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Part 7


- 7.30PM -

He stood next to the dumpster and took the silver bracelet that he'd taken the other day out of his pocket. Lingering in the shadows, he watched the street. It was a warm night to be wearing the overcoat, but the fact that it was black made him blend into the shadows. He knew no one would notice him. Besides, he'd not chosen another yet.

The adrenaline rush from the last one was still coursing through his veins. It would be a while before he would need to choose another, but when he did, he'd find out everything about her, and then he would purify her.

Leaving the dark alley he walked back to his apartment. Tomorrow was going to be a big day and he needed to rest, but first he would write in his diary, as he had done everyday for the past 15 years. It soothed him, and let him keep track of what he knew, and what he still had to learn.

I've searched for a few days now. I thought I had her picked but she wasn't impure as I had thought. For now though, the thought of how the last whore looked when she was purified, has kept my spirits up. Tomorrow there's so much to do. I'll have to keep the bracelet near, as I'm sure it'll be the only thing that will calm me and make my other life livable.


- 7.45PM -

Olivia looked at the buzzer. She knew it was Elliot, and she knew he had a key. Slowly she stood and pressed the intercom button.


"Elliot, I really don't need company right now." She said leaning against the wall.

"Bullshit! Come on Liv, let me up. Or I'll be forced to use my key."

Sighing, she buzzed him in and unlocked the door.

Minutes later there was a knock on the door. "Door's open," she called from the couch.

He entered holding a tub of double chocolate, choc chip ice cream, and no doubt a copy of Lake Placid.

She smiled wanly as he grinned and put the ice cream in her freezer. "Got the blond wig in the car, if you insist."

He handed her the DVD which she saw was indeed Lake Placid. She smiled again as she loaded it into the player.

Elliot plopped down beside her and grabbed the remote. "Let the fun begin," he said pressing play.

After the scene where the sheriff pulls the torso of a diver from the water, Elliot looked at her. "This is the movie you watch to cheer yourself up!"

She nodded. "Yeah, the funny bits are coming up. Besides, the sheriff is hilarious."

Elliot shrugged, "Well, who can figure out the taste of some people." She punched his arm lightly, but he was pleased to see some of the tension leaving his partner.

"You ready to talk?" he asked.

She looked up at him. "You really don't know much about having a 'girls night' do you?"

He shrugged, "Not really, no. Blame it on the Y chromosome."

She smiled, "Well, next is the ice cream." And stood to get it.


She took two spoons with her, and handed him one as she sat back down.

"No bowls?"

"Nope, dig in. I don't stand on ceremony when eating double chocolate, choc chip ice cream and watching Lake Placid."

Scooping a large amount of ice cream onto her spoon, she ate most of it in one mouthful.

Elliot watched her with a level of disbelief.

"What?" she asked around a mouthful of chocolate ice cream.

Grinning he said, "Nothing, just never seen you eat that way before."

Olivia swallowed, and immediately replaced it with what was left on the spoon. Seconds later that mouthful had also disappeared. "You wanna hurry, or I'll eat it all," she said scooping up another portion.

Grinning, he dipped his own spoon in and came up with at least twice as much as she had. He shoved it all into his mouth and tried to grin. After a short minute, he'd managed to swallow all of it, and about half a minute after that he moaned in pain and grabbed his head.

Olivia's smiled vanished. "You alright?"

Elliot shook his head. "Ice cream head ache."

Relieved that her partner wasn't actually going to keel over on her, Olivia started laughing and went to the kitchen.

Still in the throes of his ice cream headache, Elliot moaned. "It's not funny."

Holding a glass of warm water, Olivia replied, "Sure it is. At least I wasn't so much of a pig that I got a brain freeze. Here drink this it'll make it go away."

Slowly taking a few sips, Elliot felt the pain in his head vanish. Still smiling Olivia said, "How old are you anyway, like 10? I think that's how old I was the last time I had a brain freeze. It was summer, and I'd eaten a snow cone too fast. What's your excuse?"

Elliot scowled, but there was a glint of humour in his eyes. "Just you wait till you need to have someone to watch Lake Placid with again."

She hugged him. "I'm sorry. But that was so childish, it was funny."

He returned the hug, and held on longer than was necessary. A small jolt of electricity seemed to go through them, and it was like they were bonded. The smile vanished from both their faces, as they drew each other closer.

Their lips brushed together, and they almost pulled apart, before Elliot pulled Olivia even closer, and deepened the kiss. In the background something was happening with a helicopter, but he was only dimly aware of it, as he tasted Olivia.

After a minute, they drew apart, both a little dazed.

Olivia giggled a little, and Elliot looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "Wow, … that was … unexpected, but nice. And it never would've happened if it'd been Alex."

He smiled. "I don't know, kinda turns me on. You, Alex… Mmmm."

She had to laugh again at the lecherous smile on his face. The moment over they watched the rest of the movie. Olivia was nearly asleep when he got up to leave. He helped her to bed and made sure all was locked up before he went home.

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