The Lost Episodes... A series of three nonsensical short stories, one based on each of the three video games. Implied Shion+KOS-MOS.

Omake 01 Summary: It's cleaning day! But who's eavesdropping?

---------- Episode 1: That Which Is Obvious ----------

It was a fairly quiet day onboard the Elsa. Well, fairly quiet everywhere except a particular room that a particular brown haired woman was currently staying in. As a matter of fact, she was currently within said room, along with a particular red eyed android girl with long flowing blue hair. A conversation between the two could be heard by those standing just outside the electronically locked door...

"So, how's that KOS-MOS?"

"Closer to the right please, Shion."

"There. Is that better?"

"Affirmative. This is acceptable."


"Mm... You know, I like spending time together with you like this, KOS-MOS..."

"Yes. This is pleasant."

"I'm glad you feel that way."

"My emotion module deems that this is the appropriate occasion to express the feeling known as pleasure."

Soft giggling could be heard. Outside, confused glances were exchanged.

"So, KOS-MOS, maybe we should do this more often..."

"That arrangement is accepted."

Gentle humming could be heard. Outside, eyebrows were raised in bewilderment.


"Yes, Shion?"

"Maybe we should get a bite to eat after this! I've worked up a bit of an appetite..."

"I do not require the same nourishment as you, but I believe it is in your best interest to consume something upon completion of this act."

"I'm glad you agree with me."


"What is it, KOS-MOS?"

"Are you aware of the three living organizims stationed outside the door, eavesdropping on this exchange of vocalizations?"

"It's called a conversation... Wait, what? Who's listening?"

A door was soon forced open by an angry brown haired woman, bearing a deep grin; and three people were flung to the floor, staring up at her incredulously.

"Shion! It isn't what it looks like!" Allen said, waving his hands around frantically; he cast a quick glance to Tony and then to Hammer before bowing his head and raising his hands in prayer. "We're sorry, chief! We were, just, uh--"

"Save it!" Shion shouted, and she proceeded to slap the eavesdroppers senseless in the following moments, before 'hmphing' in satisfaction, spinning back around and allowing the door the chance to close once again, leaving the twitching pile of nerves that was once Allen.

Remaining undetected somewhere nearby, Jr. sighed and chaos shook his head.

"We tried to tell them it wasn't a good idea." Jr. mumbled, and chaos nodded once in agreement.

"Agreed; Shion doesn't like to be interrupted while she's cleaning KOS-MOS..." he added. Jr. laughed a bit, before quirking an eyebrow in bemusement as a sudden thought crossed his mind.

"... Wait a second."

"What is it?"

"Well... I was just wondering... Do you think it's possible that Shion is...?"

chaos smiled knowingly, and Jr. blinked in confusion.

"No, not possible. I believe obvious is more the word."

"Yeah, you're probably right."

"I know."

"Say, chaos, wanna go find Ziggy and MOMO and get some lunch?"

Shrug. "Sure."

The rest of the day proceeded smoothly, aside from the bit of tension here and there between select crewmembers...

---------- Owari: The End ----------

Notes: That's Omake 1/3. The next one will be written after I play through Xenosaga Episode 2.

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