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My Blood, Tears and Humanity

Chapter 11: New Blood Arises

Seras stared lovingly at her husband, Alucard. Together they watched over the jewel of their hearts, Rylee. At one time the little girl had resembled her father, but now she'd taken over her mother's facial aspects. Rylee, also, possessed hair the color of the blackest night, just like her father. The oddest thing, however was her eyes. They were a beautiful glacial blue. The type of blue that seemed to pierce straight through you as she looked at you.

Her girlish giggles warmed their cold flesh like no fire ever could. Bouncing around and playing with her dog, Bailey, who happened to be as black as the hair on Rylee's head, the two young companions played until she fell to the ground to rest. Bailey lay down protectively beside her small form. His wolf appearance enough to frighten off any that would do her harm. The dog always had a great sense about those kind of people.

Alucard held Seras close to him and lowly said, "So, I believe you had something you wanted to tell me?" His voice held a note of persuasion in it, just enough to give her a "push" to tell her secret.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled. "Alucard, I hope you're ready for this." Trying to prolong his curiosity and agony a bit longer she drew it out purposely. Watching his carefully contained expression, she took in a deep breath, although she no longer needed such human necessities. "You're going to be a father again." Biting down on her lower lip, she prayed his reaction would be as it was with Rylee.

The No Life King picked up his No Life Queen and swung her around gently. Excitement in his eyes and he trembled slightly as he sat her down and caressed her face. "Seras, you've made me the happiest vampire in the world! What about Rylee? What will she say?"

Seras frowned. Worry etched in her voice. "Do you think she'll understand? I mean, she's so much more mature than the girls her age even at five years old." Seras anxiously glanced at her daughter resting on the ground beside her dog. "I think she'll be okay. She's been so lonely outside of Bailey. Now this will give her the chance to play with someone else sometimes. Of course, the baby still has to be born and grow big enough to play with Rylee, but I think everything will be fine."

"Should we tell her now? Or wait until it's more obvious?" Alucard's tone held a little bit of uncertainty, but the subject was dealing with his family. And for any man, no one messed with his family, but this is a different matter. A new member was being added to their family of three.

Seras nodded her head in the negative. "No. Let's wait a while and then tell her. When we do break the news, I want to assure her that between us and her nothing will change. I want her to know she'll still be loved and very much a part of this family."

Alucard agreed with Seras's assessment. "We'll wait. But for now, let's go inside it's getting bedtime for a little someone." He smiled as he saw his little girl sleeping peacefully on the ground. Going over to her, he lightly scooped her tiny body into his long arms; cradling her against his chest. Rejoining Seras, the three of them went back inside before the sun could rise and cause much more than lost sleep.

While his wife and daughter were sleeping, Alucard went exploring through the old castle. Everything was pretty much as he'd left it many centuries ago, only a thick coat of dust blanketed everything. A cleaning crew had already been hired to take care of that and all the other cleaning that needed to be done. So Alucard had made sure to hide his and Seras' coffin and Rylee's bed in his specially made soundproofed and light proofed room, carefully hidden underground.

Alucard transported to the east wing of the castle below the other floors. He had to double check and make sure that which had been contained there centuries ago still existed behind all of the locked doors and dark enchantments placed on it. Alucard unexpectedly had a vision of what would happen should he, the beast, escape. The damned creature had sworn vengeance on Alucard by swearing that he'd attack his family and wipe them all out.

Stopping right outside the door where he had been imprisoned, Alucard breathed a sigh of relief to find all locks and enchantments intact. The thought of that creature touching his wife and daughter sent a black rage within his being. Suddenly, the vampire felt a cool touch and his wife's reassuring touch.

Seras's voice spoke to him using their familiar mental thread. "Alucard, are you alright? I'll come to you if you need me."

Her worry over him caused him to relax and smile somewhat. She'd always been that way. Thinking of others before considering herself. But in battle, she was comparable to Athena, the Goddess of War, and she didn't take shit from anyone! His own personal blond goddess. That's how he thought of her. He telepathically replied, "No. Everything is fine. I'm fine. I just had a rough flashback and I'll tell of you it later, after the sun sets, and it's time to awaken for the night. You thinking of me is enough, Seras. Thank you."

He felt her retreat back into sleep and just as precaution he carefully examined everything pertaining to the door and magic holding the dark creature inside prisoner. He could understand and relate to how the violent being inside felt at his imprisonment. He'd been there once himself.

