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The gardens of the Presidential Palace were always at their most beautiful at the beginning of autumn, like the seasons on Earth, autumn on Gallifrey brought golds, russets, browns and purples to the trees of Arcadia. Sumira wandered amongst the bright colours, breathing in the still warm twilight air, enjoying the feel of home turf beneath her feet. She flicked her long, leather coat out behind her as she settled down on the cool stone bench, resting her hands behind her and leaning back to admire the sky above her. There was barely any noise to be heard as the planet quieted for the evening, the traffic that buzzed in and out from the surrounding planets throughout the day restricted to only emergency flights at night.

She had recently returned from dealing with a pocket of Cybermen who were massing on Titan, one of Saturn's Moons, in an attempt to mount an assault against the Earth. Torchwood probes had detected them but their ships could not get close without being noticed and shot down. They had sent a distress call for the Doctor and the Valiant had slipped effortlessly passed their defences, resulting in an exhilarating chase and finally some not so well functioning Cybermen. It had been an easy task for Sumira's skills but she welcomed the chance to stretch her legs, since the Time Lords had become more active in the universe her job had become more symbolic than useful but she carried her title proudly all the same, glad to carry the torch of her two predecessors.

She was pulled from her thoughts as two cool hands closed over her eyes. She smiled, sinking back against the robed chest, the silk a welcome comfort against her cheek.

"You're finished early," she said softly, "Presidential duties must be getting lighter."

"I'm just fabulous at my job. Good to be home?"

Sumira regarded her husband as he sat beside her, he had regenerated recently and appeared much more youthful than his previous self, his blonde hair poker straight and down to his shoulders and his blue eyes shining up at her but still showing so sadness for the friend and predecessor he'd lost. Rasillon had died the previous year, his final life spent and Ero had been elected in his place, taking the place as whole heartedly as Sumira had accepted her title almost a hundred years before.

"Its always good to come home," she said softly, "Breathe the air, feel the breeze, to remember."

Ero took her hand gently, pulling her up to her feet and guiding her back inside the sweeping, ornate palace, "I have a surprise for you," he said by means of explanation, "They've been waiting for hours for you."

Sumira as she heard the familiar laughter through the door ahead of her and hurried forward to push it open only to be greeted by two young infants clinging tightly to her legs, balancing precariously on her steel toe capped boots. She hugged each in turn, ruffling one's wild dark hair and smiling at the full pouty lips of the other as she whined at being second in favour.

Finally disengaging herself from the children she was swept into a warm hug by her friends, struggling to fit her arms around her female counterpart as her ever swelling stomach proved an unwelcome but joyous barrier.

"Rose," she said patting her bump, "You never told me you were expecting another."

Rose smiled serenely at her friend, "You know what he's like," she said jerking a thumb towards her partner who stood in utter despair as his two children attempted to turn him into a climbing frame, his long brown coat proving a sufficient rope for his four year old son, "He can't put me down."

"I'm still making up lost time," came the response, followed quickly by a more pained cry, "Morgan, Deanna I am not a tree please do not climb me."

"Sure you can cope with another," said Sumira, laughing at the Doctor's predicament as two year old Deanna found a rather useful grip on his hair.

"I can barely cope with him," said Rose, "But yes, we'll cope. Last one though. I may have four hundred years left in me but I don't want to be a baby machine for the rest of my days."

"You're hot when you're pregnant," was the Doctor's response as he detangled himself from the children, convincing them to mount an assault against a protesting Ero.

"And you're cute when you're quiet, doesn't mean I want it to happen that often," said Rose, "We just took the kids to this fantastic theme park on Regalta but mister oh so clever there decides that the bloke running the place is in fact a shape shifting Narto…Narto…"

"Nartocaric," said the Doctor, "Which he was!"

"That's beside the point. Anyway, we're halfway round this tea cup ride and wham, he's jammed the gears with the sonic screwdriver and off he goes, chasing this bloke like he's just escaped from a mental asylum, leaving the kids screaming and the parents yelling and me to pick up the pieces."

"Sounds like fun," said Sumira, "Next time I skip over the void you'll have to take me too."

"Well that might be a while," said Rose a sly grin playing over her face as she and the Doctor exchange a mischievous glance, "You see, we kind of got a phone call from your darling husband who asked us, quite sweetly really, being as the Doctor is pretty savvy with all this science business and the fact that I still remain the fastest and best pilot in a type 40, if we wouldn't mind helping out in the little supernova project you've got going on."

Sumira shrieked with joy as she threw her arms around Rose's neck, hugging her close, "You mean you're staying? For how long?"

"As long as it takes," said the Doctor, "Torchwood have us on speed dial if we're needed back home. So, dear Doctor, are we allowed to stay."

Sumira preened as he referred to her by her title, still feeling pride in knowing the original and by far the best.

"I think," she said, throwing an arm around each of their shoulders, "That can be arranged."

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