Disclaimer: I don't owe Kirsten or Sandy... or The O.C. Too bad.

I remember waking up with the most awful headache I ever had. And then I realised I had a hangover. Jup... and a pretty bad one too. When I opened my eyes, I saw my husband sitting next to me, on the bed. He looked... wet. He'd been surfing, obviously. He told me he'd made breakfast for me. When I told him I'd probably throw up if he talked about food ever again, he assured me I should eat. He said he would make me the best breakfast I'd ever had. And told me just to wait, untill it was ready. So I did. It gave me time to think about our early years. When I was drunk more often, and had a hangover more often. Not that I was drunk very much those days... I just liked to have a party. In that time I met Sandy. That time I met the love of my life.


"Kirsten... you have to hear this!"
A tall brunette came up to me, and sat next to me on the couch. It was my best friend, Christi. Christi's a sweet, beautiful girl, but she was also a gossip girl. I'm sure I can trust her though. She will tell everything about everyone... to everyone. Except when it would be about me. I smiled.

"Let me guess.. you've heared year's biggest gossip, and you want to share?"
Christi smiled.

"No. I got you a date! Actually... I got us a date! You and this guy named... Sanford or something and me and Brad!"
My face went from "happy" to "weird". (That's what Christi told me later though.)"

"Sweetie.. how many times do I have to tell you, you don't have to give me a date."
"But Kirsten.."
"No buts. Look.. I know I haven't been going out the way I used to lately, but... I just have to deal with a lot right now, okay?"
"Yeah.. like your ex-boyfriend marry another girl cause he got her pregnant?"
I sighed.


"Kirsten.. I know you don't want to date right now.. but this guy is great. I'm sure you like him. And I'm there if you think he's nothing. We just get some kind of code word, and when you say the word I'll pretend I'm having like.. the most horrible menstruation pain ever! And that I can't drive myself, so you have to get me home or something. Okay? It will be fun.. I promise!"

I sighed. Christi wouldn't let go of her "great" idea.
"Fine... I'll come."
Christi hugged her friend.

"Thank you! You're the best Kirsten!"
I decided I could pretend to like it. And maybe I was liking it.

"You're welcome honey. So tell me... this Sanford guy.. where does he go to college?"

"I have no idea.. he's doing some lawyer thingey I thought. Not sure though."
"Okay.. then how do you know him and Brad?"
"Well.. this Sanford is a friend of Brad. Brad is the daughter of Tara, who's Ellen's best friend. Ellen is..."

When I heared Christi going from Sanford to Brad to Tara to Ellen, I stopped listening. This Sanford guy would probably be good. And if not... there would always be the code word. Right?