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Chapter 8: Needing A Lot Of Work

The new day was upon the Cena household as the preparation began to get John Cena back to his normal self again. Jeff Hardy had arrived to help again, but he has seem to step on some toes as he didn't exactly endear himself to Trish. Those 2 have just about the same personalities and are both tough and talented but both headstrong and stubborn but beside that they had to learn to work together starting with the day ahead.

Inside John's personalized gym, the girls sat around watching as John and Jeff went over some things to get him back into the mental state that means a damn. They sparred around for a little bit when Jeff decided to really go at it to help him.

"Alright John, now we're going to do this for real, actual contact so we can get that mental physical psyche back in there." Jeff explained as John nodded and prepared himself.

They both got ready, John charged and Jeff just side stepped him and John went past him and Jeff just looked at him in disbelief. John charged again and again Jeff side stepped him. John charged one more time and Jeff just side stepped and placed a knee to the gut of John. John went down and Jeff then kicked him in the ribs and then backed away frustrated.

'Damn it! Let's try again!" Jeff barked.

John slowly got up holding his ribs, John charged and Jeff kicked him in the gut again, then kicked his head away.

"John, you suck!"

John backed off and sat upright holding his ribs as Torrie attended to him as he was breathing hard.

"John, what the hell happened to you? The John Cena I knew never went to attack first, let your enemy go after you. Let him make the first move, let him make the mistake you just made, understand?" John just nodded as Torrie wiped the sweat off his head and body. "That's enough for today let's go again tomorrow, rest up and get those ribs healed and we'll continue tomorrow. " Jeff shook John's hand and walked away.

"Hey!" Jeff stopped when he heard that voice.

"This session ain't over yet. You forgot about me." Trish said standing up to him.

"Oh yeah, look, why waste my time with you, you won't learn anything and I'll just be pretty much sparring myself, you pose no challenge to me." Jeff said as he started to walk away.

"The try me!" Trish yelled with anger and stepping up, ready to go. Jeff turned around, and saw the determination on her face, he took the towel off from around his neck and walked forward.

Jeff walked toward her, she threw a high kick, he easily caught it and swept her other leg and took her down. He walked away again, Trish charged again and he took her over, and kneeled over her with his fist cocked. He looked down at her and she looked at him with anger in her eyes.

"I would never hit a girl, besides we're on the same side." Jeff explained before standing up and walking away again. Trish got up and was to go after him again but she was stopped by Torrie and Ashley. Jeff walked back to his room to rest and think about what to do next as Trish stayed back fuming.

Jeff got upstairs and sat down, he couldn't believe the work he has in front of him, John had turned into a wuss, now he has to rebuild this ship. He also has to think of a strategy for taking on Edge but with the team he has he can't get one together because they're not ready. Then there was Trish, a woman who just doesn't want to quit and is as stubborn as he was and is, yet she was unquestionably beautiful and hot. Then his mind stopped, he can't be falling for a woman, not after the last time he fell in love, he was betrayed and had his heart broken. He's not going to fall in love to easily, and he's not trusting woman in any situation. Torrie is different because she's John's wife of course he can trust her but Trish and Ashley, nope, no matter what. Jeff's mind was swirling around so he decided he take a shower and take a nap so he can clear his mind.

John sat down still in the gym, he was thinking, "what happened to him, he could take Jeff, he used to think more, his mind is not working and his actions suck. Torrie sat there with him just waiting for him to react.

"It's a long road ahoy, it's going to take some time, but I ain't going to quit, I made a promise that I will get revenge on Edge for Randy, for Stacy, for you and ME!" John said, as Torrie held onto him.

Ashley and Trish were in the guest room as Ashley sat on the bed as Trish paced around still angry.

"What is his problem?" Trish asked. "He's trying to prove he's better than me, he's trying to put me down, he's trying to make me look bad, he's trying…."

"To impress you?" Ashley asked, as Trish immediately turned around and looked at her with shock and a look of "you've got to be kidding."

"Ashley, you can't be serious, if he cared he would just say it but he won't because he's being too much of an asshole to say anything except make me look bad."

"Trish, I can see it in him, I can just tell that he has something for you. Maybe you should give him a chance."

"I wouldn't give him a chance at anything with me, next time I will get him." Trish said with determination.

Edge sat in his little hiding place, thinking and plotting away, he got the information that Jeff Hardy was now helping him and now he's a little worried.

"This could put a damper on my plan, he's coming to help, that son of a bitch, almost beat me once but I escaped and now here I am. Jeff has to be stopped before Cena can get his head back together. Now I have to take Jeff Hardy out now because he will ruin everything.' Edge said to himself while rocking in his chair.

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