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Blinded by the Whitelighter/Witch/Elder Hybrid

Chapter Nine

"Okay, this is ridiculous," Chris huffed in frustration, forcefully closing the book that he was perusing and standing up. "Time to do something."

"I call upon the ancient power,

To help me out in this strange hour.

Displaced in time, out of place,

Bring them here, show their face.

As the swirls of white light appeared, Wyatt shot him a weird look. "Dude, only you could come up with a spur of the moment spell that sounds that awful."

Chris threw him an annoyed look in return as four people materialized in the library. He then raised his left hand casually and a bolt of lightning shot out, hitting and instantly vanquishing Eames.

"Woah!" Cole cried, jumping away from the exploding warlock. "I come in peace!"

"So Mr. Future Consequences, you just offed someone from the past," Wyatt quipped.

The Phoebe of the past had moved to where Cole was now standing, with Prue glaring at the half-demon and Piper looking half pissed and half grudgingly understanding. Leo was just looking helplessly between the two sides, Victor and Paige just looked confused, and Natalie…

Natalie looked self-righteous, which really irritated the brothers.

"You two are reckless, just like the rest of your family!" she exclaimed. "Your aunt lets a demon live out of 'love,'your grandmother has an illegitimate child with her whitelighter, and you seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to mess with the timeline, something that should not be done under any circumstances! Do all of you Halliwells think that the rules are somehow beneath you?"

The two brothers had gone absolutely still with stone faces. "Are you finished?" Wyatt asked in a dangerous voice. When she said nothing more, he continued. "Just a little FYI, everything my family has ever done has been because they believed it was the right thing to do at the time. And yes, we allow our emotions to have some influence on us, but that is a strength, not a weakness. Our powers come from our emotions. If we deny them, we deny our powers."

"And as a side note, there are times where messing with the timeline is totally acceptable," Chris interjected, to which Wyatt shot him another look.

"Why do I always get the feeling that you know something I don't?"

"Like that's hard," he replied with a roll of his eyes. "But remember, she insulted our family," he reminded helpfully, successfully diverting his brother's stare.

"Yeah!" He glared at the red-headed whitelighter. "You need remember that me and him? Two people who definitely don't need a darklighter's bow to kill you."

"And how can you possibly do that?" she asked, clearly peeved that they knew something she didn't.

"You think whitelighters can't be killed by the king?" Chris asked incredulously. "And you're definitely not immune to Elder lightning."

"Elder lightning? Why is my son an Elder?" Piper asked in confusion.

"I'm not," he said, clearly affronted by the implication. "But Dad was when I was conceived."

"Can we please not talk about conception and our parents?" Wyatt put in with a groan. "I really don't need the mental image."

"Okay, can somebody please fill me in on what the hell is going on?" Paige exclaimed, looking around at everyone, none of which she knew.

"Later," Chris said dismissively.

"By the way, are you sure killing Eames won't have any negative consequences?" Wyatt whispered to his brother.

"It's fine. He'll be alive when we put them back in the past," was the reply.

"Uh, question," Cole said, drawing all eyes to him, some curious, some hostile. "The two of you? Are you the Brothers?"

"We are brothers…" Wyatt answered, perplexed.

"There's this warlock in the Underworld that I overheard trying to recruit people to help kill you," he informed matter-of-factly. "Though he wasn't having much luck."

Chris smirked. "Not too many demons want to go up against us."

Wyatt rolled his eyes. "That doesn't stop him from forcing them to."

"Gotta remind them why they don't want to tango with us," he retorted with a shrug.

"Guess we should take care of him before he gets lucky and finds someone willing to help him," Wyatt said with a long-suffering sigh.