Not so much a gag, as a little light hearted writing about the Wayne wards. This is a relative calm before the storm with the three of them…. He he!

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The three adoptive brothers stood in a triangle. Robin, Nightwing and The Red Hood. Also known as Tim Drake, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd. The Wayne Wards. They kept very still expressions, carefully avoiding each other's eyes. Nightwing broke the silence first, typically, as he had always been the most talkative.

'What the hell are you doing here, Jason?'

'What do you care, Dicky boy?' He replied as Tim rolled his eyes. Stupid old feud...

'If you're thinking about killing anyone-' Nightwing began. He was the one most like their old man and the heir apparent, and the one most intent on proving he wasn't, which made him even more similar and grumpy anyway. Darkened by his years of experience and dedicated to the crusade he still managed to find the time to be the Performer. To flirt with Babs, give a cheeky grin and do a quadruple somersault all before his take-out pizza dinner.

'We'll kick your ass.' Tim finished. He was the choosiest when making comments. But he liked to stick to the traditional sometimes. He also interrupted both the older ones more often than they'd like. The smart aleck. Wise-cracking, wickedly intelligent and the most patient, indeed revenge was a dish best served cold. Plus he got tights instead of shorts. Like he ever let the other two live that down…

'Don't worry; I'm here on other business tonight.' Jason tried to speak mysteriously but all he ended up doing was making them roll their eyes. He could be such a snob sometimes. Determined to prove he was the best at everything he was the street talking hard-case with a bone to pick. Handy in a brawl though best kept away from knives and pointy things that might hurt people.

'Like what?' Dick asked harshly.

Jason shifted, mumbled something under his breath and folded his arms.

'Didn't catch that, Jay,' Tim raised an eyebrow challengingly.

Sighing, Jason explained reluctantly. 'I was looking for the new Chinese take out place…'

Tim scoffed slightly and smirked at the middle brother, however Dick looked thoughtful, and from living in Bludhaven he did acquire an appetite for take out and had taken to raiding any establishments in Gotham before a good long stakeout in his hometown.

'The place just round the corner?' Dick asked pointing behind Jason at the bright neon signs near the end of the street.

Tim gaped, while Jason looked incredulous. 'Uh, yeah…'

'I wouldn't eat the prawns.' The eldest warned, thinking back to the unhappy hour he had spent with his stomach complaining whilst watching a dodgy dealing nightclub. Huh. So he still cared about Jay's health. Who'd a thunk it?

'Thanks.' Jason paused slightly, unsure what had happened. Tim looked at Dick in wonder.

'What? I like fast food.' He then had a brief look of panic spread across his face 'Don't tell Alfred.'

Jason grinned. Now that would be a truly villainous thing to do…


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