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Even in death that woman does things to me, well she really had one over on me this time, I bet shes laughing at me now, I just found out last night while scrying for something completely irrevalant, Maeve had hidden something away from me, something that was as much mine as hers, she bore a child, our child, our daughter. Tucked away in a small American town, she'll be nearly ten years old by now, I have to find her, I will raise her in the dark arts, the Princess of Amyranth. A daughter from both myself and Maeve is surely a powerful one, I bet she's already doing amazing things.


"Happy Birthday to you..." Sung the crowd, Morgan Rowlands sat at the table, big cheesy grin plastered on her face, staring at the huge cake in front of her with ten candles, Bree Warren, her best friend sat next to her and her other best friend Robbie Gurevitch sat the other side,

When they had finished singing, Morgan's mom, Mary Grace grinned holding a camera up to her face, "Make a wish, honey" she beamed

Morgan tightly shut her eyes for a second and then she blew on the candles, extinguishing the flames, but one candle, the candle that was Morgan's favourite, because it was her favourite colour, kept re-lighting, and Morgan giggled each time it did, blowing it out again, all the children giggled to except Sean and Mary Grace, who stood withunreadable expressions on their faces.

"Let me have a blow!" cried a seven year old Mary K, standing by the table with her fingers pulling on the edge of it slightly lifting her up she blew and again the candle came back on, after blowing it out again, Morgan's dad clapped his hands, come on then kid's we've got more party games to play!" The kids all ran from the table following in Morgan's dad, Morgan included,

Mary Grace continued to look at the candle that had been lighting itself, it was no longer doing it, looking at a baby portrait photo of Morgan on the wall Mary Grace shook her disturbing thoughts from her head and went into the kitchen to finish preparing the snacks.

"Did you have a good birthday, Morgan?" Mary Grace asked later that evening, she was helping Morgan into her pyjama's and then started tucking her into bed.

Morgan nodded, "Yes!" she said, her mother smiled, "Good, good night Morgan" she said, then she kissed the top of her head and stroked her hair once thenstood to leave the room, before she got to the door, she went to turn on Morgan's night light same as she did every night,

Morgan used to be afraid of the dark, she imagined monsters thathid in her closet, Mary Grace remembered telling her the same thing her mother told her, "Night lights are a mothers eyes that a mother leaves behind to watch over her children," she said, "And besides the monsters are scared of the light, just how you are scared of the dark"

"Don't turn it on tonight, mommy" Morgan said quietlyin her bed, Mary Grace looked at her daughter, "Why not sweetie?" she asked, "I'm a big girl now, I'm in double figures," she smiled, Mary Grace nodded and closed the door without turning on the night light.

The next morning, Mary Grace went downstairs as usual, her husband sat at the kitchen table reading the daily newapaper, the smiled at each other, she poured her husband a coffee and started preparing breakfast, as she did, Mary K came down the stairs, managing one big step at a time, she was in her pyjamas and using one hand to guide her down the stairs and was sucking her thumb on the other, she too sat to the table, just as Mary Grace placed a bowl of cereal in front of her

Not expecting her little night owl Morgan to show, Mary Grace went up to go wake her, when she walked into her room, she was surprised to see Morgan's bed with no Morgan in it, the sheets and the down comforter were half dragged on the floor

Frowning with a touch of concern she looked in the bathroom between Morgan's room and Mary K's, neither was she there.

Shewent back out into the bedroom, "Morgan?" she asked, "Are you playing? Ready or not?" beginning to panick she looked everywhere, in her closet, under the bed... everywhere, she began to search the rest of the house,

"Mary Grace, what are you doing?" Sean asked with a bemused smile across his face, "Morgan's missing" she said, Sean stood up, on full alert, "Is she playing?" he asked, "Morgan?" he shouted, no reply

"I've looked in her normal hiding spots and she's not there and I can't hear her breathing or giggling and we normally can when she's hiding.from us"

"Maybe the monster under her bed took her" Mary K said, innocently after a mouthful of cereal, "What, sweetie?" Sean asked

"The monsters under her bed, I heard her talking to him last night"

The confused parents rushed back to Morgan's room, "Mary Grace" Sean said, picking up a white piece of paper fromMorgan's pillow, "Look" he said, they read the note,

'She doesn't belong to you, don't bother looking for her, she's with her real family now. Yours, the bedtime Monster'

"What kind of sick joke? It's him isn't it?" Sean asked, "The one the man who gave us Morgan warned us about, he's got our little girl, hasn't he? He really is a monster"

"Sean!" Mary Grace sobbed, "Our daughter," "I know," he said, "We have to find her!" she sobbed,"What can we do though? We know what Morgan came from... how are we, I mean how can we..." Sean tried to find the right words. Mary Grace fell into her husbands arms and cried. "We just can't" he whispered, trying hard not to break down himself, wanting to be strong for his wife who was broken in two, but tears fell from his eyes.

They both knew what they were dealing with, even if they didn't believe it, deep down they both knew something wasn't right, that their daughter was different, ever since they adopted her, she had always shown special 'talents' but they had always repressed it.

The worst thing in the world to have happen to a parent, is to loose a child, and what's worse is knowing that there was nothing they could do to get them back, unless Morgan comes back to them on her own.

Every day they prayedto their god, pleadingfor her to return.