Sex Installation- Andrew and Monica

"Get ready for landing Spartans!" Corbec said over the speakers. "You'll leave in exactly two waves of ODSTs, that's four hours, Corbec out."

After taking a moment to register the message, Andrew walked over to his cot and, thinking that this was his only chance of getting sleep for many weeks to come, flicked off the lights and laid back on it. Andrew thought of the fight in High Charity, it seemed so that no matter where they went, trouble would always find them. Knowing that Monica was alright, Andrew pushed the thought of the fight in the "Holy City" out of his mind… but he couldn't. What if Monica's life were to be put at stake again?

Suddenly, his door opened and someone entered the room and made all his thoughts disappear. Her silhouette reflected by the soft starlight outside the window, Monica drifted closer to the bed Andrew was lying down on and Andrew felt another body lye next to him. Andrew tried to say something but no words came out… he was speechless. He felt around and touched Monica's vagina, it was something out of a dream. As Andrew licked Monica's neck, he inserted his penis inside Monica's vagina and started to release his sperm.

"Oh Andrew… I love you so much." Monica moaned.

"I love you too." Andrew replied as he pulled out his penis from Monica's vagina. Monica grabbed the end of Andrew's penis and stuck it in her mouth. Andrew, whose head was now pointing towards Monica's legs, started to lick Monica's vagina.

"Andrew, maybe we should stop, if we get caught…" Monica started.

"We won't get caught." Andrew said firmly. But Monica started pushing, after a few seconds of struggling; Monica lashed out her foot, and kicked Andrew in his penis.

"Uggghhh!" Andrew groaned. He toppled off Monica's body and fell to the floor, clutching his penis and groaning in pain. Monica tried to rush out the door but Andrew had his leg lying out. Monica tripped and landed on top of Andrew again.

"Oh what the hell!" Monica said. She started to kiss Andrew, suck his penis, and rub her vagina against Andrew's face as Andrew sucked on Monica's vagina, kiss her, and rub his penis against her face.

There, they had sex for a blissfully long time….