Okay guys I tried and tried to think of what else I could do to extend the story and my minds totally blocked, full of the ideas for my other fics and a fic that I have ready to be put online which is in my personal opinion my best creation yet.

I'll leave the end open and if I can continue it in later days I promise that I will do so but if and when that happens, here is the final Chapter of 'Since Childhood' but who knows, there could be a sequel!

It's been one year since the end of Amyranth, since I took away my fathers magick. One year since the death of my ex boyfriend Cal Blaire and his mother Selene Beltower and a year since I was evil.

Hunter, Killian and I have been living in Widows Vale now for seven months, in a house only 3 blocks away from my Parents and little sister.

I was reunited with my old friends Bree Warren and Robbie Gurevitch, They joined the coven we had started along with a few of their friends from high school. Killian, Hunter and I lead the coven together and it was named Kithic, a name picked out by Raven a coven member before she actually knew what it meant which is left-handed. But surprisingly it stuck.

I just got accepted into college, I was inspired by ER to become a doctor so I'm going to get a few degrees and go medical school.

Last month Hunter and I got engaged, I can't believe it, I'm going to be someone's wife! The wife of my soul mate. Morgan Niall? Has a ring to it don't you think?

Mary K and I have become inseparable, she's my best friend we do everything together she just doesn't approve of Wicca so unfortunately that's one part of my life we don't share

Everything in my life now is perfect, my friends, family, Hunter. I finally feel complete.

- Morgan