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It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the Scott clan was gathering for the first time since the birth of Luke and Brooke's baby. It was a time for celebration for the young parents who had dealt with so much over the past six months. Losing one of their babies had been devastating, but they'd moved past it together and learnt to take joy in the fact that they were still going to have another perfectly healthy child.

"Ok, so now that everyone is finally here!" Nathan exclaimed glaring at Coop who, along with Deb, had arrived half an hour late. "I would like to make a toast to my brother and future sister-in-law"

Brooke chuckled at Nathan's not so subtle attempt at drawing attention to the fact that Luke still hadn't married his fiancé. No matter how many times he defended himself by stating that Brooke was postponing the wedding until she got her pre-baby figure back, Nathan just would not let up.

"And of course to my nephew Jordan Nathaniel Scott, the reason we are all gathered today."

Almost as if he knew all the fuss was for his benefit, Jordan gurgled and chuckled loudly in his Aunt Haley's arms. He was such a happy and contented baby, and had barely caused a fuss since his birth a month earlier. Everyone commented on how he was a perfect mixture of both of his parents with his mother's raven hair and his father's gorgeous blue eyes.

"I would like to congratulate Luke and Brooke on the birth of their gorgeous baby boy, who of course gets all his good looks from his Uncle Nate" he stated cheekily earning a laugh from all except Luke who threw a rolled up napkin at his brother from across the table. "No, seriously, it's about time we had a new generation of Scott's to carry on… and hopefully improve the family name"

Everyone at that table knew that Nathan was referring to his father, but they rarely spoke of Dan Scott anymore, especially since Deb had separated from her husband four months earlier and moved in with her brother, Coop. Lifting his glass in the air, Nathan toasted happily "Welcome to the family, Jordan."

Haley looked up at her husband smiling cheerfully, thinking of how far they had all come in the past six months. Nathan had kept his vow to never step foot inside the Scott family home ever again. Instead, renting an apartment for he and Haley to stay in until they found the perfect home for themselves. Nathan had gotten straight back into his own marketing company, and now worked with his brother who had become his partner in the business. They had even had to hire a small staff to cope with the increased work load. Nathan worked hard at his job, but refused to work himself into the ground and neglect his wife, the way his father had done for so many years. He cherished every moment with Haley and would never put their marriage at risk.

Haley had been keeping herself busy by playing a few gigs at various bars around the city, as well as teaching vocal lessons during the week. They had just bought their own home, a five bedroom house with a large backyard and entertaining area. Perfect for the big family they both planned on having. It was a simple life, definitely not the extravagant lifestyle they could easily afford, but they were both exceptionally happy and wanted their children to grow up in a stable, loving, down to earth environment.

Haley was brought out of her reverie when the once contented baby in her arms began flailing his arms and legs around and crying loudly. Brooke rushed over to take him stating that he was due for a feed. Haley and Deb followed Brooke inside the house to have a girlie chat, while the guys stayed outside to cook the barbeque lunch.

The three women sat at the kitchen table, chuckling at the loud noises Jordan was making while suckling hungrily at his mother breast. "He's exactly like his father and uncle", stated Deb softly "both of those boys were always hungry."

Brooke smiled at her soon to be mother-in-law. After the showdown that she and Lucas had with Dan regarding their engagement and her pregnancy, Brooke thought that her child would never know his grandparents. But within a week of that horrible night, Lucas had informed her that his mother had left Dan. It was something that none of them had seen coming, not believing that Deb was strong enough leave him after all the years, but she had surprised them all. They were all so proud of her and welcomed her with open arms as she tried to make up for lost time with both her sons, but especially Nathan, who she had always felt guilty about neglecting due to her husband's cold attitude and her fear of upsetting him.

Deb smiled back at Brooke before turning her attention to Haley. "So when is my next grand child due?"

Haley froze. Surely she couldn't know! She hadn't told a single soul about her pregnancy, not even Nathan.

Brooke looked over at her in surprise and expectation. "Haley? Is there something you need to tell us?"

