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First Date

The moment the doors slid open to reveal the familiar figure lounging on the couch, something inside her seemed to rear up and, in that effort, push her out and back into the corridor. But she quelled it, stepped instead into the threshold of the room.

She owed it to him, after that night on the rooftop.

What the two of them were now she didn't know, just like how she didn't want to know what this lonely activity – with only the two of them – was called. But she was here, and because she wanted to be here.

His back was to her; without taking his eyes off the screen he said, "Come sit with me."

She could have said a million things in reply: 'I don't take orders', 'I don't feel like sitting', 'Why' even, but she sat.

For a long while his thumbs manipulated the controls. His face was turned towards the screen. Her face was blatantly studying his. She took in his profile silently: the messy forest green hair, the large expressive eyes, the way the young biceps shifted beneath his uniform as his arms moved, how his lips were pursed in childish but total concentration.

He stopped playing and turned to stare at her, which caught her off guard.

"It's a video game," he explained, almost gently, like talking to a child, "it's what I do when I'm bored or sad. The game may be silly, but it's how the silliness helps you that matters." Then suddenly he looked away, abashed. "I just thought we'd find out more about each other, you know."

She knew.

He turned back to the screen to resume his game. This time she settled back onto the couch and watched the characters on the screen. There was a comfortable silence between them, whichRaven chose to break a couple of minutes later.

"So I was thinking… the next time we do this you could come to my room and look at my books."

Beast Boyturned to her and smiled, and that said everything.

A/N: I know, it's a weird take on a first date but I just thought somehow it could be suitable for them, since they're so different.

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