No One Has To Know

By: TheeIzumiCurtis

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Knock knock.

Roy heard the quiet rap of Risa's fist on his door, "Come in." He said with a bored tone to his voice.

"Sir, I have some papers for you to sign." Risa said, handing the large stack of papers over his desk. Roy simply pushed them aside, saying, "yea, whatever. I'll get to them later."

"Sir, it would be much appreciated if you would sign them now." Risa said, trying to be nice for once.

"Why so nice, Hawkeye?" Roy questioned from behind the enormous stack of papers he was now signing.

"Well I figured that maybe there would be some way to get you off of your lazy ass and get some help, I never figured it would be so easy." She remarked

"Yea, well I'm a sucker for kindness, especially from someone as beautiful as you." Roy said, rather casually.

Risa couldn't help blushing. "Colonel Mustang…!" she stopped short as he pushed his chair away and walked around to the other side of the desk, where she was standing. He handed Risa the papers as she noticed he was standing rather close. As he placed the papers in her hand, he leaned down and their lips touched, in shock Risa dropped the papers she was holding.

"Sorry," said Roy coolly in response to glimpsing the lieutenant's embarrassment, gesturing towards his eye patch with the guilty hand, "my depth perception's a bit off." Risa just stood there for a moment, "Colonel, I…"She broke off as he curled his arm around her waist. They both just stood there for a second, just as Roy was about to say something a series of loud knocks sound on the door. Risa reluctantly pulled away and went about picking up her papers.

Roy said, rather annoyed at being interrupted, "What do you want?"

A slightly frightened Ed steps into the room with a folder, "I'm finished with my paperwork, Mustang." Ed said with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Okay, just set them on my desk and be on your way."

Ed, setting the papers on his desk and walking away, was almost stunned at how nice the Cornel was being. He wondered what had happened before he came in, but then figured that Mustang was just on the phone with one of his many girlfriends.

After Ed had walked out and closed the door behind him Roy stepped over to Risa's desk, where she was standing over a paper. He dipped her back and bent down to kiss her but she moved away, blushing, although trying her hardest not to.

"Colonel! What are you doing!" She said, amazed that he tried to make another move. She was, in fact, a lower officer. Mustang took a step toward her and she backed away, until her back was against the wall. Roy advanced on her and before she knew it, he was leaning into her with his hand on the wall just over her head.

"Come on, Hawkeye, no one has to know." As he leaned into her again, she felt herself submit to his charm. Her arms curled around his waist as he pulled her away from the wall and placed his hand on the back of her head pushing her deeper into the kiss, he thought he heard her moan as they broke apart, both gasping for air. Risa looked up at the Cornel.

"Yea, no one has to know."

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