Together Again

Van Helsing stood and watched the beautiful woman that he had loved; enter the pearly gates of heaven. He would remember that moment in time for the rest of his life. The night she had died was still imprinted upon his mind. Those words from Carl, 'She's dead.' Those words had shattered everything.

It couldn't be. Anna Valerious, a gypsy princess, a strong warrior, a beautiful loved one, was gone from this world and Van Helsing knew it was his fault. Why couldn't he or God do something to save her? It wasn't fair. She has saved him yet he was unable to do the same for her. His beast had done it all and it was to late. It was tragic.

After Dracula's demise Anna's family could be saved. Van Helsing has done it and could see her smiling face, as she was raised to the heavens and reunited with her family. She was happy and all Van Helsing could do was stand below and watch her. A single teardrop slid down her face, but he knew that they would be together again. After all, he was the Left Hand of God and she was an angel, now resting in heaven. They would be together again.


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