Satisfied that all containments were still holding, Alucard left to join his wife and daughter in sleep. Phasing into the coffin, he lay down at Seras's side and pulled her into his arms. Closing his crimson eyes, he fervently hoped that the physical and magical chains, on the other side of the castle, would hold one of the darkest beings ever made, outside of Alucard, himself. If not, they were all in for a hell of a ride.

Alucard ceased all thoughts and immediately fell into the sleep of a vampire. He kept one part of himself on the brink of waking should Seras or Rylee need him. He dreamed of the times before Rylee when he'd taunted Seras with the blood she now freely drinks. The times that existed before they became a couple, when Alucard was still searching for the right female to make his perfect No Life Queen. Strange it was how she'd been under his nose the whole time. The vampire laughed, in his dreams, at his own stupidity and lack of true awareness for the one who'd be at his side for eternity. Then his thoughts and dreams were no more and he gripped Seras tighter to him.

Twenty years later...

Alucard and Seras watched over their two pride and joys battle each other. It was only a training simulation. The No Life King and Queen had decided that it would be in their children's best interest to train them in vampire hunting. You never know what might happen and they wouldn't be around to take care of it and they'd rest easier knowing that Rylee and Jakob could take care of theirselves, dusting every vampire who crossed their paths.

Jakob, had been born almost six years after Rylee. He'd been the apple of his big sister's eye. Always, she was around to help care for him. That and she made sure to show him all the things a big sister should and shouldn't. Jakob looked exactly like Alucard. From the longer, a little past the shoulder, hair length, black hair even to the same dark, sarcastic humor. Jakob, like Rylee, had the same piercing blue eyes.

Neither parent could believe that their children had blue instead of red. Alucard assumed that they'd inherited the color from Seras. After all, she'd had that color of blue eyes during her time as a human and after her turning they'd become the deepest, ruby red. Seras nor Alucard had ever seen any other vampire offspring with eyes like those. The others had always had the same bloody red color as Seras and Alucard. It was strange but it couldn't be completely explained so well enough was left alone.

Jakob and Rylee continued their dangerous dance, holding swords and crossing them at every opportunity. Jakob swept low and missed, but he made his sister jump and change her center of balance. One handed she swung back, narrowly missing his shoulder.

"Damn, sis, what the hell you trying to do? Take a chunk out of my shoulder?" Slightly irritated, the gorgeous man glared at his smaller, quicker sibling.

"What's the matter Jakob? Did I piss on your manly honor? It's not like you'll heal fast or anything. Jeez." Rylee, had also inherited her father's smart ass dark humor. Her mother didn't stand a chance between the three of them, at least that's what Rylee thought. But several times her mother had shown them all. "Come on , Jakob. Men are so sensitive!"

Jakob gave her a snort of disbelief. "I think that's my line. Only it should be women, not men. You and mom can be so touchy, especially during the blood moon. I know it only happens once a month, but hell, give me and dad a break, will ya?"

Rylee's mouth flew open in outrage. Swinging harder and faster, moving quickly dodging his blows, the pissed off girl worked her way towards her brother. Striking an extremely hard, fast blow, Rylee knocked the sword from his hand and kicked his stomach hard; sending him flying several feet back. Rushing over to him, she pointed her sword directly in his face and placed her size nine shoe on his heaving chest.

Coldly, she spoke through gritted teeth. "Apologize."

Jakob laughed and said, "God, Ry, too much sensitivity. A guy can't have any fun around her. Not with you anyway."

Sticking the metal point further at his face where it was now touching the side of his face, frostily, she breathed her demand again, "Apologize!"

Her brother saw how much it affected her so he readily gave in. He didn't like hurting her feelings, but he did like picking on her occasionally. She always gave rise to the occasion with her temper. One thing he would grant, is that she was a brilliant and strong warrior. Their parents had trained her well. They'd trained both their kids well.

Shrugging his shoulders, he acquiesced to her. "Okay, Ry. You win. I'm sorry. Can I get up now?"

Relaxing her stance, Rylee pulled the sword from his face and removed her foot from his chest. "Sure. You can get up. For now." She was surprised when he threw his arm around her and he told her she was the perfect opponent. She was taken off guard and muttered her thanks.

Suddenly, within the castle, there was the sound of a huge explosion. Only there was no fire or anything to justify the noise.

Alucard, unease chewing at his gut, turned to Seras. "Stay here with the kids. Whatever happens...stay here!" He vanished from her side to check out the source of the explosion.

