid."

Alucard's eyes narrowed, his feet dropped to the floor. "You think that I keep, my master, Integra company due to her humanity?" His voice dropped to a low growl. "What evidence have you to support this theory?"

Fiddling, nervously with the bottom of her shirt at first, she was at a loss on what to say. "Well... for one, you never train me, you never hang out unless it's to scold me or inform me of a mission and you're always, ALWAYS in her office. The two of you are always having conversations and for the love of God, can't you talk to someone without touching them? If I didn't know better, I'd swear that you and Integra are lovers!"

Laughing aloud, Alucard had the problem figured out. His beloved police girl was jealous! Smirking at her, he teased her with the very concept that plagued her. "Why police girl, I never knew you cared."

"I have a name you know. Why can't you use it just once? There's no problems with you speaking her name, so why can't you use mine?" Working herself into a tantrum, she felt the blood in her veins rushing through her body, feeding her fury. "I"m so damned tired of being "police girl" all the time!"

With the beginning of her tirade, Alucard took his hat off, laying it on the table, then quick as a flash was standing before her. Backing her up against one of her walls Alucard now stood over her, their body's firmly against one another. "So," he purred, "You're declaring you want my attention, is that it?"

Leaning down, catching a whiff of the smell that's purely Seras, Alucard stared at her, Seras's will calming down and relaxing into submission. With her occupied, the dark headed vampire, tore off the tab on the pack; sucking out a mouthful of blood, he pressed his lips to hers firmly, but gently.

Feeling the cool liquid in her mouth, Seras tried to fight, refusing to swallow it, but Alucard was prepared for that. Kissing a trail down to her throat, he licked, nibbled and sucked on her throat until she accepted his offering.

Alucard kept doing this til the pack was empty. Glancing down at his protege, he took in her heavy lidded eyes. His Seras was in danger of being seduced by the very creature that made her. Wait, wait just a minute. 'Did I just say MY Seras?'

Attempting to back away from her, Alucard didn't get far when his blonde fledgling grabbed his lapels and jerked him to her. "You're not getting away that easily, master. I want to know... what did you just do to me?" Seras had already awoken from her heightened state and wasn't none to happy either.

"You never answered any of my questions and of all things, you force fed me through seduction. Right? That's the only way I would've drunk that."

Taking his index finger, the tall, thin elder vampire tapped lightly on her chin two times. "Answers will come in time. Time is an answer unto itself." Chuckling softly, Alucard loved to toy with her. It was so much fun! She wasn't near as fun to toy with as Integra! That woman has a temper!

As if she heard his last thoughts, Seras's eyes began glowing bood red, her blood calling out to her again, strength flowing through her, around her and within her. Shoving him hard, Alucard went flying across the room, slamming into the wall opposite his enraged child.

Her violent shove took him by surprise, but even more when she spoke, her voice came out cold, dark and really pissed off!

"Get out. Get your no good, lying, sorry excuse for a man ass out of my room!"

He didn't budge. Wondering what could cause this loss of control for Seras he tried to reason with her. Her insults were rapidly causing his temper to go south as well. Since he wouldn't leave, Seras's body acted before it comtemplated. Reaching out, she slapped him, putting all her strength behind the blow, knocking her master flat on his tail.

The tone of his voice along with his words snapped her out of this infuriated rage. "Seras, you wanted to maintain your humanity? You're ripping it to shreds right now. Worse thing is, the blood isn't what caused this. Your own deficiency and envy did this." Grabbing his hat, the pissed off master of darkness, slowly faded from sight. His voice echoed throughout the room with his final order. "Think about what you've done here, police girl. Until tonight, your actions always proved your humanity intact. When you're willing to discuss this without acting like a rebellious teenager with runaway hormones, call to me. That or come find me...you know where I'll be.

"Damn!" Unaware of moving, she suddenly found herself on her bed. Scooting back to prop her back up against the wall, Seras felt her loneliness pressing down on her. Bringing her knees up to her chest, she lay her arms down crossed over her knees.

Tears that had welled up with Alucard's taunting now fell. Her heart as weighted as the weapon she carries, full of doubts and self recriminations. Why did Integra get all his attention? The only one who payed her any mind at all was Walter and he was more like a father to her than anything.

Silent tears shook her small body and soaked her clothes. ' Great,' she thought, 'Now my shirt's all wet. Too bad I can't generate clothes the way my master does.' No, I can't think of him, not at all.

Finishing her crying spell, an idea struck her. Smiling she jumped up, running over to her closet. Pulling out a black mini, red halter top and her ankle length leather jacket. Digging further into her closet, she whipped out her knee high black boots with three inch heels.

Changing quickly, Seras walked up the stairs and was walking past Integra's office. The door was open and Alucard, predictably was annoying his blonde haired master. The sight of his fledgling dressed to kill caught his eye.

"Seras. Where are you going?" Curiosity getting the better of him, he phased to her side staring hard enough to make her uncomfortable.

"You've got your company to keep and I refuse to sit around her at your beck and call. Needless to say, I'm going out clubbin'!" Walking off, she didn't turn to see the shocked expression on his face. "Don't wait up."

Hearing the door to the mansion close, Alucard shook his head trying to regain his bearings. Just what the hell was going on with his female child? Hopefully the situation will get corrected by tomorrow. Bidding his master farewell, the mischievious king of the vampires headed out for some sadistic fun. Now who to torture... his eyes lit up as the ideal person came to mind.

Exchanging his humanistic form for that of his bats, he flew up and away into the dark night.

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