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Part 1


- MARCH 30 5AM -

Olivia woke with the cobwebs of dreams still clinging to her conscious. Looking at the time, she saw that there was still an hour to go before she had to get up. As she lay back down, she closed her eyes, and tried to recapture the wraith called sleep. Within minutes, she knew it would be of no use. The spectre had left. She sat up disgusted. In a job where you got as much sleep as you could while you were able, she hated the fact that she had missed out on even an hour.

Throwing the bed sheets aside, she gave in to wakefulness. With her elbows on her knees, she rubbed her face and sighed. Nothing left to do but go for a run. She pulled on some jogging pants, a sweat top and running shoes, and went into the cold and dark NYC morning for a run.

The cold air seared her lungs and the frozen dew crunched under her feet. Although still tired, she took deep lung fulls of the chilled, relatively clean air. After fifteen minutes, she had warmed considerably and felt invigorated. She sprinted, the last 500 yards, back to her apartment, and leaped up the stairs two at a time to her door.

As she slid her key into the lock, the phone started ringing. Opening the door, and throwing her keys onto the coffee table, she grabbed the receiver off the hook.


"Hey sweetie, where've you been?" Her new boyfriend asked.

"Couldn't get back to sleep and went for a run. What's up?"

"Just wanted to talk. Thank you again for last night."

Olivia smiled as she caught her breath. "Aren't I supposed to be the one thanking YOU for the lovely evening?"

With a deep laugh that warmed the pit of her stomach, Ed said, "Well, I'm a very untraditional kinda guy. I'll even let you pay the next time we go out."

That elicited a laugh from Olivia. "I'm not that untraditional. Besides, you earn considerably more than I do, and you don't even have to get out of bed to do it."

With mock horror Ed countered. "You make me sound like I earn my money through improper means."

Still laughing Olivia said, "If I'd make the same investments you had, I could do the same thing."

Ed chuckled. "If you married me, we could lie together in bed all day. Doing improper things."

Olivia fell silent.

"Hey, Liv, just kidding. You can start breathing again." Ed laughed.

"I knew that." Her heart still pounding she joined in his laughter. "Thanks for the call Ed. See you tonight."

"Good-bye sexy," he said affectionately.

As she hung up the phone, she shook her head. She'd been seeing Ed for almost six weeks and aside from Elliot, and the other guys she worked with, Ed was one of the finest men she'd ever met. He was an ex-cop who'd discovered he was as good at investment banking as he was at being a cop, plus it was less stress, and more monetarily satisfying, though it lacked the social satisfaction that police work bought.

He was someone she could talk about her day with, without him being either grossed out, or overly interested. This was a characteristic of some of her dates that totally freaked her out. She felt as though they were trying to get tips on how to rape and murder without being caught.

Stepping into the shower, she thought about something that she usually ignored; Her future, and stranger still, her future with Ed in it.

Towelling herself dry, she padded back to her bedroom to change for work.

Twenty minutes and two cups of tea later, she stepped out of her front door, and locked it behind her. A small figure on the stairwell caught her attention.

"Hey Mickey. What're you doing out here?" She sat down next to him.

"Mom didn't come home till about 6, and she wanted me to get out, coz she says I make too much noise, and she and her new boyfriend need to sleep."

Olivia's heart almost broke. She'd been keeping an eye on her young neighbour, and was constantly dismayed at the neglect he seemed to suffer. She sat down next to him.

"Have you had anything to eat honey?"

He nodded his head, "Yeah, had some Cornflakes." He stood, embarrassed by the questioning. "I gotta get to school Miss Benson."

It was then that Olivia saw the bruise on his face.


He turned slowly. Olivia touched the bruise lightly. "What happened kiddo?"

Mickey's face went a little red. "Uh, got into a fight at school." With an uneasy laugh he added, "You should see the other guy though, what a mess."

She was about to question him, when he said, "I'm gonna miss my bus if I don't get going."

Her young neighbour sprinted down the stairs. It hadn't been the first time that she'd seen him locked out of his apartment, and he'd had bruises before. He always explained them away with a laugh about a fight, or being clumsy. Working at SVU though was beginning to raise her suspicions that there was more going on that he was telling. Olivia made up her mind to keep a close eye on him.