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The Doctor closed the TARDIS door against the world once again. He flicked some confetti off his brown trench coat, smiling at the memories associated with it. Maria and Toby had made a wonderful couple despite their initial differences. Toby was the young heroic type, the Doctor had picked him up in 31st Century London after he'd helped him bring down a particularly nasty overlord who had been 'Cleansing' the surrounding solar system of all alien life. Toby was a sweet boy, stupid but sweet. Two years he'd spent with the Doctor travelling and then they'd picked up Maria. The Doctor had almost wet himself laughing when the young, Swiss, novice nun had introduced herself. For weeks after their encounter in 18th century Switzerland the TARDIS had been filled with the Doctor's off key rendition of the Sound of Music.

Of course the two young humans had taken a long time to get to even like each other, Maria disapproving of Toby's modern ways and Toby bored with Maria's attempt to rationalise everything she saw to her still strong faith. The Doctor had seen it though, the love that could grow and he had nurtured it, inventing little ways to see them left on their own or thrown together on an adventure. He felt like an overly proud parent when they had announced their engagement, even prouder when he walked Maria down the aisle to her future husband. Three years since their adventure had started and it had ended happily in 31st Century Earth, Toby taking his new bride into the world he had already come from.

The Doctor looked up at the TARDIS' central column and let out a long sigh. He would miss them. The TARDIS had been filled with laughter for so long he wasn't used to the silence that greeted him. He smiled to himself ruefully before stepping up to the console and programming in a random time jump, prepared to land anywhere and hoping an adventure would present itself. The TARDIS let out several beeps and the Doctor frowned. Low power. He shook his head at his beloved ship.

"You're slowing down old girl," he said.

Several indignant beeps echoed his words.

The Doctor ran a hand through his scruffy hair, "Yeah I guess I am too a bit. Gonna miss those guys aren't we?" he said, "Find yourself a rift somewhere and land for a bit. I'm gonna…I'm gonna go brood somewhere or something."

He gave the central column a wink and the ship gave an exasperated groan before changing course under her own steam. They both knew where the Doctor was headed, where he always headed whenever he felt lonely. Ten years on a still one room held more comfort for him than any other in the TARDIS. The ship whirred compassionately as she morphed the corridors for him, moving the small bedroom closer to the control room. Rose's room.


"I'll be home as soon as I can be Chancellor. I have to get this visit to Earth over with first and then I'll be home. Its Angela's birthday, I made a promise."

"Understood," said the Chancellor, frowning at the brunette woman before him on the screen, "Just don't bring any strays back with you. I don't want a repeat of last time."

"I won't and I promise I'll be back before you know it. This baby can make it from Earth in ten minutes if I really throw her open. You'll have the Valiant docking at the base before you can say Raxa…Raxa…oh bother it, I'll see you when I get back."

The Chancellor laughed hard, his smile forming a more friendly and familiar curve than the one he reserved for his people, "My dear child I am so glad you came to us. Hurry home but make sure you pass on our warmest regards to those still on Earth and bid them come to us at the first opportunity."

"I will Chancellor, Valiant out."

The Chancellor turned from the darkened screen to the man behind him. He bowed low, his robes brushing the polished marble floor as he did so.

"President Rassilon, to what do we owe the pleasure?"

"Just a visit Chancellor, I heard the call that the Valiant was sending a transmission and had hope to speak to our counterpart myself but it seems I will see her before too long anyway."

"Her TARDIS is the fastest in the fleet, she will be home before we know it but I worry that she will not take kindly to her next mission," said the Chancellor as he walked across the large control centre beside his leader.

The President gave a sad smile, "Yet she will not refuse us, she is as valiant as her ship's name gives her credit for and her knowledge has helped us no end. Perhaps with her help we can avert the crisis that our…other selves suffered. I needn't remind you that this alliance stands on a knife's edge and I know Torchwood will not be ready to come to our aid for quite a while yet."

The Chancellor shook his head sadly, "She is so brave what she does for us, I wish she would tell us more of how she came by her knowledge. She remains so mysterious with her title."

"I know," said Rassilon firmly, "But she chooses to aid us and I for one, despite the senators' disbelief in her abilities, believe she is the best thing to happen to our planet. She brings her tales of what may come but our history must play out as planned and if our doom is to come as she predicted then we must bear it the same as others before us but enough talk of these things. Go forth and tell our people of her return, they will be glad to here that the Doctor is to return to Gallifrey once more."

The Chancellor nodded and made for the communications lounge, his people would be glad to hear of the Doctor's return, the children especially as she told her wild tales of the things she had seen. He smiled to himself, life was a happy place to be in Arcadia that day and he intended to enjoy it.


Begin outreach transmission. Detect Time Ship TARDIS. Come home Doctor. Transmitting co-ordinates and vortex shield programming. We're waiting. Confirmation Mickey the Idiot. Ending outreach transmission.