Haley released the breath she'd been holding. At first she had felt trapped by the women's questioning, but now she was glad. It was actually a relief that she could let out her excitement at the news. "I'm ten weeks pregnant. How did you know?"

Deb chuckled. Well it's pretty hard to miss the fact that you're illuminated by the usual glow of a expectant mother, but what really tipped me off was when you turned down the champagne earlier. I've noticed that you usually love a glass of bubbly at celebrations like these. I assume you haven't told Nathan yet."

Haley shook her head. "The doctor only just confirmed it yesterday. I didn't want to tell him last night because he had to work late on a project and was exhausted. He's going to be so happy, so I thought I'd let him get a good nights sleep, because I know he would have stayed up all night with the excitement."

Brooke placed Jordan, who had she had just finished burping, on a blanket on the floor before racing over to hug her friend tightly. "This is so great. Our kids are going to be able to play together and do everything together. Oh my god! If you have a boy we can even dress them alike!" Brooke rambled more to herself than Haley or Deb, who just laughed at her excitement.

Nathan walked into the house to let the girls know that lunch was ready. He could hear soft laughter and when he entered the lounge room he saw Brooke jumping up and down, clapping her hands excitedly. "Don't laugh at me Haley! You know you're more excited than me!" she said with a playful pout. None of the women had noticed him yet and he wondered what had gotten them so wound up. Haley saw him first and her expression was like that of a deer caught in headlights. His mother and Brooke soon spotted him and a silence fell over the room.

"What did I miss? Why are you all acting so weird?" he asked with a suspicious glint in his eye

"Um, we're just going to go… help the guys." Brooke said failing to sound casual while picking up the baby and leading Deb out of the house.

"Hales? What's up?" he asked, his curiosity peaked. Haley stood up and moved towards him with a slight smile curving her lips. She stood on her toes and planted a soft kiss on his mouth as his hand went instinctively to her hips. Nathan knew from her smile and her relaxed behavior that whatever she had to tell him couldn't be that bad. She stepped back from him slightly and took hold of one of his hands, moving it from her hip, to the exposed flesh of her stomach. Smiling back up at him widely, she saw the realization on his face. "You're pregnant?" he asked soflty.

Haley nodded her head in response.

"We're having a baby?" he asked again for confirmation, barely able to believe the exciting news. They had discussed having a family and Haley had gone off birth control recently, but they knew it could take a long time for her to get pregnant.

"We sure are Papa Scott"

Nathan lifted her into his arms and spun her around a few times, resulting in squeals of surprise. When he put her down a few moments later he looked at her with concern "I didn't hurt you did I? I didn't even think…"

"Nate! I'm fine. You don't have to treat me like a porcelain doll, I promise I won't break."

Nathan smirked and then in a quick, unexpected movement picked her up again, Haley automatically wrapping her legs around his waist before he carried her outside to the table with all of their guests. As soon as they got outside, everyone turned to smile at the happy, playful couple.

"We're having a baby!" Nathan exclaimed proudly. Brooke and Deb already knew, of course and took great pleasure in the seeing the young couple so happy. Luke and Coop had no idea that they had even decided to have kids and were stunned. Both men ran over to the happy couple to give their congratulations and when they both moved away to sit at the table, where lunch was ready, Haley looked into her husbands eyes and said "You can let me down now you know."

Nathan hadn't even realized that his wife was still wrapped around him like a vine. "I don't want to" he whispered huskily, sending chills down her spine. Haley knew if she didn't detach herself soon it would be far too difficult to make it through the rest of the afternoon without dragging her husband to their bedroom, so she released her legs and slid down his body, quite shocked pleased to find that he was already responding to her. She stood on her toes so that she could whisper saucily in his ear "I'll make it up to you later."

Nathan smirked as they both joined their guests who were sitting at the outdoor setting enjoying their lunch.