Seras ran to Rylee and Jakob, who were staring at the castle, intrigued by the loud boom. "Ry, Jake, your father ordered us to stay out here. I don't know what's going on, so don't ask. We'll just wait here for him to return and tell us what's happening." She gripped a child in each arm and pulled them closer to her.

Rylee glanced around their surroundings. "Mom, have you seen Bailey?" She was worried about her companion since the loud explosion occurred.

"No. I haven't." Seras knew how her daughter felt about her pet. Rylee didn't even consider him a dog, or a wolf, or a pet. She considered him as family.

Jakob stayed silent during the whole exchange which was unusual for him. He always had something smart to pop off during any given situation. He carefully surveyed the area and couldn't fight back the terrible feeling sweeping over him. Then he spoke, "Don't you guys feel it?"

His mother and sister asked simultaneously, "Feel what?"

He thrust his hands out in the air in front of him. "That. The darkness, unease. It fills the air. Something is wrong and I don't know what." Jakob hated the few times his gift failed him, but it only happened when a much stronger, powerful presence was around.

Rylee closed her eyes and drew her power close to her. "You're right Jake. There's a great evil surrounding us. It's hate is directed mostly at father, but it despises us, too!" Her eyes snapped open at an approaching presence.

The dark haired girl cried out, "Dad!" Then she spotted a familiar form trotting alongside her father's side. Joy spread across her face as she cried out his name. "Bailey!" Running towards them she dropped to her knees as she came to them. Wrapping her arms and fingers deep into his night colored fur, she expressed her happiness at seeing him again. Bailey licked her face in return for her loving gesture.

Seras noticed the wary expression on Alucard's face. Instantly appearing at his side, she asked him, "Alucard, isn't it time you tell us what the hell is going on? What was that noise?"

Darkly looking back at the castle, Alucard then turned his grim face back to his wife. "Get the kids together and we'll talk. I'll tell you the cause of my worry."

Seras summoned Rylee and Jakob to their sides. With their vampiric speed, they were on them instantly. Seras looked at her husband. "Alright, Alucard. Spill it." She sounded like she was ordering one of her kids to tell the truth about what they'd be doing when they'd been too quiet.

The infamous vampire king gave each family member a glance. "The explosion in the castle was caused by a creature so evil that he could compare to my old self. He used to be an extremely good person, but when his wife was killed by a vampire, he went psycho, going out and getting himself bitten in the process; becoming a violent, bloodthirsty creature that couldn't be left to run loose."

Seras gasped. "Who is he, Alucard?"

Darkly smirking, he replied to her question. "You've read the story Dracula, right?"

All three heads bobbed positive to his inquiry.

"Well, the woman killed was Mina. Her husband went crazy and went on a feeding frenzy like the world has never seen."

"You mean that the killer that was inside our home was Johnathan Harker?" His daughter's quick thinking never failed her.

Her father nodded. "Yes. It was because of him that I became enslaved to the Hellsing organization. I was approached by Van Hellsing, himself. The man knew no fear." The vampire's red eyes glazed over at the remembrance. "The two of us struck a deal. I was the one to capture him and the two of us placed many dark, captive enchantments to hold him prisoner, hopefully for all eternity."

He looked at his family who appeared anxious to hear the rest of his story, his confession. "Harker was imprisoned and as soon as he was taken care of, Van Hellsing turned his dark arts to me. He bound me to his family for centuries to help fight the vampire situation in London. Then, as soon as the problem had been contained, I was cursed back to the basement to await the next outbreak."

Smiling at Seras, he continued. "I did this several times. Then one day, Integra Hellsing woke me from my slumber. I helped her grow along with the fledgling organization in which she was now in charge of for the rest of her life. Eventually, I met your mother and rescued her from the embrace of a vampire masquerading as a priest. I killed her human life in order to dispose of the vampire trash, but I think she'll agree that it was well worth it. About twenty-five years ago, my master, Integra granted me my freedom for faithful service to her family for many generations. The only thing she requested of me was that if she ever truly needed my help that I would come, if possible. But now, I think we'll have to call on her for this." Alucard gritted his teeth. He hated asking anyone for help. And he was going to have to bite the bullet on that now.

Jakob smirked, just like his father. "Boy, Aunt Integra's gonna shit a brick! Especially when she sees all of us."

Seras reprimanded her son on his language use. "Jakob, watch your mouth! As long as I'm around don't say that." Letting her attention and gaze drift back to her husband, she said, "Okay, Alucard, let's go. The sooner, the better. Right now, we have a bug problem and we just might need help with the extermination. So, I think it's time to pay Integra and the Hellsing group a little visit. Besides, she hasn't gotten to see Rylee in years. She's never even seen Jakob. Let's go."

