A/N: This story kept running through my head and wouldn't stop until I got it out there.

Thoughts of a Girl Long Gone.

As Wallace watched Veronica, he wondered.

What was the old Veronica like? The Veronica that he would never meet. He wondered if would he have been best friends with that shy, innocent girl. The girl who had the perfect life. Would she have cut him off of the flag pole that fateful day that sealed their friendship? He liked to think that they would have been best friends even in that other reality, but from what he's heard of the late Lilly Kane, he didn't think so. He didn't think she would have been willing to share her Veronica with him. But maybe he was wrong. Maybe she would have been willing to let him into their little world. But that makes him wonder, if Lilly were alive, would I have noticed Veronica? Would she have faded into the background? He didn't like to think so. But he would never know, after all he would never meet Lilly Kane, a girl who died long before her time.

He watched Veronica wipe tears from her eyes as the tribute to Lilly Kane ended. He looked up at the picture of a vibrant young girl. It made him wonder about Veronica's life before. About the girl that Veronica considered a sister. Would she approve of him? He liked to think that this girl who was once so much of Veronica –still is- would have liked him. That maybe she was looking down at him with a thankful smile, glad that Veronica was not alone anymore- that she had played a part in Wallace becoming a part of her best friend's life. He liked to think so anyway.

He sometimes thought about what Lilly Kane would think of this new variation of Veronica Mars. He wondered if she watched from above, angry about her sweet Veronica turing into a cold hard girl. Watching as he came into the picture and helped Veronica find a little of her old self once again. He wondered if she was jelous of him just as he was sometimes of her, but he couldn't find it in him to stay jealous of her for long. After all, Veronica was no longer only Lilly's, just as Veronica wasn't only his. She was theirs, the soft innocence and hard reality combined to become their Veronica. And he wouldn't have it any other way.