All throughout the meal, Nathan and Haley kept sending each other sexy looks, and Nathan sensually rubbed her thigh under the table, trying to make her blush… which of course she did. Every single person at that table knew exactly what was going on and they also knew the afternoon would no doubt be cut rather short. But seeing the young couple so much in love, anyone would forgive them for wishing they were alone.

After a while, Coop, who was finding the sickly sweet behavior of the two couples quite amusing, stood to raise another toast. "If I could have everyone's attention please." He said as they all turned to him. "Now, as much as I hate all this sappy stuff" Coop said pretending to be repulsed "I would just like to say that it pleases me to no end to see my nephews so happy… and it's because of these two beautiful women."

Haley and Brooke smiled shyly at the compliment and received hugs from their partners. "Brooke, you've been a part of Luke's life for as long as I can remember and he's always been happiest with you there beside him. Although I must admit I was shocked when I found out you'd been a couple for, what was it? SIX YEARS before any of us found out, I don't know how I could have possibly not seen how in love you both are. And now you have your own little family with Jordan. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the happiness in the world."

Brooke smiled gratefully at Coop, while Lucas wiped away the few stray tears that she had shed because of his uncle's kind words. Next Coop turned his attention to the other couple.

"And then came Haley. What can I say? You sure know how to stir up some drama!" he laughed along with the others while Haley glared playfully at him and slapped Nathan for joining in with the laughter. "Nathan and I are very close and I consider him to be my best friend. While most people thought he'd never settle down from his wild ways and find a woman to love, I knew that, that was all he needed to truly make him happy. So to you, Haley, I say thank you for coming into our lives and making them brighter. But even more so, for coming into Nathan's world… and rocking it. Now all we can do is pray that the baby takes after you and not my knucklehead nephew!"

"Thanks man!" Nathan joked admonishingly then turned back to his wife. "He's right you know. You changed my life completely. You really did rock my world."

Haley giggled at her husbands declaration. She had managed to keep herself from tearing up during Coop's speech, but hearing her husband's heartfelt words put an end to any control she had and the joyful tears began to flow. "I love you so much Nate." She replied before pulling him in for a deep, searing, passionate kiss, not caring that their family was there to witness it.

After a while and the couple were still kissing fervently, Deb cleared her throat and joked "Ok. I can handle seeing my kids being affectionate, but I don't know if I can handle much more of this."

Nathan and Haley pulled apart breathless and while Nathan grinned proudly, Haley blushed slightly at her mother-in-law's words, even if they were only meant jokingly.

"You're one to talk!" came the lighthearted accusation from Cooper who looked at his sister knowingly, causing her to blush

"Mum? What is he talking about?" asked Luke who was utterly confused.

"Nothing" she refuted a little too quickly, causing Brooke and Haley to look at each with a questioning glance.

Coop who was obviously enjoying his sister's embarrassment continued "I was unlucky enough to cop an eyeful of your mum making out on the front porch with her date last night."

Deb's face showed a horrified expression as did her son's. "Ew. Too much information!" yelled Nathan unable to look at his mother.

Haley laughed at the Scott boys reactions. "That's awesome Deb. Mark seems like a really nice guy. You deserve to be happy and have a little fun now that you're single again.

Brooke, who was absolutely loving the new turn of events, handed Jordan to Lucas before standing up and announcing in a dramatic fashion "Deb. Haley. Girlie chat, now." before rushing inside the house without even checking to see if they were following behind her.

Later that evening as Brooke had just finished bathing Jordan and dressing him for bed, Luke watched her and his son with awe. He still couldn't believe that this was his family. His life had changed so much in the past year. He had turned his back on his father as well as the family business, he had finally announced his love for Brooke to his family and friends, they had made a child together and were living a life full of joy and contentment.

At first it had been scary walking away from the only life he had known. Since he was a child, Dan had groomed Luke to take over Scott Enterprises, but now he was a partner with Nathan in their own marketing and advertising firm. He never realized how much better life would be with freedom from his domineering father. The business wasn't quite supporting the brothers yet, but they both had extremely large trust funds left to them by their grandfather, and they helped to tide them over until the business started turning over larger profits. Brooke wasn't working at the moment because looking after Jordan was a full time job, but she had her design business which would once again flourish when she started taking on clients again when Jordan was a little older.