Alucard opened a void. He walked through followed by Seras, Jakob, Rylee and Bailey. Rylee had to suppress a shudder as she entered the black portal. She felt a pair of malicious eyes boring into her back and it made her feel incredibly antsy and uneasy. Blocking her thoughts from the entity, she kept on moving through the transportation. She briefly glanced over her shoulder to see the entrance to the portal close.

Rylee still felt as though she was being trailed but without warning, the feeling disappeared. She muttered, "Goodbye and good riddance."

The void ahead opened and they entered the foyer of Hellsing House. They turned towards the sound of a dropped silver tray. Alucard grinned. "Walter, you old dog. You're still here?"

The man looked disapprovingly at Alucard. "No. I'm not Walter. I'm his son, Clayton. Who are you?"

A cool voice answered from above them. "Alucard, Seras and Rylee. Good to see you again. Who's the man with you? I don't believe I've seen him before."

Seras turned her gaze from Clayton to the voice that spoke. "Integra! This is our son, Jakob."

Jakob spoke up, "Yes. And for your information, it's spelled J-a-k-o-b. Don't want any mistakes in the spelling. I've had enough of that shit to last me a lifetime!"

Seras sternly glanced at her son infuriated that he spoke that way to her friend. She was surprised, however to hear laughter ringing out from the usually cold mannered woman.

"Seras, Alucard, I like him already! And I've really missed Rylee as well! Come into my study and we'll discuss the reason for your visit. Not that I'm not happy you're here, but I believe it's motivated by the same reason I was on the verge on contacting you. Now if you'll follow me." Giving Clayton orders, she asked him to bring tea and the usual blood for her and her guests, who were really family and not guests.

"As you wish, Integra." He bowed and left to get the requested items.

The group of five entered her office. Integra sat down behind her huge desk.

Jakob couldn't resist the jibe resting on his lips. "Aunt Integra, is the size of this desk to make up for other things possibly absent in your life?"

She snorted and lit up a cigar. "You know, it's funny, your father said pretty much the exact thing to me once upon a time. Like father, like son, I guess. And no, it's not to make up for other things. I've long since been married and had a daughter. They're out of town tonight, but will return in a couple of days. " Spearing Alucard with a hardened glance she asked him, "Alright, Alucard, what's your reason for coming here. Curiosity is eating me alive. Then I'll tell you my reasons for getting ready to summon you."

"Harker's loose. He's escaped from his imprisonment."

Swearing released from her lips heatedly. "Shit! I knew this day would come! He's the reason I was going to contact you. We'd gathered evidence that the enchantments holding him in were weakening and we didn't have a way to let you know so you could strengthen them."

The pale blond woman, aged by twenty-five years, since Alucard and Seras had last glimpsed at her, inhaled deeply on her cigar. Standing up, she separated the blinds to peer outside. The sun was getting ready to rise for the day. "For now, I suggest we all go to bed and rest. We'll discuss tonight our options and how we're going to handle this."

A knock sounded at the oak door. "Come in." Integra already knew who was at the door, but Clayton always kept his professional distance, just like his father.

Clayton entered and sat the tray down on her desk. Pouring her tea and then distributing the blood packs to the four remaining occupants, he bowed to her and said, "If that's all, Integra, I will desist for the day and go rest."

"You're dismissed, Clayton." She sent the retainer on his way.

Everyone finished their beverages and Integra informed Seras and Alucard that their rooms were still here and available. Integra looked at Rylee and Jakob. "You two can share Seras' coffin bed that we'd had made just for her and your parents can share Alucard's coffin in his room. You'll all be located in the basement, so no worries about sunlight reaching you. Nor will anyone bother you. Clayton's the only one, besides myself that ever goes down there. So I will take my leave, to sleep, and I suggest you do the same."

The four of them nodded their heads and subsequently disappeared from her sight. Integra muttered out loud, "Man, I wish I could do that!"

Four voices chorused, answering, "Be careful what you wish for!" Then the laughter echoed behind them as they left.

Integra lightly chuckled, happy to have them back in the fold. She'd truly missed them! But as she went back to the window gazing outside she knew that there would be hard times ahead. At least she'd have Alucard and family here to help her. Something in her favor. At last!

Leaving the room, she flipped off the light and slowly walked the carpeted path to her room as she'd done for many nights, many years.

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