Odd Couples
Ch. 1: Make up for the Miles

SUMMARY: It's the summer before college, and Vaughn leaves for an education in London. Corrine who had fallen in love with the metropolis on her backpacking trip shortly joins him. Before leaving, they both decide it's a good idea to break off from their current relationships, leaving a heartbroken Josie and Marshall behind. Lucas, on the other hand, has his own agenda tucked away secretly in his sleeves. Join Josie, Corrine, Vaughn, Lucas and Marshall as they chase after a little more than summer love.

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Marshall paced the room, as he watched his girlfriend pack her very last suitcase. He had only just seen her pack a month earlier, and now here he was watching the same scene repeat all over. But this time he wouldn't be going along with her. He pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to clear his mind. "I really don't get exactly why your doing this,"

"What's there to get? I'm moving to London," She noticed the absence of his treading feet and looked back over her shoulders.

"You're going to school in London," he cleared, "There's a difference."

"Yeah, but I'll still be there for most of the year." she explained. "Don't you get it Marshall?"

"No, I don't, I mean, didn't you allready get enough of the place on our backpacking excursion?"

She seemed to ignore his question, and continued packing, sorting through various items that had been sprawled out on her floor. One of which was a small replica of the Eiffle Tower, Marshall bought her. She paused when she felt him approach her.

"Corrine," came his voice, softer than she has ever heard it.

She took a deep breath and turned to face him. "Look, we'll be thousands of miles apart. Miles that no amount of phone calls or postcards could ever make up for,"

He stood there processing her words. He knew it, she was breaking up with him.

"Say something Marshall," she said looking up.

"Like what?" he asked with more of a bite than he intended.

"I don't know, just something,"

"Corrine," he started, "are you saying you want to break up?"

"No," she found her self lying when she saw all the hurt in his eyes. Hurt that made her wish, she could take back those words, and pretend that everything was okay.

Marshall shook his head. "Yes, that is what you're saying!" He never liked having arguments with her, but this time he just couldn't help it. What was he suppsed to do, give up and let her leave him, possibly for forever?

"God, Marshall! Why do you have to make it so hard!" Corrine stood up, dropping the mini tower she had been holding onto.

"Me?" he pointed to himself. "You're the one giving up on us!"

"I'm not giving up," she protested.

"Oh, so what do you call, 'no amount of phone calls or postcards could ever make up for'?" He stepped a little closer to Corrine, only to find her turn her back to him and make her way to her dresser.

"The truth, Marshall, that's what I call it," she explained in a calm voice.

"Yeah, well your truth is a little messed up,"

There was a long silence before either of them spoke up. Marshall was trying to surpress the pain he felt, and realized that arguing was only going to make their situation worse. He stepped a little closer to Corrine, untill she felt the slightest tickle from his breath on her neck. "I'd do anything you want, Corrine. Just don't tell me you want to break up."

"That's not what I want," she whispered.

"Then tell me what it is," he pleaded. "Becuase I know your not telling me you want to break up over a few silly miles,"

When she didn't reply he got a sense it wasn't about the distance at all. "Or is there another reason?" he asked stepping back, his voice full of pain.

She turned around feeling almost lost without him standing by so close. "No, of course not, Marshall, that's not it," she reached out for his hand, but he pulled away too quickly.

He searched her eyes, in hopes to find an answer. "I, I need to go,"


"I'll talk to you later. I just need...I need some air," he grabbed his coat off from her bed.

"There isn't going to be a later, Marshall. My plane leaves in four hours,"

He glanced at the clock. Was it allready past seven! "What! You never told me it was leaving so soon,"

"Myabe you just never listened," she said flatly.

He looked at her with sincerity, trying to collect the right words to say, but he found nothing. Breathing out a frusterated sigh, he looked at her one last time before turning the knob on the door.


Knock Knock

Josie quickly wiped the tears from her cheeks with her allready dampened kleenex. She gave herself a quick look in the mirror. There was no hiding her sadness. Her eyes were red and swollen from endless teary nights. Then sprinting to the door at another series of knocks, she tried her best to fake a smile.

"Hey Josie," greeted Lucas.

"Lucas, didn't expect you for another 30 minutes,"

"Well, yeah, but we better get a move on it, if we want to see Corrine take off. I hear it's a major traffic jam on the way to the airport," It was hard to ignore her devastated appearance. But he gave up trying to make it a big deal, as it only caused her more trouble. Allready her claimed love had left her, and now her best friend was following close behind.

"Let me just go get ready," she opened the door wider and motioned him in. "I'll be down in a few,"

"Okay," he brushed pass her and stood awkwardly at the foot of the stairs.

She eyed him curiously from the corner of her eyes as she locked the door. "Just make yourself at home,"

"Yeah of course," he nodded.

"There's some chilled soda in the fridge, if you want any," she added as she began to climb the steps.

"Oh, don't worry about me," Lucas answered. He had never been to her house before today. The past month, he and his family were in Hawaii. So there was no possible way to visit any of his friends.

He paced down the hall, drinking in the cozy atmosphere of Josie's, or rather Josie's mom's tastefully decored home. He paused when he noticed Josie's diploma proudly hanging on the wall. It all seemed so long ago. Black hole high, the wormhole, Pearadyne. It felt as if everyone had completely put the past behind them. But he couldn't blame them, they were all busy settling into their new lives. Especially Vaughn and Corrine, as they were getting ready to start a new life in a new country. Soon it was just going to be Joise, Marshall and himself. And he didn't know exactly how that was going to fare.

He remembered the sodas in the fridge, and figured he'd take one to help pass the time.


Air didn't really help. What he really needed was someone to talk to, and a way to help change Corrine's mind. But he knew nothing would help. She knew what she wanted, no use in trying to change her mind. All the same, he dug into his pockets and pulled out his cell. He flipped it open and searched for a very familiar number, and after hitting the call key, sat himself on the edge on a nearby bench.

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