"Is he ready for bed?" asked Luke entering the room.

"Yeah. He's already out. Fell asleep while I was changing his diaper!" she chuckled, marveling at how good a baby her son was.

"Well, it's been a big day for him. For all of us." Said Luke before adding "And we've got lunch with your parents tomorrow too, so he needs a good sleep."

Despite their worries about the her parents reaction to their relationship, the engagement and Brooke's pregnancy, the Davis' had surprised the young couple by taking the news extremely well. It was probably also easier, knowing that Dan Scott was out the picture because while they couldn't stand the man, they never had any issues with Lucas personally.

"Yeah. Mum's dying to see her grandson again. She's going to spoil him rotten. Dad too." She said, lifting Jordan into her arms, allowing Lucas a chance to kiss his son goodnight before she placed him in the cot.

When the baby was safely tucked away in bed and they sat together on the lounge, Lucas gathered Brooke up in his arms, just wanting to hold her close. They often spent hours like that, just content to cuddle on the couch talking or simply enjoying a comfortable silence.

"Tell me it will always be like this, Luke." Brooke sighed happily.

"No. It's going to get better and better every day." He whispered. And before long they had both drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Haley lay contentedly in her husband's arms recovering from their second round of earth shattering love making that evening. Even after being married for six months, they still couldn't get enough of each other and every night was just like their honeymoon. Although, she had to admit Nathan was more enthusiastic than usual this evening and she knew it was all to do with finding out that she was pregnant. While she had expected him to be happy with the news, she was pleasantly surprised by just how thrilled he was.

Before long she felt Nathan's lips placing soft kisses on the nape of her neck. "Are you serious? You can't be ready to go again!" Haley joked.

Nathan laughed and responded with a smirk. "No. Not yet anyway. Give me half an hour."

Haley rolled over so she was facing her husband. She was so happy in that moment. She was married to her soul mate, expecting his child, working jobs she absolutely loved. Life really couldn't get much better.

The one thing that she regretted, but could never change, was the state of her relationship with her parents. Although they had never been the best of parents, she had always imagined they would have softened a little once they had grandchildren, but now her child would never meet them. After discovering from Dan that Haley had married 'the wrong Scott brother' and that Nathan had turned his back on the Scott Empire, her parents had written her a letter basically disowning her, blaming her for the deal between the families companies falling apart and spelling out their utter disappointment in their daughter. Haley had cried for hours until Nathan had come home and booked them a flight to go and see the James'. Her parents had agreed to see the couple when they arrived on their doorstep, but both of them were quite cold towards their daughter and barely acknowledged Nathan's presence. In the end it was a wasted trip, and Haley knew she would probably never speak to them again.

Seeing the sadness suddenly appear in his wife's eyes, he knew exactly what was the cause. "They don't deserve you baby." He whispered, looking lovingly into her eyes. Haley smiled at him before responding "You always know what I'm thinking."

"Of course I do. You're my wife. It's my job to know how to make you happy every minute of every day."

"You do, you know… make me happy. There's no one else for me Nate. You're the only man that could ever make me complete." Haley kissed him softly as he pulled her closer, running his hand up and down her back as she did the same to him. Before long things were getting pretty heavy and Haley pulled away from him with a smirk. "It thought you said you needed half an hour to recover."

Nathan laughed and pulled her on top of him. "What can I say? My body knows what it wants… and that's you… constantly!"

Haley who had been laughing at his comment, suddenly got serious and looked intensely into his eyes. Nathan loved the way she could see into his soul. Before he met her, the thought would have been terrifying, but now he loved how he could be so completely open with her.

"I love you"

"I love you"

They both said at the exact time.

"Jinx!" Haley squealed as Nathan flipped her onto her back and began making slow, sweet love to her… all over again.