The Doctor stared blankly at the screen before him, not believing the words unrolling before him. He shook his head, convinced he would wake up in Rose's room having dreamt up a way to get back to her once again. He pinched himself, yelping in surprise as the pain flashed in his arm and the skin went an angry red at his force. Several sets of co-ordinates and a program even the Doctor had never seen before downloaded into the TARDIS computer systems but the Doctor could not bring himself to stop them taking control of his ship.

The Doctor stepped back and watched as the central column of the TARDIS protested at the co-ordinates being fed into her systems. Every atom of the Doctor's being screamed that this was madness but the glimmer of hope held him tightly and he knew he could do little else. He felt the fabric of time begin to stir around him as the TARDIS gave into the commands, lurching violently and throwing her passenger from side to side as she tumbled through the void. The Doctor watched the console as he gripped on for dear life, fearing that the heart of his beloved ship would be ripped out into the void but a message that whatever shields that had downloaded were still holding flashed madly on the screen. The TARDIS gave one final lurch, the Doctor's head smashing violently against the central console. The last thing he heard was the engines quieting as they landed. Then it went black.


"TARDIS Valiant home and dry."

The Chancellor held open his arms to his friend and she went warmly to his embrace, pressing a kiss to his cheek that left him blushing and sinking slightly deeper into the high collar of his robes.

"Its good to see you my dear," he said, "You have been sorely missed but how was your recent trip?"

"Good, the alliance between Clomb and Raxa…Raxa…"

"Doctor?" said the Chancellor with a sigh.

"I've got it, hang on…Raxacoricofallapatorius, is still holding firm. Hopefully they won't be firing anymore bombs at each other. The Presidents of both planets seem willing to co-operate when it comes to trade too. Of course the Blatheen President was not keen to see that I had come as the Ambassador for Gallifrey, I don't think I've been forgiven yet for landing a big blue box in her flower beds last time I visited."

The Chancellor rolled, his eyes, offering his arm to his counterpart as he led her out of the TARDIS hanger, "I don't know why you froze the Chameleon circuit anyway, how that thing can be inconspicuous I'll never know."

"It has sentimental value. I love it that way, just see it and I feel like I'm home."

"So Arcadia still does not occupy that place in your heart?"

"Ero, you and Rassilon and all my dear friends here are as much home as I need but you know what I'm like with the TARDIS, she's a sanctuary. Plus I'm not expected to wear my robes when I'm on board."

"Speaking of which," said the Chancellor, his eyes flicking over the long black leather jacket and army boots currently being sported under his gaze.

"I'll change before I see Rassilon but first I've got a few people to catch up with, I promised Sumira I'd bring back some dust from the fourth ring of Saturn for that collection of hers and it is currently furring up my pockets and upsetting the Sonic Screwdriver."

Chancellor Ero felt the laughter rise in his chest but pushed it down as he passed several rather stoic senators who threw their gaze over the Doctor's outfit with repressed disgust. He cringed as he saw her face change into a sarcastic smile, her tongue poking out between her teeth, as she gave a little wave in their direction. She waited until they were out of ear shot before speaking.

"Stuffy, pompous overbearing old…"



The Chancellor smiled, "Go and see Sumira, I'm sure she'll be over the moon to see you again. She hated that you had to leave her behind in your last mission but I suppose if she will go around calling the Queen of Rellin Alpha an overstuffed Jeelu Bird then I can see why you would leave her behind."

"It was for her own good. I try not to abandon my companions, I know all to well what that feels like but the situation with the planetary alliances are so delicate at the moment I felt her…tact…was better suited here. She wind up Rassilon for me?"


"Good girl. Catch you later Ero."

"Good bye Doctor," he said as he watched her wander off down the marble corridor, her coat fanning out behind her like a cape, concealing her slim, athletic figure.


Sumira sat upright in her chair as the door to her apartments slid open. She smiled at her visitor, getting to her feet and enveloping her in a hug.

"Took you long enough to get up here," she said, "I heard the signal for the Valiant's landing ages ago."

"I got talking to Ero."

"He is so in love with you!"

"Don't talk rubbish, he is not. We're friend's that's all, he's sweet but he's not…well, I can't love him."

Sumira gave her friend a sad smile, taking her hand and entwining their fingers, "It still hurts after all this time?"

"Every day but that is why I do what I do isn't it? Live the fantastic life of a Time Lord. I hear you wound up Rassilon while I was away."

"I was bored. It wasn't fair you leaving me behind like that," said Sumira pouting prettily, her black hair falling into her eyes.

"What are you two or two hundred? You know why I had to leave you behind and it wasn't for long."

Sumira huffed back down into her chair, her robes swishing round her feet and sweeping up a cloud of dust.

"This place could really do with a clean."

"Says the renegade time traveller and her battered old blue box. You clean the Valiant and I'll clean my room. Is that a deal Doctor?"

"What have I told you about calling me Doctor when we're in private. Sumira you're my best friend the least you can do is call me by my first name."

Sumira gave her an apologetic smile that turned into an ecstatic grin as her friend slipped a vial of space dust into her hand, "From Saturn?"

"Fourth ring. Nearly singed my coat getting that for you."

"Its great, thank you Doc…Rose."

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