I like writing short fics… makes you feel better when you complete something instead of struggling with the long ones. It will be worth it though. At least I hope it will… sigh.

Yet another afternoon gag, while I should be working on other ones… this is just a little conversation on a rooftop between Nightwing and Arsenal, two best friends.

For this you have to know that once upon a time Batman caught a prank arrow fired by Roy without looking. It traumatised the poor kid. Set in a more peaceful time when we actually know where Roy is…

Disclaimer: what you think I own them? Bah. If I did I would have to be a millionaire and guess what? I'm not.

'After all this time it still creeps you out?' Nightwing asked Arsenal who sat fuming on the rooftop next to him.

'He caught the (insert swear word) arrow!'

'He's done creepier stuff than that and that's the thing that bugs you the most… still?'

'Hey I'm the best shot around, and no one can hear my arrows coming,' he thought for a moment 'except maybe Superman'

'Aren't you the second best shot after Green Arrow?'

'Wow, the world's second greatest detective strikes again. Shut up short pants.'


'Bird boy.'

'Feather brains.'

'Pixie boots.'

'They were comfortable!'

'Sure they were…'

'We've been through this before Roy… my costume was original and yours was just an imitation of Green Arrow who imitated Robin Hood's.'

'At least I wasn't a traffic light… whatever possessed you to think green, red and yellow go together?'

Nightwing paused for a moment, thinking about why exactly he had gone with the colour scheme but eventually he muttered '…I was eight at the time.'

'Excuses, excuses.' Arsenal said tauntingly.

'Yeah, whatever at least I had a better name to go with the costume.'

Arsenal's face darkened 'don't say it.'

Nightwing paused again for effect and said 'Speedy,' drawing each syllable out.

He ducked as Roy charged at him and managed to flip arsenal over so he landed on his butt. Growling at his best friend who had turned away to hide his grin, Roy quickly equipped his bow and fired. He gasped in disbelief as Nightwing caught it and wagged a finger at him disapprovingly.

'Never try that on a Bat.' Nightwing said barely muffling his laughter as he saw his friend's bewildered face 'we've got echo location remember?'

While writing this I checked up on Bats and their sonar ability and found that you can actually adopt a bat, which would be cute : )

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I might carry on and have a series of rooftop conversations like this after all, this is where heroes and villains meet up the most.